Patch 1.9: K-91-2 More pics

How does the driver see where they are going? More pics.

Source DoM1N.

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Patch 1.9: K-91-2 More pics

6 thoughts on “Patch 1.9: K-91-2 More pics

    1. Anonymous says:

      I hate to play devils advocate here, but as a former tanker you can “TECHNICALLY” steer by direction from the commander. However it’s clumsy and slow. WG probably just didn’t want soft spots on their precious russian tanks.

      1. sefhyro says:

        yes… “technically you could, bu then again…

        in a combat situation i don’t see a commander shouting 2 different commands at the same time for different actions…

        -” bogey 3 o’clock…
        – driver turn 90º left move into that knocked down building”

        now that would be a handful for 1 person no? it`s not like back then you had exterior cameras fitted has standart

    1. sefhyro says:

      yeah…but then again imagine the driver having to swap constantly from places just to get access to perícopes in the turret wen it’s on traverse, not to mention the fact that fly by wire wasn’t used in tanks at the time, but even if they where, how long those controllers had to be and wires all inside the turret basket

      1. zewelvonlelek says:

        That could be like in the Object 416 IRL… the driver simply wasn’t driving, unless the turret was facing direct front (or maybe it could be in a slight angle for movement, but not much)… there was no need for MBT-70 kind of shenanigans…
        And some of those periscopes look like they could rotate a bit (or the whole hatch on which it is mounted could)…

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