Patch 1.0 – Known Issues and Solutions

A short announcement from WoT support.

Patch 1.0 brought us great changes and graphical improvements.
Some players may however experience issues.

Development is working on a fix.

List of Known Issues:

  1. Game launch issues, on certain configurations.
  2. When switching to improved graphics, game does not start.
    • Delete cache.
    • Use basic in game video settings.
  3. Long battle loading time.
    • Workaround, use SSD, when possible.
  4. Low FPS under certain scenarios, compared to previous patch.
    • Make sure your video card drivers are up to date: Nvidia, AMD/ATI.


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Patch 1.0 – Known Issues and Solutions

30 thoughts on “Patch 1.0 – Known Issues and Solutions

  1. I sent the status report email an email about this not 3 hours ago, looking to see what help could be offered. Whether or not this post came about because of that email, I’m glad to see wg is working on a fix and that the status report crew is on the ball. Thanks!

  2. DickHerMax says:


    ISSUE: Slow loading times → Get SSD

    1. mobo says:

      That was the worst. I actually did that and now I load before everyone else and the game doesn’t freeze at the start of the match in order to finish loading assets. They said requirements wouldn’t change, but if you have it installed into a HDD, load times are horrible.

      1. VANLER says:

        i have it installed into a HDD, loads tha party fast as hell, the SSD will remain as the “Fallout only”

  3. Anonymous says:

    I keep having that pop up window about graphics settings show up at the beginning of matches. And some times it won’t go away when the match starts.

  4. Chbox says:

    Long battle loading time.
    Workaround, use SSD, when possible.

    Turn off sound and u will get normal time of battle loading 🙂 It works

    1. I can confirm this is a decent short-term solution for the issue, it doesn’t change when I load into the match that much but it does lessen the ‘freeze’ that happens 20 sec into the match, and in some instances, completely eliminated it. throw on some music and it’ll be alright

    2. Anonymous says:

      How? I have just ti move the “music in Battle” slide from 100 to 0?
      If It works you are a savior… actually is unplayable for me due to battle loading time…

  5. Kyros says:

    If you look though bushes in snipermode you lose ~10-20% FPS. If you look though Pornovka’s bushes in snipermode on 1-2 Line you lose ~25-45% FPS. Enjoy testing it out.

    Tanks that hit you while they are invisible will result in no damagesound at all.

    Some Waterreflections do not exist, are way off or simply show something different.(e.g. Sigfriedline top spawn field side, has a Mosque roof in the reflection.)

    Ensk is absolute mess, 20-40% lower FPS than on all other maps.

    Shell in snipermode seems to miss, but still hits. Visuals of the shell are way off the actual hitting point.

    268 v4 is still the most OP shit, even topping prenerf T57Heavy and WTE100.

    Some hits on the ground stretch all over it.

    The Graphics change banner is as anoying as Windowns 10.

    1. haven’t experienced any of this yet aside from 268 v4 (of course). I even played on ensk and in prok’s bushes last night and didnt experience anything. not sure what you mean by the whole “shell seems to miss but hits”, but perhaps you haven’t heard of RNG?

  6. Deano says:

    its good to know their working on the load times because i dont know about anyone else but my computer has a ryzen 5 1600x 8gb ddr4 ram and a gtx1060 gpu. i miss the first 40s of every game since 1.0 launched… that means im sitting on the loading screen for about 1 min 20s counting the pre game team screen and 30s countdown. the loading times for me at least are when i get in to the game usually only 3 of my teammates are rendered in. ive shot my teammates multiple times before i worked out why my shot tracers werent going to where i thought i was aiming…

    1. TerraStriker says:

      I had the same Problem on the testserver wenn i used my old HDD Drive. When i switched the Game to an ssd, my loading Problems vanished compeltly. Wot 1.0 loading Performance Profits massivly when using an ssd

  7. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Guidelines of competent game design according to Wargaming:
    1. Boast about new improved mega cool super pretty graphics.
    2. Recommend players to “Use basic in game video settings” because game does not start with new improved mega cool supper pretty graphics.

    1. mobo says:

      Happens when people play in potatoes. Seen people complain about it, then when they send their PC specs, it’s a 10 year old rig that barely scratches the minimum reqs for the pre-patched game.

      1. Prosigoj says:

        Doesn’t matter if it’s 10 years old rig. I used to play HD version before this patch and now only way to play is SD on minimum. It’s ridiculous. Number of people complaining about new patch is huge. Players used to complain about mm, now they complain cause they can’t play at all. I saw people with gtx 530 having problems. What are we supposed to do? To buy new hardware only so we could play WOT, now when one memory module is more expensive than motherboard and memory module combined two years ago? People simply wont play, that’s pretty much it.

  8. Ion7 says:

    Amazing how everyone has loading issues, I load pre countdown each match with this setup:

    Fx 6120
    Gtx 1050ti
    2gb hard drive(non SSD)

    Run everything on maximum settings minus v sync and triple buffering (I have a shitty monitor, doesn’t help) and I get 65-70 FPS. Only drop I notice is right at the beginning on ensk, lots of tanks and destructibles close together.

  9. xxtechmanxx says:

    I dont have any Problems with Graphics but whats really annyoing is when you get shot by a Tank thats not spotted you dont hear a thing that you have been shot.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The suggested fix for the game client crashing doesn’t actually work. I’ve spent 11 hours trying literally everything i know to get it to work including reinstalling the entire client. still won’t work.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeah WG cause we all have thousands of dollars to upgrade our computers!!!! NO!! fix your stupid errors and optimize the game better!

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