Possible Panther HD Model Update Next Patch

Courtesy of The_Chieftain on the NA forums, he made a post on reddit regarding someone questioning the size of the in-game Panther, and linked to the following photos taken directly from the internal modeling tool:

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When asked on the NA forums about the new sideskirts, The_Chieftain stated the following:

“Huh, no. On my model viewer, it’s sitting in the slot for the regular, researchable Panther. I guess it’s going to get side skirts next patch. ”





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Possible Panther HD Model Update Next Patch

29 thoughts on “Possible Panther HD Model Update Next Patch

  1. DeanoGTO says:

    i hope they update the upgraded turret too. the current one especially with theb l100 looks far too small for the tank and if i was able to id slap an 88 l56 on it to not have to look at the clown gun…

    1. I completely agree: I would like to have that option (with skits or without skirts). Specifically for Panther, I would like a bit more alpha. About its size, I must say that Panther’s and VK 30.02 (M)’s have different sizes despite the second being the prototype of the former!

      1. Honcho says:

        I also noticed the size difference. Iam playing the Vk alot more then the Panther because of the damage of the 7,5cm. While its good on tier 6, its bad on tier 7. The penetration is good, but dealing dmg to a tier 8 heavy with that low alpha requires you to get alot of shots down range. A small tank with good camo could do that just fine, but the gigantic panther becomes an easy target.

    2. B.S says:

      It’d be nice if you could choose. It’s the same with things like the Churchill I, and it’s hull not matching the turret once upgraded. I think It’d be great if they added a ‘Hull’ Module. Even if mostly cosmetic. (In the case of the Churchill I and Panther Track protection from HE)

    3. B.S says:

      It’d be nice if you could choose. It’s the same with things like the Churchill I, and it’s hull not matching the turret once upgraded. And the Crusader. I think It’d be great if they added a ‘Hull’ Module, even if mostly cosmetic. (In the case of the Churchill I Panther and Crusader; Track protection from HE)

      1. Honcho says:

        I do not like the looks of those sideskirts.
        Iam also not sure how goodthe protection agaist HEAT shells actually is. Even if it works well against those shells, i wonder who would use premium Ammo against a Panther.

  2. MOTHER'S LOLL says:

    From an aethetic point of view I love the German “Schachtellaufwerk”, also at the Jagdpanther, etc. and prefer it without skirts. Ofc, if it comes with further protection, e.g. vs HE it would be ok.

    BTW: Buff the Panther (more dmg)!!

  3. x says:

    Its russian game, the Panther was never good and it will stay shit forever, cursed with that most retarded looking long gun… Meanwhile kv5 and is6 got armor buffed, lel.

      1. Worst heavy tanks of their tier?!? Lmao you sir….are a joke.

        Of all the tier 8 tanks with pref mm the is6 easily outclasses all of them. Sure the penetration can be a bit meh sometimes but you can always load gold and it’s enough to pen weakspots on almost anything you meet.
        Combine that with decent mobility and excellent all round armour as well as Russian accuracy (aka hit without aiming all the time even at 500m) and you have a tank that even with all the power creep still stands strong. And that’s just to show how incredibly broken it was before power creep.

        The kv5 on the other hand wasn’t ever super broken because of the r2 d2 weakspot but since it was buffed it completely outclasses tanks like the tiger who are slower, have worse armour and much much worse dpm. The only place a tank like a tiger 2 is better that actually matters is penetration and hull traverse. And as always the kv5 can load gold and be just as effective anyways.

      2. sfcstorm says:

        Wall o text coming
        Yes your right the T-34 heavy US tank is obviously the best. It had the Same armor as a T7, Aimtime and bloom of a arty piece [.22 turret bloom is x2 the bloom for most heavy tanks], speed of a E100, the DPM of a Spershing with a dead loader and WOW it has 10 more Alpha than the IS3 and a whopping 14mm pen more than the Liberty.

        Oh and it has normal MM.

        T-34 was and still is garbage. Lowest Armor by far that is penned by a T5 or any light tank from the front. You cannot move the turret and hit stuff as it blooms and takes 9 seconds to aim in fully.
        And while 400 alpha might have been alot as wel as 248 pen, it just isnt now. T5 122mm Rus tanks have 390.

        Now 248 can bounce off of roughly 60% of the front of an IS6, and 80% of the LibertyAMX.
        While they will auto pen anything on the hull upper or lower from any range. Its also much slower than both and since they get huge in class armor they get low DPM, well this gets 400 DPM lower….But its actually worse than it sounds. It has a 15 sec reload like a E100, except is cant defend itself with armor and cant even turn its gun fast enough to shoot a strafing enemy.

        IS6 was by far the most OP T8 for 3 years, so Im sorry but this whole crying for the IS6 and saying Rus bias is over is crap. Rus bias is so dep in WOT its not even up for debate. Just look at the number of truly powerful premiums.

        IS5= Best T8 hands down, Literally no down sides.
        IS3a= Amazing tank that outclasses everything until the T26e5 and Liberty came out.

        Object 252= Another stupid OP gift tank to make USSr stand supreme with no doubt. 440 Alpha at T8 anyone? Oh look same reload as the T34, but .4 better aimtime, 2x better turret bloom and 130mm frontal hull with IS3 pike, you know the one that the IS3 only has 100mm of armor on.
        Oh and look it has more p/w, 30% better terrain resists, much faster turning and turret turning and 40% stronger module health!!! You were saying something about Bias?

