Patch 9.18 Changes reviews

Test server changes examined

A monster light tank one from Circon and a more general one from DezGames. Also a specific one about the Tier X Light the AMX 13 105. Maybe some of the tier X Lights might be a touch OP.

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Patch 9.18 Changes reviews

33 thoughts on “Patch 9.18 Changes reviews

  1. The tier 7 LTs need to have their previous stats and weapons given back to them, there was nothing wrong there, and tier 10 LT have been in need of nerfing since Sandbox and had been communicated as such on the Sandbox forum and all we got was a 20mmm reduction to the T-100 UFP

    1. vtalonv says:

      I know the SP1C my favorite tank is really bad now.. nerfed the 90mm’s damage took away 60mm’s of pen and its auto with zero buffs…. Just because now it might be top tier every now and then? Very disappointed will be showing it with my wallet..

      1. vtalonv says:

        Haha um ya 90mm turret all the way around 75mm hull….. with a 85mm that does more damage and fires at a 11 vs 7…. my 90mm that has slower round velocity i really dont see your point?

    2. Nerfing arty is stupid. In the real world, if you get hit by a 155mm arty shell in ANY tank…. you are dead. So all you anti arty crybabies understand something…. It is not easy to play arty. The target may have moved from the time you fire til the time the shell lands…. moving targets…. HARD mode…. and the arty dispersion….. WOW .4 to .6 depending on arty. notable exceptions: FV304 and LEFH. And dont get me started on the enemy AMX bis or Cromwells fying to the base just to kill arty at the start of a map. Every tank and vehicle has a use and if used properly… you can play anything. (yes I am an arty player and ex army artillery as well) Troll me if you want, I just dont give a shit.

  2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    If everything goes well this patch won’t go well and won’t go live.

    This is like rubicon : WG wants to release asap important changes that have not been tested enough ; except they don’t work properly and break the game some more. So hopefuly they will do like they did with rubicon, and they will cancel the patch (or maybe give us only the MM). If LTs and Arty go live this way, that’ll hurt…

    Also lots of missions still need tweaking. While arty missions have been changed, there are still missions for other classes requiring you to kill multiple tanks of X class and/or X tiers higher than you ; which obviously became way harder or even impossible now that arty and toptier tanks are hardcapped to 3 per game…

    Rushed patch with no proper testing and a large amount of features that still need to be adapted in consequences.

      1. Bricktop says:

        Gotta love these text walls that say nothing. It’s funny how you did not address any problems except some personal missions. Are some personal mission reason to postpone the most important patch in history?
        What’s wrong with arties? What’s wrong with LTs? (Except some of them which will obviously get changed) I.e 3k dpm bulldog/wz132 the reaper.

      2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Arties are now completely useless ; they are a waste of a team slot and cannot do anything in battle. The stun is pointless because its effects are so little, so short and can be removed every 90s (or 60s using premium consumables, pay2win much). And they do so low damages some tanks two tiers lower are stronger when stock… They were overnerfed, and if WG’s goal is actualy to make arty useless, they better remove it.
        LTs are not what LTs should be. For now they are just fast mediums with less armor, that’s it. They cannot make a proper LT class as long as they refuse to nerf other class’ view range, because mediums and TDs can be as good scouts as LTs for now. Also tier 9 and 10 LTs are way too strong, these tanks should have at least as much of a support role as arty if not more (because arty is supposed to deal big damages, unlike scouts). They should get nerfed guns to the point where they can only really defend themselves against other scouts ; they should not be able to deal serious damages ; and on the other hand they should either be able to spot beyond 445m (special feature) or have special consumables (like the designated targets from AW).

      3. Bricktop says:

        Rotfl but why? Arties and lts are broken right now. Arty should not be able to deal such a massive damage from the other side of map. Why would it ever be? It’s a flawed concept, it always was. If arty is really that useless (and I don’t think it is, according to unicums), no one will play it. And who likes arty players? No one! Profit!
        And about light tanks, your concept is wrong. Why would light tanks not be able to deal damage? What would be the fun of playing it? Pray you get redshire, prok or malinovka, go to bush, pray for not getting countered and sit in bush for whole battle?
        Furthermore, massive nerf for view ranges and lts being only one to spot. Again, why? Now you spawn on prok and your light tank has 400 wn8. Another way to lose game 15-1. Seems fun dude.
        WG stated lts are useless and they decided to change their concept completely, and I agree.

