Patch 1.9 – Known Issues & Solutions

With the release of Patch 1.9, we have encountered a few problems.
Here is the list of the known issues that are being worked on by the Development team:

  1. Crusader Chi-Ha tank – unable to remove or change the equipment and modules.
    • Fixed by Micropatch on 24.04
  2. Tank spawns underground.
    • Fixed by Micropatch on 24.04
  3. Battle Pass or Bootcamp medal disappears.
    • Fixed by Micropatch on 24.04
  4. Performing certain actions can lead to the inability to complete the Bootcamp – for example during the modules research.
  5. Clan members do not appear in the friend list.
  6. Incorrect default general chat settings in the options.
  7. Different and incorrect amount of bonds displayed in the notification centre.
  8. Chat messages show as unread.
  9. Error 0xc000007b when starting the x64 game client – switching to the 32-bit client and repairing the DirectX files helps most of the time.
    • This error occurs if the DirectX libraries in the system folder of the game client are damaged. The proposed solution below checks the libraries needed to run the 64-bit version of the game. If the DirectX libraries are damaged, a 32-bit version of the game will be launched.
      1. Download the archive from this link.
      2. Unzip the file. Inside the folder, e you will find a modified file. Copy it.
      3. Go to the folder with the game client. Default C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU and paste the copied file. You will be asked if you want to replace the existing file. Click Yes.
      4. Launch the game client

If the proposed solution does not help, restore the game client using the Game Center or download an unmodified file from this link. Then follow the same steps above.

  1. ERROR: Application has failed to start because no appropriate graphics…
  2. ERROR: “The program cannot be started because d3dx9_43.dll is missing on the computer”
  3. FOV issues on the wide-screen settings.
    • In update 1.9, it was decided to adjust the FOV value for Ultrawide monitors. However, players can change the setting to their previous value in windowed mode or windowed without a frame. We are monitoring the situation and working to improve FOV for Ultrawide monitors
  4. KV-2 shells need to be purchased again – intended, “old” shells can be sold.
  5. Issues with the wheeled vehicle’s performance (eg. drop in speed in certain situations) – not intended and under the investigation.

We hope this list is informative.

The Player Support team

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Patch 1.9 – Known Issues & Solutions

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