Polish Crew, Emblems and Inscriptions


Have a few more extras for you over the Polish branch:


What’s your favourite? Mine from females is the 6th from top line and Males is the first from middle (Left to Right).


Emblems and Inscriptions

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Polish Crew, Emblems and Inscriptions

35 thoughts on “Polish Crew, Emblems and Inscriptions

  1. Rita could you please explain? I am really confused, suddenly, out of nowhere, *BOOM* a Polish tech tree, no supertest info before, absolutely nothing, and you yourself wrote that the highest possible tier for Polish tanks is tier IV, so what the hell is this? Is Poland going to get it’s own tech tree with a tier X vehicle or what? And also I am amazed by how many emblems they get, when they introduced Czechoslovakian line they just added 2 emblems, now this…

      1. Roophert says:

        At first i thought same as you, but when i saw stats (especially gun) i started wonder why don’t they put another variant of this tank (with 75 mm gun, which would be much better).

        There were 4 variants of “20/25tp”, two from B.B.T.Br.Panc early (here), which is what we saw and finally (no drawings, but looks same as earlier, armed with 40 mm and 75 mm short barrel gun).
        The other two “was from K.S.U.S.T.”, both armed with 75 mm gun (probably Schneider wz.97), with different engines and armor: here I and here II.

        Also there is another project of MT (weight 25 tons, armed with 75mm/L-50 wz. 22/24 Schneider, armor up to 60 mm). Wooden mock up was build in 1939 (probably took by germans or destroyed). Unfortunatly we don’t have any drawings/photos, but after war polish hitorian Zarzycki talked with designer who described him a tank (he made some drawings). Based on info from Zarzycki and books some people recreated tank example I or example II.

        Sorry for mistakes.

      1. Yeah, I read those already, and even there you say that “Only premiums are coming” and that “Highest possible Polish tier is IV”… So do you mean to tell me that WG is going to introduce an entire new tech tree without regular vehicles, just with premiums and even the premiums are gonna be maximally tier IV? That seems pretty retarded to me… I don’t mean to sound grumpy or anything Rita, definetly not, I honestly really appreciate the work that you put into this blog, it’s just that I am confused by all of this, I have a hard time believing that they are gonna add new nation with just premium tanks…

      2. You are sharing your opinion, its alright and I like it dear. 🙂 The last information I got is if they would create a Polish tree would be like a mini-branch. But let me see if people are online and fetch some more info.

    1. I can see a T-62 with the 115mm as tier 10. Yes, it has a smoothbore gun but ts mostly because they would have to make new mechanics for it. I suggest they give it high penetration and damage while the gun stats are terrible. Better yet if they put Stanislaw Lem’s tank as tier 10 😉

      1. para says:

        Russians wanted to sell T-62’s to Poland but it was in early 70’s when they already were to build T-72 and we chose newer tank

  2. Colddawg says:

    WG stepped up their emblem game. Maybe they’ll come back and redo the other nations too because the US, for one, is very thin on good emblems.

  3. Wow, it’s actually happening. Wonder how the tree is gonna look like. Panzernik when? 😀

    Also, Hungarian minibranch when :v I’d be pretty salty if a dozen vehicles would be just tossed in as German prems at the end of the day. The Polish tanks appearing like this gives me at least a bit of hope.

  4. djwojtas says:

    Bij wroga jego własną bronią – Beat your enemy with his own weapon
    Chwała zdobywcom Berlina – glory of conquerors of Berlin
    Chwat – someone brave
    Na berlin! – On Berlin! (meaning like Attack Berlin!)
    Pudel – poodle
    Starówka – Building and place around it where insurgents defended themselves.
    Szary Wilk – Gray Wolf
    Trup – Dead body
    Witamy was rodacy! – We welcome You nationals!

    Rest are names.

  5. Dowbor says:

    Rita why do you think that the highest possible polish tier is IV? That medium tank project have 5 different versions. The youngest version – Dr Habis project, with one hexagonal turret and armor up to 60 mm, and wit 75 mm AA gun have similllar or even better parameters than Skoda T-25 (Tier VI).

    This gun it was french Schneider 75 mm AA Gun. ver. 1922/24 (L/50), bullet speed 850 m/s and -10 grade gun depression. With this parameters i think that could be even better tank.

    Link to tank 3D render:

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i’m really excited about polish tanks (i’m from Poland) but i really dislike those emblems because we get the emblem of polish air forces on tanks! And in my opinion it would be really appreciated if we get Polish crowned eagle. OK but it’s my personal opinion and some emblems like “kubuś” are historically correct.

  7. Shrike58 says:

    Nice collection of insignia.

    As for the character studies the first gal on the left on the bottom row and the second guy from the right on the top row are probably my faves. The guy radiates armored hussar to me.

    The gal in the middle of the bottom row reminds me of my mother back in the day when she was pained with me.

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