Patch 1.9: Possible Reward? K-91-2

The patch 1.9 files include a new special vehicle, Soviet MT IX tier – K-91-2.
This is a variant of the K-91 rear turret with the turret placed in the center.

* K-91 version with mid turret. The machine was developed at the Design Bureau of the Engineering Committee of the Ground Forces under the leadership of A.F. Kravtseva from March to August 1949. As a power plant, it was supposed to use a 12-cylinder boxer diesel engine with supercharging. The function of the support rollers was to perform brackets with ski supports. Work on the machine did not go beyond the proposal design and was discontinued in December 1949.

So we have another unfeasible imaginary tank that couldn’t work in the metal “Like all the V hull Russians” but Russian so for WG it’s good?


Garage Characteristics

K-91-2 stats


K-91-2 Compare RSR


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Patch 1.9: Possible Reward? K-91-2

5 thoughts on “Patch 1.9: Possible Reward? K-91-2

    1. I’ve seen blueprints of it online but even those can be forged, however in this case it seems to be a real project, in fact the Tier 10 K-91 is its brother, one with rear mounted turret and other with forward mounted turret

    2. about the track design, I believe it is called slack track and the German were known to use it, be it on the ig cats (also a Elephant and a Mouse) but really common for their halftracks, I believe the T-34 track was technicaly slack track as well

  1. NoComment says:

    From the pics at least it appears to have a more standard hull, So a bit less impraticable than the previous offerings.

    /sarcasm It probably never got developed beyond design as the rest of the Russian tanks were so superior in every way that developing this would just be a little too much overkill. so it wasnt needed. /sarcasm

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