Paris Map Screenshots

Hello everyone,

Quick little thing here, WarGaming has released a few more screenshots for the upcoming Paris map.


Originally part of the Rampage game mode, a few things have been added since its first inception, such as a bridge towards the south, and small atmspheric details.


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Paris Map Screenshots

8 thoughts on “Paris Map Screenshots

  1. Tyrud says:

    After seeing these screenies and watching Quickybaby’s preview, I’m already liking this map more than that forsaken Stalingrad map. There’s just more to do for every tank class. Hopefully the planned Berlin map will be varied and nice looking like this Paris map, and with any luck we might see other capitals or big cities, like perhaps Rome, Warsaw, Budapest, Seoul etc.

      1. Cars and fences do fuck all. What I’ve seen, there’s a couple ridges down south, that’s not a lot. When there’s only empty space after the corner, means there’s no cover.

  2. Daryl says:

    Hmmmm I can see that arty players are going to really love this map, heaps of open areas to rain fire into, with many opportunities to help your team out. Like all the other new maps of this type, arty just becomes a glorified free exp target.
    NB: sarcasm at work here

    1. tbarim says:

      It already looks better for arty than Kharkov. One, the roads are straight. Two, there aren’t building directly in front of the arty parks.

      Here, it’ll depend on just how tall those low ridges are north and how fast nort collapses in typical games. I’m also hoping that the back of the cap circles have enough clearance to be usable as well.

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