Patch 9.18 Expected dates.

9.18 This will be large patch.

  • March 21st – Preparation of patch information by WG.
  • March 22nd – Official patch announcement on WoT website.
  • March 23rd – End of the supertest 9.18.
  • March 29th to 30th – Phase I of test server  9.18.
  • April 6th – Phase II of the test server 9.18.
  • Second half of April – Patch 9.18 uploaded to public server.

Source WoT Express

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Patch 9.18 Expected dates.

40 thoughts on “Patch 9.18 Expected dates.

    1. skivster says:

      Normally i would just ignore just blatant troll, but this time i have this to say.
      You, sir, are wrong on so many levels you cant even comprehend.

    2. Those who forget history says:

      That is a an easy answer. Some of us have been around since the beginning before the dismantling and mismanagement. We love the game but it is like you new players cancer reference, we are watching it die a slow death and hoping it recovers.
      Those of you who deem “opinions” worthless need to realize opinions are also information that you may not be aware of or refuse to ask questions due to fanboyism.

    3. Bill g says:

      A shill by any other name, is still a shill.
      If u dont like his observation why do u expend time replying, unless its part of your shill duties

    1. Bricktop says:

      I always wonder if these comments are bait or not. I really wonder if there is anything worse in gaming experience than playing tiers 1-4 in world of tanks.

      1. Huguenot says:

        Not sure what server you play on, but it is very possible to have fun in tiers 1-4 on NA East. The tanks are quick, some are positively op, and what with our small population, we have more skilled players down low. Usually they are escaping high tier burnout and just want to have fun for a while. How can you NOT have fun rocketing around in a pz 1c and shreking stuff?

      2. dimo says:

        well, there are high-tier fans and low-tier fans , i’m more like the second type
        . unfortunately you are right , no fun to be tier 4 when team is mostly 5 and 6

      3. Bricktop says:

        EU server. Usual scenario is 15-1 rotflstomp every battle provided you don’t get teamkilled and insulted in some Mongolian language. Also, tier 3s see tier 5s practically every match unless night or something. I waste tons of free xp to kickstart techtrees up to tier 5, 6 if possible. Game is mainly playable tier 8+, 6 if you have luck

  1. wolvenworks says:

    huh funny. normally we’d get some kinda patch note leaks by yesterday, if the official announcement is tomorrow

  2. i know this is not the right topic but i need to spread this as much as i can.

    i caught the tundra user and asked him for replay, and he sent me his replay so i used the replay to show how he was cheating.

    2 vidoes for same replay file, one of them with tundra mod, other is without tundra mod.

    i also have screenshots of in game chat that he really thinks this is the normal version of game (without bushes).

    cheat it pretty obivous at the moment he kill su-122-54 (which is me) and isu 152, and the with final shot to Emil-II he aims in front of the building but he should not be able to see the building in the normal version because of the bushes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe ~ just Maybe!

    after 3 long years with only 2 new maps introduced (both shit brawling, corridor Pilsen & Paris) *but 5 open maps removed* since then

    a new open MAP!!!!
    ~ maybe? fingers crossed

    probably not! only dreaming and be disappointed again lol, as WG keeps saying over and over there are 40 Maps in WOT
    (20 at best imo, and with usual server rotation 5 or 6 if lucky!

  4. Orti6 says:

    And always the same boring Maps everyday, WG Destroy most of the old Maps by Modifying. After this They delete Note than playable Maps exist, really Stupid WarGaming ! Nur Premium Tanks are bring Money. This is a Dying Game because WarGaming cant fix this Betrayal Matchmaking, it bring back oid Maps to Play, Usless Vom Land ! Mo more Money for this Betrayal Game. Sorry, My words

  5. VladCelTroll says:

    I read through the comments (too quickly, but I understood most of them).

    Guys, why do you keep saying that tiers 1-4 are bad? I have lots of fun in my Luchs or even the Valentine II. I know both of them are terribly OP, but so are a few others.
    Yes, the stock grind is bloody awful but, once you’re fully upgraded, it’s a lot of fun. You must possess a certain skill level in order to be effective in your sealclubbing machine. You can’t just go yolo and expect to win. It’s not CSGO where you can just buy a P90 and kill the entire enemy team.
    If you happen to meet anything like an OI or T-150 that has some solid armor, just screw it. Run away.

    It’s your choice here that matters the most. It’s pretty clear that people won’t have fun in tanks like the Type 95 or SAu 40. You don’t have to drive an OP tank to have fun. You just need skill. *drives Douchebagwagen* *tries to hide* *gets hammered by ‘balanced’ skyebola*

    1. GameGlitch says:

      To answer your question sincerely, it’s the matchmaker. Though, I think there are certainly some terribly underpowered tanks at tier 1-4, mixed in with the overwhelmingly OP ones. That said, I don’t think any real balance is possible until MM is fixed. This is extremely pronounced at tiers 3 and 4, but you do feel it at tiers 1 and as well. Once matchmaker is adjusted, I think the low tiers need to be re-balanced.

      1. VladCelTroll says:

        Even after the MM rebalance, you’ll still meet things that are blatantly OP. A tank OP enough that is top tier can easily kill the entire team, especially if your teammates are deep red tomatoes.

      2. dimo says:

        really its the MM that makes tier 3-4 tanks gameplay sad and terrible – try have fun when half of enemy team can one- or two-shot you, while you can’t even pen them
        the 3-5-7 system is the best decision Wg could ever have

    2. Bricktop says:

      I skipped luchs while grinding towards RU, then bought it for fun. And yeah, my first 3 battles were ace tankers, and it was fun. Then came tier 7 matches with 4 tomato tier 7 heavies on top, ensk, oneshots, rotflstomps. Went back to high tiers.

  6. Frag says:

    I took them 3 days to fix a west coast lag issue (last month) that doubled the latency. I sent in a ticket showing them the server hops and where the latency was occurring and they dropped into their old warhorse comment “delete all mods”. They are slow to react to server issues

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