Patch 9.16- Somua SM

Good day everyone,

A while back a new French Tier 8 premium heavy was shown on supertest.


While largely unchanged, some minor changes to the stats have been made, here they are so far:


A French heavy tank, presented by French tank designers as a competing design to the AMX 50. Work began in 1946, but a prototype wasn’t developed until October 1951. Incorperating German tank technology, the tank featured a 100mm autoloading gun in an oscillating turret. The tank was tested from January to July of 1953 but results weren’t promising. The project was later abandoned for the AMX 50.


Tier: 8

HP: 1400

Engine Power: 960

Weight: 56 tons

Power-to-Weight: 17.14

Max Speed: 50kph (for.)/ 20kph (rev.)

Hull Traverse: 32° sec

Turret Traverse: 33.4° sec

Terrain Resistances: 1,151/1,247/2,014

Hull Armor: 120/50/70mm

Turret Armor: 70/60/60mm

View Range: 350 lm

Radio Range: 594.4m


100mm SA47

Damage: 300/300/400

Penetration: 232/263/50mm

DPM: 1584.4

Rate of Fire: 5.281

Magazine Reload: 41.806 sec.

Shot Reload: 3.75 sec.

Magazine Capacity: 5 shots

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 2.3 sec.

Elevation/Depression: +15°/-10°


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Patch 9.16- Somua SM

50 thoughts on “Patch 9.16- Somua SM

  1. Ioruba - NA server says:

    Really more than 3 seg ???
    Btw i am gay but not stupid wg i will not pay for that tank in cash ! we can negotiate however.

  2. Romanian says:

    Looks to me that WG is deliberately destroying this game with more and more OP premiums (just like with that skorpion. Cash grab is real. Even with that high reload between shots this thing will reck all tier 6 and 7’s

    1. Grim says:

      It’s a proposed prem tank. Prem tanks are designed to be slightly worse than the non-prem equivalent, with a few rare exceptions. It’s why so many prems get better MM, because the easiest way to make them slightly worse was to nerf the hell out of gun pen (which thankfully they’re changing that attitude). Besides, it’s still in super test.

      1. Matthew Shine says:

        Have fun poking ridgelines to use the gun depression with 70mm or frontal turret armour…

      2. Matthew Shine says:

        Oh, and don’t forget you will need to sit there for around 13 seconds with your worthless turret exposed to empy your magazine…LOL!

      3. Adrian Paredes says:

        Faster reload… 41 sec on 5 shots and almost 4 sec between shots? the 50 100 reload on 50 6 shots with 2.75 between them…

        This is a horrible worse 50 100

    2. Teknokraatti says:

      For whatever reason the stability stats aren’t shown there, but that would have been another reason in the last version at least. It had some of the best bloom stats of the T8 heavies, with only Caernarvon being significantly better.

      Basically it has the best stability stats of any autoloader in the game.

      1. ErrorCreator says:

        Doesn’t mather how much gun depresion it has, front turret is still only 70mm and the turret moves with the gun so. And if he can shoot you, you will in most cases also be able to shoot his turret front.

      2. No_Quarter says:

        it is kind of stupid to put this as premium when we have T7 that is WAY out of playstyle, this would be better intro into 50 100, I played that when I was noobish and it was a problem for me to switch to autoloder….
        not saying I am not looking forward to premium autoloader, but it would be better if M4 45 is switched for this

  3. DeanoGTO says:

    if the angling was better on the front plate that armor thickness couldve worked but with that angle itd probably be about as crap as the lowe and we all know that tier 6 hts can pen the lowe frontally wit standard rounds. if they made the gun dep worse but decreased the time between shots this tank could have potential but as it stands right now 3.75s between shots is just way way too long. it doesnt matter how good the rest of the tanks is if theres 1 feature that can totally ruin it.

  4. Who cares says:

    They will give it a nice painjob with even bigger cock and even deeper blue and red… or maybe with more white and console ppl will buy it

  5. Infernal969 says:

    People are actually complaining about PREMIUM armored autoloader with 10 gun depression, 230 pen and good mobility.
    Go back to your Skorpions, you power creeped morons.

    1. Matthew Shine says:

      People are complaining because it’s a fucking huge pile of steaming shit…
      I don’t like auto-loaders, I’d rather they weren’t in the game at all. But if they are in the game, they need to be worthwhile, ESPECIALLY if you have to pay real money for it.
      You call this thing armoured? Seriously?
      Yeah, that 70mm of frontal turret armour will be useless while you have to sit there for 13 seconds emptying a magazine…
      50mm of side armour…yeah, that’ll bounce everything…
      The only things is has going for it is the pen.
      Good mobility? Power to weight ratio is 17.14, that’s not good, especially for a tank with junk armour and low hitpoints for it’s tier.
      Gun depression? I bet that gets screwed over (over the sides only, anyone?).
      Accuracy is ‘meh’, DPM is a fucking joke, view range is shite, ground resistances are ‘OK’.

      Simply isn’t worth buying unless you really want another French heavy crew trainer.
      With it’s pref MM, the FCM 50t is still a much better option.

  6. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    5 shells in drum gives ~1.5k dmg, which means that it can’t reliably finish any full HP same tier HT for single drum. 50 100 can.
    Plus retarded long time between shots, which means being a HP piniata while emptying the drum.

    Fools gold.

  7. sturmi0545 says:

    3.75s between shots, that’t the punishment for being non-soviet trash. Comrade Stalin does not approve … I guess.

      1. Jan Kristian Mari Dia says:

        the only thing i would play this over the 50 100 or even the 50t is… wait… there is none… unless they change/buff its autoloading performance. even that -10 gun dep wont save this tank…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Soviet tanks have autoloaders at all? Swedish tanks much loved by Comrade Stalin? Not everything revolves around russian bias.

    1. Matthew Shine says:

      The whole point of an autoloader is to dump your clip and run.
      I’m not a fan of auto-loaders, I hate playing against them, but this thing needs a shell loading time buff, or give it a single shot gun.
      As it is, it’s a huge steaming pile of shit. The DPS is already terrible thanks to the shell and magazine loading times, if you can’t dump your magazing in one go the DPM will be beyond a joke.

  8. Jurrunio says:

    3.75s shell reload? So it’s no “get kills with your drum” type, but “empty your drum in advantage point, then relocate” type,

  9. Peter says:

    Looks so radically different from all the other high tier french tanks, nothing like the 50/100 at all!

    The USP of course is the sale price$$$£££

  10. BelarusBall says:

    Nice to see the French get some love, but we need more non-premiums in their tree. Renault R40 maybe? Or the super-heavy line?

    1. Anonymous says:

      It has 10 degrees depression, which means this tank with its power to weight ratio will play more like a medium, think fcm 50t, 50 100 has abysmal gun depression making it impossible to work ridgelines without exposing your lfp.

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