[Poll]New Balance: Show us your opinion!


rather than making my own little ranty article I would like to, instead, see your opinion about the New Balance changes presented to us.

Please, if you are not acquainted with them yet read these articles before you vote:


Thank you for your time and if you have any other suggestion feel free to add them int he comments section!

-Thanks to yogertdog for featured image.

-Thanks to the Church of comfort crew for helping with some of the polls

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[Poll]New Balance: Show us your opinion!

29 thoughts on “[Poll]New Balance: Show us your opinion!

  1. wolvenworks says:

    the more i read the sandbox notes the more i feel like Murazor’s fucking with us again. like a revenge for getting him demoted or something. because these changes look like they were made by a completely inept bastard. HE is already okay and their argument that it has “high pen” makes no fucking sense. reworking tech tree: makes no fucking sense. the only positive thing here is the gold shell rework..

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Downhill started with the addition of Japanese heavies but the Murazor era really sped up the process. Even before when Gold shells were already “F2P”, it was not such a problem then, this is something that snowballed due to their poor decisions.

      1. Zonda says:

        Hi Rita, when some one talk in a sarcastic way, you don’t reply in a rude manner; but instead, you should dismiss the conversation entirely. I hope you are not offended.

      2. Richard says:

        I’ll send my application right away…

        But sorry, it’s pointless.. this won’t give you a clue of how people are actually feeling about the changes with these baiting poll questions..

  2. I still think increasing the HP pool will be a good thing, as for the changes to ammo it does make sense to decrease potential damage for HE but for that they have to make the average damage less RNG dependant, but I would like the differences to be more distinctive between the different types of shells

    as for the changes to the tech trees I can understand the reason behing that but I disagree on how they did it for several reasons

    1) above all completely removing them from the game is just stupid, particularly when last year they claimed to be thinking of a way to still make them available to new players

    2) they should have stopped at Tier 5, that’s when the protection for new players end and the “real WoT” begins

    3) removing low tier arty and TDs will have the opposite effect, they have a specific gameplay and being able to play them at lower tiers, against similar experience enemies, does help new players understand them, forcing them to start at Tier 5 is launching them into the fire against much more experienced players

    4) while I do understad the historical connection between the T-60 and the SU-76M it still does not change th fact it goes against their original idea of making progression logical, so how is light tank gameplay, a frontline machine, similar to TD gameplay of sitting at the back shoting the enemies others spot

    5) why did they remove the M2 medium and M3 Lee from the US TT? going from a M3 Stuart to the T6 medium makes no sense, at least the M2 medium should return to be a Tier 3 and the M3 Stuart should be moved behind the M5 on the other line

    lastly I cannot stop noticing how it was originally supposed to be up to Tier 4 and maybe some Tier 5s, for some reason they decided to extend it further and got themselves some potentially highly lucrative premiums amongst the tanks they removed, some examples

    M4A3E2 Jumbo
    Vk.30.02 (DB)
    Marder II (still OP?)
    JagdPanther II
    Sherman Firefly
    Churchill GC
    O-I Experimental

    many f them have already been reclassified as promotional vehicles and given a gold price

    lastly we also have to ask, what was the point of removing the AMX-30 mini-line?

    there are definetily some questionable decisions

  3. It is my firm believe that the short lived super heavy meta was the result of the overuse of premium ammo. Many of the slower, armoured tanks in this game are rarely seen in the game because they were not competitive anymore thanks to their biggest balancing factor being minimised significantly.

    It took massive overarmouring to make people play the Maus and Type 4/5. Even then the “super heavy meta” didn’t last long and everyone gone back to high mobility high DPM mediums and when using premium ammo, high damaging.

    Overarmoured tanks are a recent phenomenon but this broken former pay to win mechanic has been with us since the beginning and the balance issues in the past few years is the result of more and more people spamming this broken mechanic. This is illustrated by the simple fact that premium ammo has been nerfed at least 3 times on specific vehicles.

    So the fact that WG decided to not address premium ammo directly is mind boggling because it allows WG to now address their overarmoured vehicles. So now armoured vehicles will just take a little longer to kill and will just be rarely seen just as they were before.

  4. zewelvonlelek says:

    While I find the ammo change an interesting, if flawed, porposal, I absolutely hate the “streamlining” of the tech tries (read: forcing the grind to the high-tiers even more than nowdays).

  5. Spidi says:

    Positive :
    -General increase of HP.
    -Decrease potential damage of gold shells and increase potential damage from standard shells. Should make games more interesting.

    Questionable :
    Decrease HE penetration.

    Tech Tree changes.
    Separate tier 1-5 vs 6-10 totally crap.
    Understand remove some tanks from tech tree and set as collection, but are to many removed.

