Panther II Supertest Changes Full Stats

Hello everyone,

Bit slow today, but we now have the full stats for the Panther II changes in supertest. So far…

General Changes

-Added new 8.8cm KwK L/100 gun

-Changed tank discription

-Armor Changes


Tier 8

HP: 1500

Weight: 54.71 ton

Engine Power: 700hp

Power/Weight: 12.79

Speed: 55kph (for.)/ 20kph (rev.)

Hull Traverse: 26°/sec

Turret Traverse: 31.3°/sec

Terrain Resistances: .767/.959/2.014

Hull Armor: 100/60/?mm

Turret Armor: 120/60/?mm

View Range: 390m

Radio Range: 740m

8.8cm KwK L/100

Ammo Types: AP/APCR/HE

Penetration: 223/261/44mm

Damage: 240/240/295

Rate of Fire: 7.821

DPM: 1877.1

Reload: 7.671

Aim Time: 2.12 sec

Accuracy: .288

Elevation/Depression: +20°/-8°

Armor Changes

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Panther II Supertest Changes Full Stats

79 thoughts on “Panther II Supertest Changes Full Stats

    1. Anonymous says:

      No its 36 per sec… Rita is wrong.. Its just a wrong type mate… mmowg is saying 36 deg/sec.. They are just adding a more powerful gun because since the panther 88 is almost the same tank and premiun also there are less and less panther II players…

  1. malkowitch says:

    Some one in wargaming have a really bad sense of humour. They are buffing IS-3 and IS-7 all the time. Not to mention that T54 Mod 1 buff they assured. So why the fuck they are nerfing Panther II? Adding a better gun doesn’t change a shit if the tank is getting to be slower, with same bad armour … Some one should be fired out there for a stupidity.

    1. rubberboas says:

      The new gun is worth 10x as much as the mobility nerf. If you were depending on mobility in the first place it means you were trying to use it as a big fat shitty T-44 and not really exploiting the few things that were good about it, namely it’s really good all-around firepower.

      1. The new gun has about 20% less dpm and 223 pen isn’t really all that great of an improvement from the 203 that could pen most 8’s and 9’s in their weak spots anyways. The mobility helped you fall back from a crumbling flank or flank tanks so your 203 pen and dpm could butter them up, this looks like a big nerf for a tank that doesn’t need it. For the record, the Panther had 15% better dpm than the T44, it was really able to be more aggressive than that under powered vehicle simply because of its hit points and dpm could actually threaten a tier IX. But the Panther was never overpowered to begin with, really all tier 8 mediums aren’t over powered, if anything, the T69 has better mobillity and clip potential, the STA-1 has DPM and gun depression, Obj. 416 has the best DPM and Camo and Alpha.. why nerf the Panther II? was it because it was better than the Panther 88 which had better DPM and aim time to begin with?

      2. JasioF says:

        New gun has better accuracy and aim time! Panther II can be a good sniper now! And I think you can still use the previous top gun.

      3. malkowitch says:

        Meds are not stationary tanks. Those are not TD’s slow meds are bad in gameplay. The slower they are the more difficult they are. When you gonna be raped by some shitty tier VI LT like the VK you gonna change your mind.

      1. I know right ? The E5 is VASTLY superior in pretty much every aspect. With the goldspam meta the IS-7 is suffering. Its front is too easy to pen while its own gold shell is lackluster. The only thing it has over the E5 is downhill speed and also trollish sides but that’s it.

      2. malkowitch says:

        If you gonna drive like its closed beta yeah. That thing has turret. Use it or just change a tank.

  2. StevoMS says:

    Hey Rita, can you see if you can get Jingles to use his new SEA contact he mentioned in a Mingles w/ Jingles to find out why patches for our server come out so late compared to other servers? I’m hearing from some places that we are not getting it yet because SEA doesn’t update on Fridays or Weekends, just because. (Weekends are understandable, but it was the 4th here 3 days ago)

    1. Muhamad Adhi says:

      Tanitha’s Excuse:
      “We have been a bit messy recently, sorry .. due to a lot of restructuring..
      You will see some new faces around late Oct / early Nov

      So hopefully you will see less dropped batons all over the floor soon..”

      Waasabi Excuse:
      “There is also more testing for the Asia server for the different language localisations and a dependency on the same install team as the rest of the world, but I would expect to see it next week. ”

  3. So they installed a big hole in front plate, installed a big weak spot in side, installed big holes in cupola. Check, yup this tank is now a big PoS. Adding the 88mm L/100 wont mean squat when anything can pen this from any angle by aiming at the now numerous weak spots.

