Poland Map in Supertest (2018)

The map is almost in its final form and this is the last round of testing, also the mini map and possible loadscreen.

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Poland Map in Supertest (2018)

8 thoughts on “Poland Map in Supertest (2018)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like more of the same crap. Why the obsession with symmetrical almost mirror image maps ? If we have an equal chance to appear either side it does not matter if the map is different. Also if one side has a perceived advantage – the interesting part of the game is in coming up with a new way to counter it.

    It has the obligatory no-mans land in the middle with a couple of corridors.
    It is mostly totally flat – the couple of hillocks “for TD’s to sit on” are so obvious – there is no where else for them – so they will be useless.

    Overall impression – another Heavy biased map to go with the rest of the junk they are creating these days – the day of the ice-hockey pitch winter map draws nearer – no impediments to heavy armour – no where to hide etc etc.

  2. zero faith in “supertesters” and “supertesting”.
    will be a made for russian tanks and their clones map, perfect for turret peekaboo warfare, russian tanks dominating the smallest ridgelines, due to their superior low profile designs and their magical non existent gun depression. But if they swap this map out for any of one of 20 older ones that need serious re-re-re-re-working it would STILL be an improvement. #thestateofOURgame #dieairfielddie

  3. Looks more like a Russian map with all that sombre desolate landscape it looks miserable, like WG map developers deprived of vodka lunches

    why is it so ‘mirrored’ symmetrical and fucking flat with stupid obvious attempts for TD bush tree positions .. oh and of course what a nice row of corridors

  4. Heinz says:

    Apart from everything that is already said here: wasnt the map in early stage a very green field, a beautiful landscape? i would have prefered that over this dark grey battlefield.

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