  6. mtg says:

    I am worried that Sexton I and leFH B40 (or whatever the name is) will be useless as they will not find opponents in standard queue.
    other than that – streamlined with collectibles or standard tech trees doesn’t really mater much to me.

    I love growing HP pool on vehicles because all the WN8 and other stuff will be meaningless and nothing tastes better than tears of statwankers.

    I missed an option in the polls that would say something along doubtful or wary. Most of teh changes are not something I would like or hate, they can be ok but have the potential to be screwed up during implementation. Even the best idea will suck if implemented wth wrong parametres.

  7. NoComment says:

    “Do you agree that “Special Shells” wouldn’t be so much of a problem if they didn’t had implemented such stupid well armoured vehicles?”

    I think this question is the wrong way around.


    If Gold ammo wasn’t so overpowered would tanks needed to have been made studiply over armoured?

    Would have been a better question.

  8. Kessu says:

    This patch will broke too many things vs so called fixes. Buffin hp and normal alpha is very much same as just nerfing gold shells.

    8 tier tanks will now suffer far more when played in 9-10 tier battles.
    Same thing applies to every tier when played against two tier higter actually
    armored tanks.

    Gold shells still had their orginal price so if you had to fire gold shell against
    bigger target you will lose money even faster than before. So nice thing for free to play gamers.

    Tanks what are mostly good when using gold shells are now in deep trouble.

    Tanks what relied in HE shells are now officially dead because triple stage nerf.

    1.Tanks got more hp so HE will have work to do.
    2.HE Shell aplha damages were nerfed about half what they used to have.
    3. Armor will eat those hits away better than what we have now in game because
    no more peneration value to help with that.

    3.5:No matter what WG told how HE hits are going to be more reliable is totall nonsense.
    0 hits will still happen even against totally unarmored tanks like grille 15.

    So most light tanks what used to have that nice HE shell can now load just normal ammo
    because old 300-500 HE penetration aplha is now anything from 0 to 200. in real situtation.

    Samekind of math applies to every other gun. Fv 183 1100 HE splash will cause
    something like 400-700 when hit frontally anything with armor. But now those tanks have
    more HP to take it…

    And of course i dont like idea about hiding low tier tanks. Lowtier gameplay is gonna be quite
    bland + i dont see this to be much help for so called new players. it should be quite easy
    to just move tanks in tech tree area to make it look simpler without removing anything.

    Hard to not see this move to being nothing else than pushing people faster in higter tier
    battles where you had to spend more credits. And maybe buy prenium to keep
    account balance in plus side.

    So in shorter version IF wg is really pushing that so called rebalance against will
    of community they will have shitload of work to balance every tank in game
    before releasing this broken mess to public

    Or do they think everything will work out in fine if we just try do that in live server ?

    Only plus note what i saw after last test notes they dropped
    so called commander=tank crew (similiar what we have in world of warships) plans.

  9. Tyrud says:

    I’m itching for them to release the test for this just to see how it feels. There’s a lot of changes all at once, and without trying some of them I can’t say one way or another how I might feel about them. For example, I have the Deathstar and normally play it with more AP (can’t go wrong with 310 pen) than HESH, but obviously the HESH and even regular HE was fun. Same goes for other tanks with high pen HE like the 105 Kanonen (also, what the hell is gonna happen to the HE only Ikv 103?) Will hold judgement until I see how it actually plays. Same for artillery changes.

    Biggest change is definitely the tech tree streamlining. There are a lot of vehicles I won’t be sad to see ‘go’ (The low tiers are staying in but in a different way, which is fine) given that at the higher end they are removing pretty mediocre tanks like the KV-13 and T21 (Jumbo and Hetzer are kind of a shock/shame though). Biggest problem here I guess is the shortening of the ‘learning period’ at low tiers. Pretty good change for old guard folks trying out new lines, but without a proper tutorial or testing ground like the CCs mentioned in the Q&A, the learning curve is probably going to get that much steeper.

    All in all, I’m keeping an open, if pretty neutral/skeptical mind about it all.

  10. N'bwassa N'bwobwo says:

    I feel sorry for the new players in the game. All the “fun” stuff will be too expensive to consider buying. WG does not seem to care about getting new players…. just about giving the high tier players blow jobs.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t have an issue with the changes if it wasn’t for the HE shells. The spamming is going to be rough. Guaranteed damage with no pen required. Why not spam on a low caliber, fast reload gun?

