Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 Pt 2

We now have a stat screen with fuller stats but still no wheel stats plus some more pics. Click to enlarge.

Panhard AML Lynx 6x6 RSR

Russian source WoT News.

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Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 Pt 2

6 thoughts on “Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 Pt 2

  1. Mikosah says:

    191/230 pen is an interesting development. But with the terrible view range the wheeled tanks just aren’t going to be played like scouts. A TD-like playstyle is becoming more and more likely, and simply reducing the pen isn’t going to change that because players will just spam gold to compensate.

  2. Horst says:

    honestly, besides the terrible view range, the current meta is the biggest problem for these tanks. There are maybe 3-4 maps where you can perform. on all the other maps a light will to the same job, just better

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