Poland and Minsk Maps

Good day everyone,

Short post some screenshots of a Polish themed map, as well as the Minsk map that now seem to be going into closed testing (Edit- Added some video of the Minsk map):





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Poland and Minsk Maps

4 thoughts on “Poland and Minsk Maps

  1. Minsk guaranteed to become another ‘hated map’ as it has all the shit memes WG cannot but help themselves into making shit city Maps more shit than any they did before,, Pilsen & Paris are the 2 that spring to mind instantly

    you would think that after Stalingrad & Kharkov the WG potato brains would learn something, like anything … but No

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like it, i can clearly see both the house i grew up in the building of the school i went to. Nice nostalgia trip.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am excited for the 2 new maps, just like DezGamez is. New maps is good guys. I have been waiting for Wargaming to quit taking maps away, and give us new or old revised maps back for some time.

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