      4. Jadeon says:

        Yeah, Arty is broken but nerfing them to comletely usesless is not the solution. People are playing them because it’s fun. No, don’t laugh, it’s still can be fun. But in the end they will just remove it anyways. And for the light tank changes…remember when they extended another lines from tier 8 to tier 10? Did it go well? Yeah I don’t think so. Tier X lights are just overpowered mediums. They have competent guns, excellent mobility, great camo, best viewrange. Where is the balance? Oh yeah, “no armor”, but who needs armor when you can go undetected or avoid most of the shots?

        Wargaming is screwed anyways. According to their “development” I am pretty sure they have little to no experience in the random battle session, especially with SPG. And this “listening to the community” policy is all sounds good until you realize how toxic and narrow-minded the community is.

    1. marlekin says:


      Its been atleast half a year since WG came out with plans for this last september, during the dev panel, where Thrain even mentioned WG already had plans earlier to rebalance things like SPG’s but were afraid to upset the playerbase. Who knows how long this has been coming.

      Between that are multiple sandbox rounds where players were rather positive actually, about the new arty. Its seen as an improvement over the nuke dropping, disease related, current version of SPG’s. WG has every reason to put the changes in this patch instead of waiting for the next one.

      Some tier 10 LT’s could use a bit of a nerf, I agree. This would only warrant a test server update however, nothing more. The test server runs untill the end of this month, so WG actually has taken the time. Remember the swedish heavies? Came in OP in the public test server, WG rebalanced them based on player feedback and they actually came out okay.

      1. Bricktop says:

        not only heavies, S-tank was even more broken on test server, but everything is ok right now.
        Mostly agree with you buddy, but lemme ask, what Lts could use a nerf in your opinion? Russian one seems just a little bit too resilient, but rest of them appear to fit their gap pretty well.

      2. Lasix says:

        Sandbox is no where near the real server. These changes are not properly tested period. I expect major changes to come once this go live because the changes to LT and Arty increased the importance of teamwork, and we know that’s hard to find in random pub matches.

      3. marlekin says:

        Oh, just the T100 actually. Its armor is very effective if youre not facing anything that has tier 10 penetration values. Writing this.. this might be more my own observer bias than actual fact finding.* Still, it has effective armor you dont expect from a light tank.

        * Ever seen anyone writing that? Haha

  3. Bricktop says:

    Actually, tier X light tanks seem very well balanced, contrary to fact that tier 8 bulldog can reach 3k dpm and they took autoloader from my lovely spic

  4. Charcharo says:

    The LTs arent OP. In fact, due to the max spotting range in the game (445m) they are still somewhat meh. Why use a WZ or 13 105 instead of a batchat 25t? No reason ATM.

    Overallt is is a good patch but WG has to fine tune View Ranges on all tiers and classes and MAYBE raise the spotting JUST a bit (even 460 would improve the situation a lot).

    1. Bricktop says:

      Yeah. I’m super happy right now because LTs are finally what I always wanted them to be; mediums with gimped armour, firepower and amazing mobility. They are gimmicks. And it feels damn good to have one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    T10 lights and ‘stun’ arty is complete bollocks. This is a different game for tier 7s and up – one I don’t like.
    All it needed was to nerf the one shot arty and reduce them to a max of 2 per battle. What happening to all of us who spend a long time researching batchat, 121, t-62a etc? Now they are hardly worth having…

    1. Bricktop says:

      Rotfl, you realize LTs got no to bad armour, tier 8 heavy hp and little more pen than tier 8 heavies, right?

      1. Bricktop says:

        >gold autopenning everything
        >armor being there to block damage instead of making enemies aim longer
        Btw, gold pen on LTs is also garbage kappa

  6. Funny Farmer says:

    What about the Luchs? I can’t find anything about it but there have to be some changes. Perhaps it looses the 3cm?

  7. madogthefirst says:

    Looking over the stats I would say the wanabe Sheridan is the best pick while the Panzer I Wish I Had A Bigger Turret is the second best overall pick.

  8. Ragnarokbazil says:

    The gold pen is an experiment test bed on gold ammo and tanks with armor.. My guess you will see mess and TD tanks with the same value of pen.. Forcing meds to flank example type 5s or maus tanks from the sides instead at the front.. Ever think of that?

  9. Nevermind says:

    The way you fix artty is take them back to say 8.6 when Artty only went up to tier 8, they could aim and HE did damage. WTH is the fun of a tier 10 artty one shot any tank in the game? -fk that- clickers…As for the LT, well thats a mixed bag. you give the arto-loader to the bulldog, and the derp back to the T49, but still no derp for the VK 2801. How is that tank meant to be competitive with the 75mm? no mater what, everyone will take a hit on this patch for sure. Im most interested to see how the MM works live, its hard to get a feel for it in the TS as everyone wants to play tier 10 LTs and sky cancer.

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