Patch 9.19.1 Tonight

The patch is being applied overnight on the EU cluster.

The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on the 12.07.2017 from 03:00 CEST to 09:30 CEST due to this update.

Please also keep in mind, that due to the actualisation:

  • Clan Portal ( will be unavailable from 03:00 CEST 12.07.2017 till 09:30 CEST 12.07.2017
  • Due to the maintenance some purchases might not be processed, so for the time of the server downtime avoid making purchases.

For NA. World of Tanks servers will be down Wednesday, July 12 from 01:00 – 07:30 PT (04:00 – 10:30 ET) / 08:00 – 14:30 UTC to get everything in order.

Patch info from EU Portal.

Update 9.19.1 is dropping on 12 July, releasing a fresh-baked batch of new features and improvements, many of them fuelled by your feedback after 9.18. Over the past few weeks, we’ve explained matchmaker tweaks, introduce you to the new onboarding experience, and detail changes coming to Personal Missions. How about a quick refresher course and explore what’s in the update once again—right before it deploys?



Current Premium players will be credited an additional 24 hours premium time as compensation.

What’s new

Boot Camp

There’s good news for tankers who’ve just started exploring the game, wouldn’t mind revising the basics or want to bring a few more friends on board! 9.19.1 reinvents the in-game newcomer experience with a new interactive system, Boot Camp. It guides the player through the complex Garage interface step by step and introduces them to tank combat tactics and maneuvers using different maps and scenarios. Throughout the process, players get detailed information on the elements most relevant to their current stage.
We hope Boot Camp helps newcomers hit the ground running and welcome your suggestions about the onboarding course as we continue evolving it moving forward.
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Patch 9.19.1 Tonight

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