Pornhub banned in Russia/CIS Region


this is a very sad day for our Russian and Slavic comrades, Pornhub was banned in Russia and CIS Region!

We, the “Western-spy” side of the tank community sends our condolences:


(I bet tensions are rising over there… :P)

Keep on stronk cheeki breeki my friends!

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Pornhub banned in Russia/CIS Region

41 thoughts on “Pornhub banned in Russia/CIS Region

      1. 4ccident says:

        They already did before, but they had WoT and Pornhub started at the same time.
        So no more Porn download while scouting… ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. In a week on the News: Pornstores ransacked! The conflict between Slavic countries rise as they fight to steal each other porn stashes! UN flies over the affected areas conducting airdrops with essentials: Porn DVDs, fleshlights and blowup dolls!

    1. Karl Heven says:

      Wtf who uses dolls?

      Don’t they ban PornHub just to, you know, give the russian porn/erotics website a bit of a kick?

      Support the national economy done the russian way.

      Cauz porn isn’t banned generally in Russia ,is it?

    2. andu says:

      for, you know, science and world peace – xhamster, xvideos, youporn, tube8, xnxx, tna, xxxbunker, spakbang, slutload, dailee, h2porn

  2. Karl Heven says:

    Putin subsidizes Vodka why doesn’t he give his taxpayers money to russian porn start up’s aka casting porn sites.

    I should tell him, great business idea.

      1. SMGJohn says:

        Good thing you have no say in government decision making. Otherwise we all be living in the stone age by now after you nuked the world five times and then blamed it on Stalin or something.

  3. Anonymous says:

    At least the E25 is still ingame… cause it spams it load everywhere, and for the “tingeling”-interested russians, there is still the AC-1 ^^

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, if you want some help with elevating your gun and want to go to that particular site, it is easy to find a way… like Opera Turbo or whatever.
    But why would you do that, when 3D PIG DISGUSTING?

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