        The 252 is literally a T9, Soviet T10 with better armor and worse reload. Best in class armor by far, highest Alpha at t8 and its as faster than the Is6. Also it gets APCR as standard ammo just because it also need laser like shell speed. And it gets a -6 depression because the real life -3 the IS3 had needs to be double because some knapkin in Minsk was written on that said so.

        How about the Kv220, the most OP T5 ever to be released. Do you realize its hull is a T7`s?
        So US tanks get 2 tiers lower and USSR gets Armor 2 tiers higher..Noticing pattern yet?

        But dont worry about Kv220 we have the T14, and the Churchill 3..LOL

        How about the TD that was so broken they pulled it off shelves after it went live by 5 hours.
        The Su76 is a Stug at T3 instead of 5. It goes 50 kmh , It has 60mm angled front armor while others have literally gun shields and the thicker ones are at 40. It has super high DPM,, much better gun handling and triple the ammo capacity of the Marder3 , double its frontal armor, double its side and tripel its rear armor, outpaces it by 10kmh and gets almost the same view range…After all it should be better its 2 generations newer and IS A STUG converted to Rus use.

        It literally is one of the best T5 tanks with a T4 gun at T3 because..Russian.

        Or how about the T-28E that is a T4 rank with a 85mm on it?
        It has 120 Pen vs 88 pen or how about 160 DMG vs 45 ? How about it autopens because overmatch all other T4 except Matilda.

        But dont worry the AC1 sure has to have more DPM since it has 3x less alpha and 40% less pen right? WRONG!!! 1650 DPM vs 1224. It is a a T34-85 main gun at T4 and was put out of main game because it was so insanely OP it was ridiculous. It had more Pen than the TDs and more Alpha. So what does WG do? Keeps it in game and sells it.

        At T4 TDs have 250-280 HP, it can 2 shot them and it 100% will 3 shot any tank at T4.
        But it will 2 shot any T3 there is.

        How bout a few famous ones so I can wrap this up andd show you just how bad your argument is.

        T22 med? The most blatantly broken tank ever, and they left it that way and allowed guys to rig games to get it. It had the best gun handling ever, moving at 50kmh you had better accuracy than a T5 stationary aimed in. It had 3k DPM, Armor that when used right you simply couldnt hurt and it was faster than all other meds.
        WG made a video bragging it had better armor than the IS7 while still having the best gun and being faster than all other meds in a race. THEY BRAGGED IT WAS SUPER OP and then hen asked why they wouldnt bring in experimental T10 meds the US made at the same time, they said this was a homage to Soviet tank genius.

        Here is a fast list of super OP premiums, and if I went into super OP tanks coming in game or that were the top dogs forever like the old T54 that had its current armor and fought US T20s that were T8 back then. Thats right a Hellcat gun with no gold vs a T54. It was so powerful WG created a thread on how to fight them, and they said the best way to fight one is with a T54. “Fight fire with Fire”

        Obj 704 had highest DPM, Pen, camo and speed for 2 years when T9 td was top tier.
        Obj 268 had highest Camo, DPM, Pen and half its armor model was a mantlet.
        IS7 was the same as now vs all tanks but they didnt have gold and there was only T9 meds.
        IS4 was a T9!!! The exact same IS4 but with 240ish pen.
        261 had best accuracy ever in Wot, 3x what it is currenty with 50% better aimtime.
        KV1 with Derp was T5!!! You one shot every other T5.

        And the list goes on and on. Your insane.

      3. Rapscalliong@gmail.com says:

        You really, honestly believe that Russian tanks in this game are balanced to the same level as other nations with the possible exception of some U.S. tanks ($$$) then you are playing with your eyes closed.

        While other nations on the whole have 1 or 2 good tanks the Russians have one or two bad tanks. The maps are designed or changed to suit them and which is the go to nation for CW etc.

  4. Ricky Chu says:

    the current in-game Panther is weird: looks too high + short. the overall height should be adjusted. and also the road wheels, their “dome” shape aren’t incorrect too, and their center cap is much bigger / rounder.

      1. Yeah, but look at the turret. I think the pictures above are about Panther II, rather than the Panther. I mean, Panther II’s new icon and the pictures above look pretty identical to me.

  5. Thomas says:

    What about that shottrap-fix on the gunmantlet? Btw I really liked the Panther… Small alpha but RoF and accuracy makes up for it. Talking about the tier 7 here… Panther 2 suffers…

  6. Chad1233 says:

    Too bad you can’t run the stock turret without gimping your Panther. The upgraded turret always ruined the look I always liked about the Panther…

  7. A Dude says:

    Yea wow. The Panther II and the tanks past it all are still in suck ass SD as the only high tier line left ingame. Now they finally seem to care about them…and what comes out of it? A few fancy sideskirts for the regular Panther…

    1. I read a while ago about the 88L100 (from actual E-50) to become the top gun for the Panther II: maybe they’ll take the occasion for making it HD (I see no excuses since the Panther 8.8 is actually just like the Panther II HD should appear, beside some minor details …).

  8. Octavi_Anus says:

    Wow I am that someone who started the post on Reddit. I’ve always believed that the in game panther model is wrong so I ranted a bit on the forum.

    The Chieftains response is totally unexpected tho, and Im glad that the new model looks perfectly fine in terms of its height and width!

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