PC Gamer Weekender

Hello lads,

things been very quiet today, there hasn’t been anything new over the Russian side for days and they started repeating information that came out weeks ago, I personally have some content but been burning with fever the past 2 days and taking as much rest as possible, anyway, Wargaming has invited me to attend PC Gamer Weekender in London on Saturday, took some pictures:

Getting there and finding the place wasn’t an easy task, at first I thought Jingles had gotten lost and that we had ended up in the a junkies dangerous part of London but its just a hipster area.

The event itself wasn’t very big but got to meet and spend extra time with some of you and meet some of the WG staff like Ph3lan who’s been a great addition to the EU office, also got a glimpse of some special tanks, hardware like Oculus Rift and games like Dark Souls III.

Have to confess…I have done a bad, bad thing for you…WG staff said if I got 3 kills in WoT they would give me a bag of goodies so I played dirty and picked the PZ II J. 😛

Got a couple WoT, WoWS codes (EU only unfortunately, seems like EU/NA ones are hard to come by these days) for new and existing accounts and also MoO discount codes for you, the giveaways will be done here on RSR, will seek for a reliable giveaway tool for the blog (do send suggestions if you have any).

UNABLE2PWN requested a picture of the Goodie bag so I delivered, well, its actually 2 bags:


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