Panhard EBR F-10 Changes

Good day everyone,

Some changes made to the Panhard EBR F-10 after the recent semi-public test phase:

Brief changelog:

  • Engine power increased by 5%.
  • Braking effectiveness improved.
  • Switch time between driving modes reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 s.
  • Debuff from wheel damage reduced.
  • Maneuverability in the Cruise mode at slow speed improved.
  • Magazine reload time reduced from 10.3 s to 9.5 s.

Detailed changelog:


  • Changed the engine power from 500 h.p. to 525 h.p. (+5%).
  • Braking effectiveness and, to some extent, acceleration effectiveness (as a side-effect) were improved.
  • Switch time between driving modes reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 s.
  • Players complained that the vehicle lacked dynamics in certain cases. At the same time, many of them also mentioned high momentum of the vehicle (insufficient effectiveness of braking).
  • The increase in engine power has a rather cosmetic effect, while the braking effectiveness was improved considerably.
  • Reduced time of switching between the modes enables the vehicle to drive without losing that much speed when changing the mode.


Wheel Damage

  • Debuff (increased terrain resistance) from a damaged wheel was reduced.
  • The level, to which wheel durability is restored automatically, was fixed at 100%.
  • The speed of automatic restoration of wheel durability was reduced.
  • Players complained about a drastic drop in vehicle dynamics even if only one or two of its wheels were damaged. As a matter of fact, damage to one or two wheels was negligible for high-speed driving. At the same time, acceleration with even a single wheel damaged dropped too much. The reduction of the debuff from damage to a single wheel had a barely noticeable effect on vehicle behavior at high speed, while granting a considerable boost to acceleration with one or two damaged wheels.
  • The setting of automatic restoration of wheel durability reduces the probability of a damaged wheel to a certain extent, at the same time increasing the gameplay value of damaging each separate wheel.



  • Wheel turning speed increased.
  • Maximum angle of turning the wheels when the Forward key is released was increased.
  • Throttle level when turning at low speed was increased (when the Forward key is released).
  • Maximum speed, up to which the turning throttle is effective, was set at 20 km/h.
  • The vehicle needed better maneuverability at low speed in the Cruise mode. At a speed higher than 20 km/h in the Cruise mode, the base maneuverability remained approximately the same, except for the improved responsiveness of the vehicles when turning (because of the increased wheel turning speed) and the possibility to turn the wheels at a greater angle when the Forward key is released. Maneuverability in the Rapid mode mostly remained unchanged. At the same time, we have achieved a more meaningful separation of the drive modes than before.


Battle Performance

  • Magazine reload time reduced from 10.3 s to 9.5 s (-8%).
  • Adding an extra round to the magazine, as many players had asked us, was deemed inappropriate. The current magazine configuration encourages the player to play all-in, shooting all they can at a time and retreating to safety for a reload. Instead, the effectiveness of the current magazine was slightly improved via a reduction in its reload time.
  • Increasing the view range was also considered unreasonable, because the potential battle performance of the vehicle is rather high as it is, and it demonstrates a happy blend of characteristics for an active gameplay.



Parameters of engine damage when Boosting were slightly adjusted (to bring it in line with the general system; no meaningful changes to the player).

Parameters of suspension stiffness were increased (to reduce the falling damage when the vehicle lands on its wheels).

Skid resistance parameters were adjusted (to reduce the probability of a skid at high speed).

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