Panhard EBR FL-10 Stats Part II


The in-game damage panel showing wheel damage, There are some small changes to this almost final version.

  • Fast mode top speed; from 80/-80 kph to 85/-85 kph.
  • Reload time; 10.3/1.5/2 s.

Also there have been three new parameters introduced to the in-game comparison and garage stats ( in the screenshots they are boxed in red and in the original Russian).

• Maximum wheel angle (degrees);
• Time to enter the scout mode (s);
• Time of transition to the urban mode (s).

EBR 75 Garage stats

Orignal images from WoT Express.

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Panhard EBR FL-10 Stats Part II

25 thoughts on “Panhard EBR FL-10 Stats Part II

      1. Paul says:

        what makes you think its possible to spot with 310 m view range – moving or not… the view range is garbage.

        try out spotting camping tds or meds – and SCOUTING when they have 400 base plus binos for the tds, coated optics for meds, camo and a bush. GL with that.

    1. ROMBAT says:

      You can stop playing right know…after smart players like you will leave the game, wg for remaining ones will implement co_op missions against bots infantery and vehicle also…will be much fun…just leave the game allready.

    2. wolvenworks says:

      jokes aside, there IS in fact a Vespa with a bazooka strapped to it; the Vespa 150 TAP. but recoilless guns are not allowed in WoT, so that wont happen

      as for helis, already confirmed for the modern WoT game

    1. abesli says:

      Dude just imagine how it would be. While she’s driving by an AMX 13 90 she swings her roller pin at the commander peeking out of his cupola

      – The commander is a goner!
      + Dang it! What happened?
      – He got hit by a roller pin…
      + Sick sons of *****…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reconassiance vechicle my ass.. cant spot for shit. Give it at least 370m for tier 8…. in real life wheeled vechicles were designated as RECONASSIANCE VECHICLES.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Given that there is mention of a scout and a reconisance mode I smell seige mode equivalent. As in when you go into uban mode you are fast but are also blind as a bat, but then you go into scout mode you get better view range but are slower.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I hope so. And that would make the mist since even irl since a cammander would be able to get visuals more easily driving slower. Good point!

      2. Dickher Max says:

        They will not have viewrange of an LTs. Otherwise one tank would make EVERY OTHER LT IN THE GAME obsolete. You can crank it up I gues to 440-ish but that’s it. If it wants to spot small mediums, light tanks and TDs it will need to DRIVE, that’s the point of it.

      3. Paul says:

        spotting campers on the move with 310 m view range … you will drive in to some almost before you spot them. its useless

    2. Anonymous says:

      Again very valid point Dickhermax, however considering most of the maos are no corridor and city maps….speed unfortunately wont help them be effective in narrow ally ways…. they need some viewrange buff in accordance to the majority of maps now.

  2. wolvenworks says:

    85km/h? so unlike BigWorld, Core can handle speeds above 72? so can we get faster Hellcats now since it’s supposed to go faster than that?

    1. Colonel_Moss says:

      the Pz I C can go up to 79 km/h since it’s inception, so no, Hellcat won’t go faster.
      It’s strong enough as it is if WG were to make it faster, they’d probably remove the 90mm, which obviously won’t happen.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        hahaha no. even with the higher speed limit the Hellcat still takes a while to hit its actual top speed; WG made its acceleration slow enough to only maintain 50kmph cruising speed, and its hull turns slow. if anything, Hellcat needs a buff.

  3. This is going to be hell for high-pinging HT players 😐

    I’m all for innovating the game but just making things faster and more annoying to deal with is no better than the power creep.

  4. Doowlax says:

    I really think that going to extrems, is not the solution for this game.Insane cammo(STRV),insane speed(ELC),armour…etc didnt bring any good to this game so far.Balanced tank did,and i must say new Polish line,and especially tier 8 heavy 53TP is great example how tank should be in WOT.I know it is much harder to make balanced tanks, than to make 1 with insane 1 thing and bad in other,but i think that all new polish branch is the fine example how they should make new tanks in future if they want WOT to survive in the next few years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As long as things are balanced, it will be fine, but i fear the complete destruction of casemate TD’s (Jageru’s,T95’s etc) as one shot will not de-track the wheeled tanks, as soon as a non-turreted tank is being left alone and circled, it is hasta-la-vista

    1. Mikosah says:

      Casemate TDs are already vulnerable to being tracked and circled by fast tanks, so that threat is nothing new. The defensive tactic of simply keeping your back to a wall will be the same as before. Even if the wheeled tanks are harder to immobilize, they’re still going to be terrible at urban combat.

      And from the look of that view range, they’re going to be terrible scouts as well. The whole ‘active scouting’ shtick will really mean just making suicide rushes and hoping for the best, and with so few hit points, good luck with that.

      Truthfully, I wish WG would just buff the existing light tanks with better view range and resistance to tipping/fall damage rather than putting in a new class that’s even more situational and inflexible.

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