Premium Tank Preview

Chrysler K GF and STRV 81

More upcoming premium Tanks from World of Tanks. Hold on to your wallets.

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Premium Tank Preview

34 thoughts on “Premium Tank Preview

  1. LeL says:

    Ok for chrysler but can we talk about the SenTuRionV 81… cause, i’m pretty sur i played it in the brtish tech tree

      1. pixywing says:

        Let’s compare the Strv 81 to a maxed out Centurion I (no equipment or crew skills used on either tank).

        Strv 81 Pros: 102 more mm of frontal turret armor, more specific power (17.72 to 16.7), better camo values 11.69/2.78 to 10.99/2.62 stationary and 8.78/2.09 to 8.28/1.97 on the move,

        Strv 81 Cons: 41 meters less signal range.

        So for better turret armor, better camo, better mobility and a better camo rating all you lose is 41 meters of signal range which is still at 741 meters btw. If a tier 8 premium that is better than a maxed out tier 8 non-premium isn’t power creep I don’t know what is.

      2. then you compare it to all the other standard tier 8 MT:

        Better turret armor, penetration and terrain resistances…

        Every other MT is as fast as it, has better tank traverse, more damage, same/similar gun handling…


        Comparing the Strv 81 only to the Centurion 1 doesn’t instantly make it a power creep.

        Power creep is where it is as good as, or better then, the best tank of that ENTIRE tier and class… which the Strv 81 is far from it.

        So once again, you might want to recheck your definition of “power creep”.

      3. pixywing says:

        Strv 81 is a Swedish Centurion I that is strictly better than the British version thus power creep. Provide some numbers to your claims and show its a below average tier 8 medium.

      4. a nice big comparison chart. Gaze upon all the green (better) stats then that of both the Centurion 1 and Strv 81…

        Where is your power creep now?

      5. i will admit though that the turret armor should be 152mm thick, and the gun mantlet should also be 152mm thick.

        But this alone does not make it better then every other tier 8 MT, as such… there’s no power creep

      6. Nitzu says:

        Poor STA-1. It got much after STA-2 and Centurion Mk 1(actually Mk.3) buffs, and now they’re adding even better Centurion. And yes. Strv 81 IS powercreep JUST BECAUSE it’s better than British counterpart. That’s how powercreep works god dammit. It’s not a revolution, like a new Type 59 of our times, but that how Power Creep mechanic works. Cent got buffed, Strv 81 is better than buffed cent, T-34-85M got buffed and is now Better than Rudy… Everything old enough is buffed, why? Because it’s not balanced anymore. Why? Because of Power Creep. Strv 81 is just another tiny step in that direction. All your arguments about it not being power creep “because some tank do some things better” are not valid, since Power Creep means “Getting Better”, not “Being the Best”. Liberte, Patriot and Defender are the same. They are underperforming in many aspects compared to other Tier 8 Hvys, but overall experience is getting better with every generation of tanks.

      7. Anonymous says:

        @Deadarashi: yes it is power creep, but only vs the Centurion 1 mk.3!
        Which should be exactly the same.

        For 1 comparison, the engines:
        UK Cent : “Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. IVB” has = 650hp; vs
        Swe Cent: “Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. IVB” has = 900hp;
        UK Cent: weighting 44.9t > 16.7hp/t; vs
        Swe Cent: weighting .50+t > 17.2hp/t.

        Strv 81 was in reality the Mk3 version of the UK Centurion Mk3. So there is no, NO reason for it to have the same Rolls Royce engine listed, but with a magical 250 MORE horse power.
        Combine that with a HUGE increase in turret armor, much better HP hp/ton ratio, better camo values across the board and you have content which fall in the category “power creep”.
        But like I said, it is only vs the tier 8 UK Centurion.

        IF the Strv 81 would have gotten the following: the Meteor Mk. IVC 750hp engine + a lower hp/ton to go with that heavier turret. Then it would have been balanced in pro’s and cons vs the tier 8 Cent.

        As it is now, it is better than the free content in the tech tree.

