Patch 9.19 Public test Phase I

The test server should be up at some time after 16:00 Moscow 14:00 UK 5th May.


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Patch 9.19 Public test Phase I

10 thoughts on “Patch 9.19 Public test Phase I

  1. Hmm considering the new mm isn’t as brutal for mid tiers anymore, I guess this is a perfect time to try out the Vk 45.03. Anyone have recommendations for other things to try out?

    1. worldsdawn28 says:

      Type 64? 😀

      Jagdpanzer IV suffered greatly from brutal mm, now it should be easier to actually find targets you can penetrate.

    2. shinytomato says:

      the type 5 chi-ri feels decent now, now that you rarely get into tier 9 matches, that 3 shot autoloader coupled with the deadeye perk is devastating against same tiered opponents ~ oh the engine fires 😀

    3. bbmoose says:

      Yes, the VK45.03 is an awesome tank. I love mine, it has a very reliable gun. Although RNG still exists, I don’t think you will find a better gun at that tier and it also has 8 degrees of gundepression. The DPM is a bit lackluster, but because of the handling and penetration it’s effective DPM is quite high. The shells are cheap and you will not need a lot of APCR, so the tank is very cost effective. You can run it with chocolate and still make good profit.

      The armour works against lower tiers, as long as they don’t fire at the turretfront. Most of the pubbies will aim for the lower glacis, but that is the most effective piece of armour on the tank. It also has good sidearmour, but sidescraping in this kind of tank will still be a bit tricky.

      It’s basically a slower panther 8.8 with more armour on tier 7. Definitely better then the techtree Tigers.

  2. “Remember how you needed to recruit an all-female Crew to benefit from the Sisterhood of Steel perk? And how that is just the same with Brothers in Arms? Update 9.19 gets rid of this unfortunate complication by uniting these perks into one. Mixed Crews will receive a 5% boost to their effectiveness just as all-new and all-female squads do.”


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