  12. El tema de los tankes OP y tal ya no se puede arreglar, que si los puntos de vida que si trastear con la municion standard, generando 100 problemas nuevos .. Q se dejen de hostias arreglen la municion premium, quiten el RNG en favor de un sistema de dispersion REALISTA y no la mierda q tenemos y si ya de paso arreglan las putas físicas que han jodido desde los rueditas, me hacen un tankista feliz, q va a ser q no, porque el RNG da pasta, gastas mas municion, etc. y afecta el resultado de la partida segun te caiga … esto parece mas un juego de azar para recaudar que un juego de tankes, penita 🙁

  13. The problem that OP tanks have created isn’t solvable as easy, touchin the HP poll, messing with standart ammo, generating like 100 new bugs and issues … F off with this shit and fix the premium ammo, remove the RNG in favour of a “working” dispersion system not this crap we have every match and if btw the fix the physics they broke when the wheelies appeared, they will make me a happy tanker, but I don’t think so, because RNG makes them earn more money, cause u have to use more ammo and the ammo has a cost, and the results are heavily impacted if u have “bad rng” …. lately this seems more like a gambling maching to collect money than the game of tanks it was, how sad 🙁

  14. Andyroo says:

    This better not ruin the other HE tanks like Pz4h, Hetzer , M4A3E2. They have to be HE if played properly or they just turn into crappy normal tanks.

  15. Viking by Birth says:

    Where, and When did the playerbase wanted these changes to HE??
    It´s all about some small group of wimps who have WG close, or the WG staff them self cant play LIKE THEY WANT in the present game.
    Ok then the WG will loose more money with all those changes.
    It is VITAL to ask the playerbase who actually pays the WG for play in what changes they want to continue playing the game and are prepeared to pay for doing so, not some inverted, no clue, close WG staff to make these, its a def slow way to kill it self. ‘

    Start som Offical polls before implementing anything majority dont want. or die the slow death of cashflow… its easy

  16. Alden Scott says:

    This New Balance… No one actually asked for it. The HE changes are rendering a number of tanks useless. Some of us like to play the odd configurations (Jumbo with first turret and derp gun, as an example).

    The tech tree changes…I was against the blueprints because people are skipping tiers without learning the basics. With the streamlining of the tech tree the number of players without a clue about basics will only increase and it will encourage sealclubbing and steamroll battles.

    The HP increase is unnecessary. We wanted a rework for the armor, not a simple HP increase. The higher alpha damage will only make already overpowered tanks more overpowered. Meanwhile, certain tanks do not benefit of that. Again, many tanks will become obsolete.

    The arty changes – we are getting back to the beginning, while the arty retains its post-rework aim time and reload time. Again, nothing that was asked by the community.

    The “special” ammo spam on the sandbox server shows clearly where the actual problem lies. Seriously, my battles are full of yellow messages. So, again – the problem doesn’t lie with the HE ammo, which was the favorite ammo of full f2p players (as being the only mean to do something without using gold ammo).

    The replacement tanks are a joke and the reworked ones (Crusader/etc.) are in the same league. They are rushed, good only for being sealclubbed.

    Why anyone would like to play this way is beyond me. I was in my first 4 years of WoT a f2p player and the rest a premium account player. About 85 percent of my premium tanks come from marathons and events. The rest is me being foolish and buying some Christmas boxes and having a lot of luck (for what i paid, definitely i’ve got a lot more back than expected).

    The game needs more fixed modes, fun too. Less grindy events, less grind for crew XP (not a complete overhaul, just a serious lowering of the XP needed to aquire new skills and perks, especially when one of the crew members has two or three or even four roles to fulfill). Homefront has the potential to be a nice game mode with some rework (some other objectives than defend against waves). There are others, but WG already sucked any fun from it in the recent overhaul, soemthing entrirely different of what was previously announced (the Expeditions thingie is completely something else than waht was announced initially about Steel Hunter and Frontlines, which were supposed to allow you to grab ALL the rewards if you’ve played both modes and were supposed to run a week FL and a week SH). Also, community told them to bring the old maps back and stop doing the same corridor maps (Minsk, Studzianky, Empire’s Border, Paris are just a few examples of new maps, universally hated). Hence, people wanting the old maps, pre-HD. The HD launch led to the removal of quite a few maps and only two made their way back into game and those two reworks are worse than the originals.

    The “We’ll do better” statement after the Halloween fiasco proved to be just the usual empty words. The increased number of bugs and micropatches are telling me that the programming team lost a lot of people in the last year. The inability to have even simple events without some sort of problems (the recent Black Market SU76i fiasco, the recent Valentine Event and Team Clash where the rewards weren’t allocated properly – reward unavailable message upon mission completion and no reward awarded, with support just shrugging) show that things are not well. They weren’t well, probably for years, but it didn’t show so much as in the last year and the beginning of this one.

    That is a tremendous rift between WG and the player base, currently, especially on the western servers (EU and NA). And WG seems unwilling to close it. They are just making it bigger.

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