    1. pixywing says:

      Best turret armor, best shell velocity, tied for the best gun depression, tied for best penetration, tied for best view range, second best aim time, second best dispersion, 3rd best power to weight with only being 50 km/h top speed with only 55 km/h being the highest. Also coupled with 4th best DPM this tank is even more power creeped than I first thought, easily one of the best tier 8 mediums in the game.

      1. *sigh* there’s no cure for irrationality it seems

        out of the 10 standard tanks it’s against

        4 tanks faster then it, 4 tanks as fast as it
        2 tanks with better power to weight then it
        6 tanks with better terrain resistance then it (which makes up for speed in areas)
        3 tanks with better DPM
        9 tanks with better damage
        5 tanks with the same aim time, 1 with better aim time
        5 with better accuracy on the move, 2 with the same

        no matter how you try to argue it the Strv 81 is a jack of all trades, master of none

        The only legitimate claim to “power creep” is the turret armor but even then the T26E4 absolutely shits on it by 50mm

        But you know what…. you go on and continue to complain about it

      2. pixywing says:

        Show me then a tank that is better than it overall, because having better dpm and being garbage at everything else doesn’t make it better than the 81.

      3. that makes it specialized in an area, the Strv 81, like I said, is a jack of all trades. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst.

      4. this is just a back and forth struggle for no real point in the end. It boils down to a case of personal opinion.

        You see it as a power creep, I don’t. So let’s leave it at that and agree to disagree?

      5. pixywing says:

        You are just being irrational at this point in denying power creep. You haven’t even admitted its a power creeped Centurion I as it is better at eor equal in everything except signal range. I could make a tank with 800 meters view range, 40k DPM and 800 mm of pen at tier 6 and you wouldn’t call it power creeped because another tier 6 has more specific power than it.

      6. pixywing says:

        Here is the definition of Power Creep by the way since you were too lazy to google it throughout this conversation:

        Power creep is a process that sometimes occurs in games where new content (in this case cards) slowly outstrip the power of previous alternatives. This leads to players abandoning previous options in favour of the latest and more powerful alternatives, resulting in an inevitable increase in power throughout the game.

        By definition since no one would play a Centurion I over a Strv 81 it is power-creep and that is even before comparing to how much better it is than other tier 8 mediums.

  2. Personally I would prefer they used the Strv 81 as a standard tier 8 MT to build into the Strv K and then into Strv A…

    You know, actually give us a tier 10 MT instead of another tier 8 premium to train out tier 7 Leo crew

  3. Infernal969 says:

    I’m too lazy to check the ratio between regular and premium tanks added into the game for the last 2 years. I bet the results would be hilarious though.

  4. They look powerful, I can agree it is technically not power creep because comparing tanks like the Strv 81 to the centurion is like comparing an army knife to a butter knife when you’re going into a gun fight.

    None of this will ever replace the AK-47.

  5. sp15 says:

    the strv 81 here has a fake engine (should have the 650hp engine) and almost twice the top speed of the real tank which had 34kph, in addition the frontal turret armor is completely fake.

    so in short this tank is another wargaming fake in terms of stats what a surprise

    1. IRON says:

      This game is getting more and more senseless.. 🙁 Maybe one day we’ll get some 152 mm guns on tenks like the T-54?? lol

    1. lafie says:

      For the Chrystler, if it is the Grand Finals tank, then it’s most likely last week of may.

      As for the STRV, not really sure.

  6. JoJo says:

    So that STRV tier 8 got a turret better than cent tier 8 and cent mk7 tier 9. I really love the cent mk7 but its turret is garbage after remodeling and gets penned easily at big cheeks and gun mantlet with 200mm pen. Really amazing job from WG to make this prem tank outclass the others

  7. siralexice says:

    STRV 81 is just a FV4202 on steroids with better everything, armor, DPM, view range, same gun handling. Only downside is in terrain resistances, but what the hell, it has 900hp engine compared to 510 or so in the FV4202.

  8. nrnstraswa says:

    Well I gotta say, if the Strv 81 comes out as a premium, I will definitely buy it. I was planning on getting the Centurion 1 and the 81 is definitely superior.

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