Pilsen Supertest Changes Video

Quick vid from the RU community showing off the current versions of Pilsen in supertest at the moment.

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Pilsen Supertest Changes Video

6 thoughts on “Pilsen Supertest Changes Video

  1. Gojonnogo says:

    Version 2 looks prettier, but gameplay wise version 1 would be so much better as it’s more open and you can traverse everywhere. Hopefully Wargaming will go for actual play over aesthetics

  2. Lunatics from Minsk says:

    From my point of view, as a man from Pilsen, the nearest river (now dam) is behind the hill, approx. 1 km southern and 50 m bellow. Only an idiot (read WG decision maker) could place heavy industry to the flood plains. Please do not call such a map Pilsen. Btw what should be the purpose for that solitary Hetzer hall? Storage for radioactive hulls, far behind the main factory complex?

  3. unable2pwn says:

    Just what we need, more places for scumbag arties to drown themselves? Version one is much better imo, though the solitary hetzer hull building needs to be more connected to the rest of the factory somehow

  4. FingerOfGod says:

    Vs2 is much better for artillary players as it really opens up the map. The current version and Vs1 have the same “closed off” spaces where arty can’t hit much of 2/3 of the playable surfaces.

  5. stormcrow99 says:

    The one with the hetzer station is better, I can see more opportunities in there, rather than the current version. I’d imagine the hetzer house might also be a home for many a siege situation. In tier 7 it’d be pretty awesome to hold the entrances with a Tiger P platoon. Call me a weeb but sticks and stones may break my bones.

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