Panhard EBR FL-10 Stats and Gameplay Features

  • Tier: VIII
  • HP: 950
  • Engine Power: 800 hp
  • Weight: 14.725 t
  • Power to weight ratio: 54,33 KM / t
  • Speed Normal / Fast: + 60 / -60 / 80 / -80 km / h
  • Hull Traverse: 35.4 ° / s
  • Turret Traverse: 68.8 ° / s
  • Ground Resistance: 1.0 / 1.35 / 1.95
  • Hull Armor: 40/16/40 mm
  • Turret Armor: 40/20 / 20 mm
  • View Range: 310 m
  • Radio Range: 782.2 m
  • Crew: 4

  • Gun: 75 mm SA 50 Mle.54
  • DMG: 175/175/260
  • Penetration: 180/220/75 mm
  • DPM: 1,778
  • Rate of fire: 10.16
  • Magazine Size: 2 shells
  • Reload time: 1.5 s
  • Magazine Reload: 10.3 s
  • Ammo Capacity: 56
  • Accuracy: 0.34
  • Aiming Time: 1.15 s.
  • Depression/Elevation: -8 / + 12 °


Gameplay Features

So before wheeled vehicles are introduced, a few special gameplay mechanics are being tested in the hope of differentiating them from the light tanks already in the game:

Travel Modes: The Panhard will have two travel modes- a normal mode with full maneuverability and a top speed of 60 kph. The second will be a fast mode with a top speed of around 80 kph but where maneuverability is more limited.

Immobilization: The intended role will be one of active reconnaissance and harassment, as such these things should be kept moving. To help facilitate that, the Panhard is a bit more difficult to fully immobilize do to having multiple independent wheels. A flat tire will slow down the car but over half of the wheels need to be destroyed to stop it completely.

For run and gun play, the vehicle will have access to an autolock feature enabled by clicking near the enemy vehicle.

And for quick getaways there is a charge ability which after a short start up will enable the machine to start moving at a faster speed than normal.


Now, all of these features are being tested and are subject to change.

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Panhard EBR FL-10 Stats and Gameplay Features

41 thoughts on “Panhard EBR FL-10 Stats and Gameplay Features

    1. squishystar says:

      Because of the speed, the crew can hardly see anything due to the tears in the eyes, which leads to a significant reduction in their view range. So no, I think they have balanced it quite well.

    2. Ryan Hollett says:

      The stats are massively subject to change – Right now they are focused on getting the mechanics of the tank itself working. The Drive system with the wheels up and down. The “tracking” system. The boost system; what drawbacks. How it repairs when “tracked”. They have a lot of figure out before they decide what is the best view range, speed etc. Since they want it to be active spotter I can see them going low of the vision to kind of force you into using optics.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Apart from absurd top speed and the hard to immobilize thing, this thing is more or less the ELC EVEN with AMX 13 gun and no view range, I think it’s overrated.

      People these days cries about anything they see. I have seen people calling Black Prince OP. Let that sink in for a moment…

    1. alehodero says:

      I agree, because if the camo is not insane, these things will get mutilated well before they are able to see what they are driving at (skorpions at tier 8).

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy a super OP 1778 dpm 310m view range 180mm pen these are going to be so absolutely broken yup that’s the word yea this doesnt look worth it imo I could just play the bc12t

    1. heinz says:

      Tanks don’t have to be good if they are fun. That’s because wot is not a contest but a game. People keep forgetting this. I will definitely go for wheeled vehicles. I mean, tier 5 light tanks used to play against tier 10s and that was super fun!

  2. erwin0859 says:

    WG’s logic :

    – Siege mode for Swedish S tanks, 4 vehicles : “let’s do it”

    – Drum-autoloader for Italian medium tanks, 4 vehicles : “let’s do it”

    – Travel modes for wheeled vehicles, 1 vehicle (at the moment) : “let’s do it”

    – Multirurret mechanism, over 10 candidates for it : “not enough vehicles”
    (if I recall right, that’s one reason to not do it, according to WG, correct me if I’m wrong)

    1. Ryan Hollett says:

      They tested Multi-turret (Last years Halloween event) and the test was a failure. Nothing about not enough vehicles. There is also more than 10 wheeled vehicles they can add to the game; they are just starting at France with (presumably) Tier 5,6,7,8,9 and 10.

      1. erwin0859 says:

        I remember the Halloween event with the infamous tier XI Leviathan and the altered Kharkov map. I don’t recall though that the multi-turret mechanism tested during it was a failure.

        You are right about wheeled vehicles and I didn’t say “1 vehicle (at the moment)” for nothing, there definitely are more candidates and noticeably for France indeed.

  3. Mikosah says:

    This current scheme seems even more situational and inflexible than the existing light tanks. They’ll only get work done when making ridiculous YOLO-rushes and in urban environments there just isn’t enough room to maneuver. And even in open maps, you’re blind as a bat. Odds are that in spite of the camo it’ll still be outspotted by anything. And features like the different movement modes and charge seem like needless complexity.

    What I wish WG would do is just give the existing light tanks resistance to tipping/fall damage and buff their view range and/or camouflage.

  4. Flames2Live says:

    seems like only true french tank enthusiasts are going to be able to enjoy this thing lol it’s almost like the elc even just a bit taller and a whole lot quicker

  5. lefanatik says:

    no view range has to stay so low to forced the player to use the mobility to reachsomething, this light a active scouts not camping in the bush scouts…thats all ! and I find it good to have a new light gameplay.

    to be perfect it could be cool that WG nerf a little bit view range of medium tanks to let shine more our current tier X llights…a medium tank is not a spotter, lot of them have to much view range !

    1. Anonymous says:

      the vehicle has two drivers – one at the front and the other at the rear – in case the vehicle needs to drive backwards for a quick getaway

  6. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “over half of the wheels need to be destroyed to stop it completely”.
    Meaning most tanks (single shot and magazines with 4 rounds and less) can’t stop this thing, because one need to fire at least 5 shots and there’s a chance that by that time first damaged wheels will already be repaired. Hopefully, high caliber HE might do the trick if wheel modules have low health and several can be disabled by splash damage.

    1. heinz says:

      High calibre he rounds will not immobilise these vehicles. High calibre he rounds will kill this thing in one shot. That’s why it has to be difficult to stop because speed is the only thing keeping it alive

  7. paul mckenzie says:

    Looks terrible.. Active scouts need view range as well to spot stuff at a distance.. 60 is slower than some tracked light tanks as well. A blind about isn’t any good!!! Scouts need vision!!! Poor gun, no hp, no view range, 2 shot clip.. Looks like regular amx points are just better in almost all ways

  8. Robopon says:

    Wow, this is so shit. The same LT but with MUCH less view range. Mobility is not even that much better and yeah, good luck using this awesome mobility on 1x1km maps. This is so pointless. And the problem is not in the balancing department, not in the stats, really. The entire concept is stupid. Historical vehicles are completely butchered and being put in the line with the stupid idea “faster than light tanks but even less actual combat effectiveness, yay”. Active scouting, my ass. At least try to fix the bloody game first, geez.

  9. Nocomment says:

    The vehicle looks quite fun and as its not Russian, Not stupidly op. Shame it/they will only be of use on one in 10 maps. 90% of the time they are going to be soo effective sitting in a corridor playing peek-a-boom.

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