    1. Jurrunio says:

      Lower hull is a larger weak spot than the MG port. Also, Panther II should not be used to block damage. It’s just not as tough as the T-44 and T-54 mod 1

  4. wolvenworks says:

    i think they’re giving it a L/100 to make ppl actually want to grind for panther II rather than cheap out the Hitlerpanther

  5. OrigamiChik3n says:

    So the tank gets one more gun to grind. Because grinding through few dozen of components is the best thing about this game.

    1. Dreadmoth says:

      I imagine unlocking the 8.8cm KwK L/100 on the Panther II would make the E 50 a bit more playable early on – unlock tracks or buy suspension equipment and the 8.8cm L/100 would be usable straight away instead of being a diversion from unlocking the top turret and 10.5cm gun.

  6. Tommy_Gun says:

    Ok.. so what is this tank good at ? By now panther II (at least for me) is one of the worst tier 8 mediums in the game (right after centurion I).

    It is slow and too slugish for a medium tank. The only role this tank is good at is support / sniping from a far distance.

    More penetration whont help this tank. Allredy it has 203 pen. + 20 wont do much of a difference.

    And WG aperently is going to nerf some of best aspect of this tank.

    1. bbmoose says:

      The Panther II is a lot of ‘meh’ at the moment, I agree. Giving it a better gun and gunhandling makes it more effective and less vulnerable, because you don’t have to expose yourself for that many seconds to take a shot. If this becomes a snapshotter, it will be a solid t8 medium.

      And about the Centurion… It is has a low topspeed (but accelerates well, climbs well and turns well), doesn’t have hullarmor, but it has the best gun of all the t8 mediums and a workable turret. Yes, also after the HD conversion with a bigger hole behind the mantlet. The Centurion is a good tank and a true ridgeline warrior.

      1. Pershing, STA-1, and Centurion are some of the best snap shot tanks with equivalent or better DPM than this new gun. They have good gun handling and 10 degrees of gun depression which makes them negotiate terrain just as well or better than the Panther, plus they have larger mantlets to soak up shots rather than the Panther’s 120mm of flat turret armor. Panther II could already snap shot enemy tanks and the extra DPM meant if you hit your shot, you’d have another in the breach to give it to the enemy, if you missed, no problem. Now, with a lower rate of fire, worse mobility, and no armor buff, the Panther II is really going to be a stinker to play because why aren’t you driving a Centurion 1 which has the same armor, mobility, DPM, better accuracy, and better penetration? (Don’t even get me started with tanks like the Mutz or CDC, which will now have an even bigger edge in mobility with the Panther II which can only say that it has marginally more armor of 100 on its front plate compared to the Mutz’s 90mm). Also, if you need more penetration, why not dab your 2 key? If you can’t go through the enemy with gold, you’re probably being an idiot and trying to go through some heavy’s upper plate or turret.

  7. Kanalcommander says:

    I wonder how they justify the good aim time compared to the E50 with 88 L/100, which has 2.9 if I am not mistaken. Or did they buff E50 gun recently?

  8. abusemtex says:

    When I stopped playing WoT I had over 330 battles in my Panther II with a WR of ~59% and a WN8 of 2376.
    What killed the tank wasn’t the mobility – it was the meh aimtime of 2.7s which was nerfed a long time ago, never to get buffed again.
    The 88mm/L71 is a very nice MT gun but you simply have to aim way to long. With 2.3s aim time and even better penetration the 88mm/L100 – while looking very bizarre – is a nice addition.

    1. bbmoose says:

      Exactly this! But if you stopped playing, why are you still commenting on this article? Just waiting ’till the game get fixed? 🙂

      1. tudorcostea says:

        Just because one stops playing doesn’t mean they’re not knowledgeable/entitled to an opinion.

  9. Gkirmathal says:

    For crying out loud….how deep are WG’s managers foots inside the backdoor of their balance department?

    All the Panther II really needs is it’s old historical top engine of 870-900 HP back. (the 1150 HP turbine could be discussed ofc)
    The current 8.8 platform as it stand, has enough pen and DPM for a tier 8. It only lacks maneuverability due to WG removing it’s top engine several patches patches ago (~late 2014).

    Revert the top engine and the platform will make a much more lenient tier 8 medium.

    1. bbmoose says:

      I don’t have the Panther II in my garage at this moment (might rebuy it), but I still play the Panther 8.8. I don’t have issues with the mobility of the tank, it’s just the aimtime that kills it. If it gets good dispersion and aimtime, you don’t have to expose yourself that much wich negates the lack of armor a bit.

      1. Gkirmathal says:

        About the aim time, that is correct, only for me that falls under a wider rebalance of several Tier 7 & 8 mediums. There are several vehicles that can use aim time and dpm buffs, as they have suffered from powercreep over the last 2 years.

        I still think the PII will benefit from having it’s 900 HP engine back. But like you say, there is more to be done to lift up those tanks which have been neglected and fallen pray to powecreep.

