Pilsen Supertest Changes, Part 3

Good day everyone,

The saga of Pilsen changes continues on supertest. This time there are two variants being tested. Changes that have carried over from the previous version include changes to the factory area and the expansion of the map to 1000m×1000m. Lets take a further look:

Version 1


This version includes some mixed hard and soft cover at the north and south ends of the open area on the maps eastern side. Further changes include a road with vegetation and a demolished building towards the center (4), that could prove key to winning that portion of the map.

Variant 2


This one features a few inaccesable areas to the north and south, were there are also slightly elevated areas for snipers. In addition to a road with mixed bushes along the eastern edge of the map. The black spots in the center are supposed to be a ln area of the factories waste products.

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