Personal Mission Compensation

Good day everyone,

Compensation for Personal Missions being down will apparently be a female crew with a zero skill Sisterhood of Steel perk trained. You will be able to select nationalization and other things as well. This crew can be picked up via a notification when you log in. Requirements to receive compensation are having had to logged in to the game before the release of 9.20.1 and have a Tier IV tank or higher (I think the majority of you reading here more than qualify).

Also, this compensation must be redeemed before the release of update 9.21.


Edit: According to Ph3lan, there is a bug in that the crews do not have a second skill trained up. This is being looked into. In the meantime, everyone will be receiving the Personal Mission order that has also been promised

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Personal Mission Compensation

40 thoughts on “Personal Mission Compensation

    1. Max crew in this game is 6.

      There are no tanks with 3 crew of one type.
      Commanders gunners and loaders (as far as I’m aware) are usually only 1 of each.
      Loaders and radio operators can have 2.

      Many super heavies, arty and other large tanks have 2 loaders.

      A lot of tanks also have 2 radio operators. Mostly low tier tanks which have multiple machine gun ports (WG likes calling machine gunners radio operators).

    2. Renarde_Martel says:

      No tank has more than 6 crew members, if that’s what you mean. Even tanks that had more historically like Tortoise (7) and O-I (11) are cut down to 6.

  1. mirotordaji says:

    why cant I assign het to a tank I don’t have researched yet……I did that in past with other female crew members and it worked fine

      1. mirotordaji says:

        I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I did it in past……or was it a tank that I had researched but haven’t bought it yet and I was able to recruit female crew?

    1. DickherMax says:

      Same here, I remember having 121 female frew ready before I had the tank. Guess WG would not waste an opportunity of “earning” extra 100-200 gold for retraining your “compensation” 🙂

  2. Peter Nunn says:

    Yep, 2nd skill is not trained, also I can’t alter her personal details (she’s a bit of a munter), I know, I’m shallow, but I only allow good looking girls in my tanks.

      1. Peter Nunn says:

        I’d like to thank all the people who sent me messages of support, and reassure everyone that the minor glitch has been resolved, Blanche (my French Light tank commander) is not only multi-talented, she is (thanks to being able to edit her personal details) drop dead gorgeous.

        She can stay.

  3. Anyone says:

    Just like WG to be cheap bastards! They tell you, they will give you a female crew member, but only give you SOS and not the full second skill at a normal female crew member would have. Honestly, why am I surprised?

  4. Maltratatoru says:

    yesterday i recruited the girl and she didn’t have the second skill, but today she have it, also i can alter her personal data. yay.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No problem recruting or assigning to tank for me, missing the second skill though. But I’m happy enough, got first permanent skill for free which is bonus enough. if they add a second skill later it will only be icing on the cake for me 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    First day skill was 0% 2nd day it was 100% so it was just temporal bug I suppose. No big deal and those zero-skill crew (Berlin and girls) are valuable AF imho.

  7. Diego Maria says:

    Claimed mine yesterday, on a tank that i own and for a position occupied by a male tanker ( albeit not trained for that specific tank ).
    And mine too has only sisterhood of steel.

  8. Yes got her as promised with SOS as a zero, and next skill as a 100%, now onto 3rd skill – Thank you WG very nice!


    after assigner her to my French BC 12t as commander which was all done correctly, only way as otherwise unable to claim her ~ i then “HAD to spend 200 GOLD” to train her for that tank!!!

    as she was “untrained for that vehicle (red

    So ………………nothing ever for free from WG

  9. dinepada says:

    wg has bugs even on compensations… this game has more bugs and emergency patches (with new bugs) that broke mods every 2 days… will left this game for 6 months…

  10. flint74 says:

    As long as you qualify for the compensation as described above, you should get 1 campaign order AND 1 female crew member that you should then be able to assign to any role in any of the tanks sitting in your garage.

    The female crew member comes with Sisterhood Of Steel (Brothers In Arms) pre-unlocked at 100%, you then get to select a second skill of your choice at 100% and a third skill at 0%.

  11. siralexice says:

    I have 11 female crew members and 11 orders.But I can’t remember when I got the last female crew member.
    Have there been other compensations besides this one?

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