  10. Hobo.Mann says:

    So … Hull Traverse got nerfed from 37 degrees/second to 26 degrees/second and the DPm got nerfed from 2,2k to 1,8k … for 20mm more Penetration and an accuracy buff from 0.33 to .29 … this thing can and will lose any 1v1 circle fight against an SU122-44 now ^^

  11. qqq says:

    So, out of nowhere a german tank is actually getting buffed and people are crying about it? It’s not soviet, of course they have to nerf something to give it a better gun…
    If you played it like you’re supposed to play it (sniping) you won’t even notice those 10* less in traverse but you’ll definitely notice the accuracy, aimtime and even the penetration (that old 203 was always borderline usable against IS3 for me).

    And if you played it, like someone said, a “fat shitty T-44” then I have some bad news for you…

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      Current hull traverse speed – 36 degrees/second. Proposed hull traverse speed – 26 degrees/second. Help! This tank is getting overbuffed!

      1. qqq says:

        I’m guessing you didn’t even read it past the first “buffed” so here you go again.

        If you played it like you’re supposed to play it (sniping) you won’t even notice those 10* less in traverse but you’ll definitely notice the accuracy, aimtime and even the penetration (that old 203 was always borderline usable against IS3 for me).

        And I doubt It’ll stay at 26. They’ll probably buff (un-nerf?) it to 30.

      2. OrigamiChik3n says:

        No, i didn’t realize it’s a TD so i haven’t played it like such. Never felt that it desperately lacks penetration or that gun handling is very bad. Mobility on the other hand was not very comfortable.

        But what do i know, i’m not a world’s most renowned expert at telling people how they should play video games.

      3. abusemtex says:

        Funny how every t0nk that gets raped by the hammer of Stalin, no matter if LT, MT or HT, is supposed to act as support tonk or sniper.

      4. Panther II could get through the hull of an IS-3 just as easily as any other tier 8 medium, the thing is you have to avoid hitting the IS-3 in its lower plate, turret, and spaced armor, which sounds easy until you realize that these 200+ mm armor zones account for 80% of the tank’s silhouette. If you are supposed to play the Panther II as a sniper, what in the world is 223 pen going to do against tier 9 and 10 heavy tanks? Even a lot of tier 8 heavies have armor that can shrug off 223 pen at snipping range because the penetration drop off will make it 203 pen anyways but now you won’t do as much damage because snipping will mean you hit less of your shots and you’ll have a lower rate of fire to even take the shots rather than using mobillity to get to an enemy tank’s side at 100-200 meters to wreck them up with your DPM. The Panther isn’t a brawler, it does poorly at point blank, but it definitely isn’t a sniper, especially if the mobility is getting wrecked and you won’t even get to a snipping position before half the battle is over anyways.

  12. BS says:

    Panther II’s main problem is mobility. Not the firepower
    reduce it’s terrain resistance and improve traverse speed and it will be fine

  13. EndlessWaves says:

    Weren’t they focused on making heavy tank front armour more useful? Adding another medium tank gun with super high penetration that can shoot right through it seems counter-productive.

    1. GameGlitch says:

      A big fat target like the Panther II is not really that much of a worry. It’s not a TD you can’t see or a medium tank you can’t turn to shoot at before they disappear. The Panther II’s weakness would certainly be other mediums and also light tanks. But, in a supporting role, this could be good. Hopefully, they just give it the gun and the armor changes, without reducing its turning speed. It’s already a pretty slow turner… that is, unless they plan to give it the buffed engine… maybe? If they do that, it’ll go fast in a straight line, but it’ll turn about the same as it does now. Lol, I sold my PII. It’s a good tank, but it definitely could use a little something to make it unique and useful. The gun is welcome, for sure. I would rather this proposed rebalance than leave it as is.

  14. Anonymous says:

    QQQ please my friend ..u need to understand there is NO real role in WOT ..there are times when a heavy (btm tier) needs to be a snipper, and a light needs to be in the front. hell a smart arty would know when he needs to be the scout .. so if u are playing a med as a back line sniper ..u might wanna drop some of that td mentality. pst if u cant use 203 pen vs t8s u really need to relearn how to aim

  15. I reserve comment until I actually try the gun. However, the idea sounds nice. Yeah, DPM nerf is kinda disappointing, but a much better gun handling would make me happy.

    Currently Panther II stuck in a weird place where it’s totally mediocre in everything. If the DPM and slight agility nerf is properly compensated by better pen, gun handling, and shell velocity (IMHO one of the most underrated gun stats) that would make a solid playstyle tweak.

    Easier grind to E-50 is a good bonus

  16. Hahaha, that gun was the most ridiculous looking thing on the E 50 🙂

    Can’t wait to see Panther IIs waving that thing around on the battlefield.

    To be fair that gun belongs more there than it ever did on the E 50 (it was worthless)

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