Polish 40TB Habicha ST Stats

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Supertest stats for the Polish Tier 6 machine as it goes into supertest:


From WG:

One More Polish Tank in the Supertest: The 40TP Habicha

Tier by tier, we’re moving down the Polish branch. Today it’s time for the 40TP Habicha—the Tier VI medium tank—to roll out onto the closed test.

The 40TP Habicha is a mobile medium with a 90mm gun which stands out due to its alpha damage (240 points) and decent rate of fire. Yet the targeting parameters are far from ideal: the dispersion of 0.42 prevents efficient sniping, and the targeting time isn’t favorable (2.7 seconds). The tank is relatively fast: it can quickly accelerate to its maximum speed of 50 kp/h and sustain it thanks to a power-to-weight ratio of 17.4 hp per ton.

The armor of the 40TP Habicha doesn’t protect it from enemy fire much (mind you, we’re talking about a Tier VI medium). You can compensate for this by making use of the Pole’s gun depression of -8°: hide its frail (and pretty bulky) hull on the back slope of a hill.

To sum up: it’s a mobile medium with above average alpha and below average targeting stats. The protection is far from the best so you should stick to terrain-based play while driving this big guy. This is the pre-Supertest state of the vehicle. If the trials show the stats need some tuning, we’ll make adjustments.

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