Premium Tanks to be Rebalanced


there are a couple premium tanks that will be rebalanced (Buffed) in the 9.15 patch:

  • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha (German tier VI medium tank)
  • STA2 (Japanese tier VIII medium tank)
  • 112 (Chinese tier VIII heavy tank)
  • T95E2 (American tier VIII medium tank)
  • M56 Scorpion (Amerian tier VII tank destroyer)
  • 59 Patton (Chinese tier VIII medium tank)
  • A-32 (Soviet tier IV medium tank)
  • Kanonenjagdpanzer (German tier VIII tank destroyer)

More info coming soon. 🙂

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Premium Tanks to be Rebalanced

179 thoughts on “Premium Tanks to be Rebalanced

    1. septfox says:

      I came down to the comments section to be all …”and the Matilda IV still has 86/102mm of pen”.

      And someone actually beat me to it this time.

      What is this world coming to : \

      1. Teknokraatti says:

        Even with a perfect hit it will only be 50% chance with gold shells. That weakspot was 101mm of thickness… Thankfully shooting at the tracks at angle and not hitting the sideskirts gives a decent chance of penetration though.

      1. exocet6951 says:

        You mean the one with huge flat 75mm side armor? Yeah…totally undeafeatable, even with a humble 86mm pen gun….

    1. Anonymous says:

      I lacks top speed in my opinion. Sure it’s not a bad tank but its dull to play imho, an extra 8-15kph top speed would make it more fun and flexible.

    2. pixywing says:

      Has no armour bad tank – Average noob

      And that’s how the Hellcat got so overpowered before finally getting nerfed 2 years later . . .

    3. i like the M56 there is some things that could be improved like a bit more pen on the AP Round. heat Switched with APCR maybe some more damage for the HE so it can more reliably kill a Low armored SPG.

      beyond that the only thing that bugs me is that i lose heath every time a tank even taps the tank (witch i think should some how be disabled because getting out of cap i end up with 800 HP or 790 HP)

      the only other thought would be to keep it the same but drop it a tier… and that alone may make it feel right. (so it would see only tier 5, 6,7 and 8 maybe even keep it to tier 9)

    4. Matthew Shine says:

      Bloom on traversing the gun is shit.
      Accuracy is shit (regardless of the advertised stat).
      Gun traverse speed is shit.
      Reverse speed is fucking hilariously shit.

      Don’t get me wrong, I have great games in my Scorpion and I still like the thing, but the above make it a pain to play most of the time.

  1. peo01 says:

    The long awaited historical Pzkpfw V/IV buff is finally here.
    Welded turret that can’t turn, 10/10.

    Jokes aside, I wonder how they want to buff it, cause it’s main issues are low penetration and gun depression, neither of which they can really buff.
    I guess it’ll just be another minor stats buff, like terrain resistance or at tops some more hitpoints.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      It will be downtiered to T5 and have its aiming time buffed by 0,3 seconds. Additionally it will lose some hitpoints, but it will still have around 600 HP. It’s actually getting quite a large buff.

      1. peo01 says:

        Wow, really? Panther hull on tier V?
        It already does pretty well against other tier VI mediums.
        Sure in close combat a T-34/86 or VKXX.XX would prolly win if both players have the same experience, but it wouldn’t be an easy win and mostly due to the V/IV’s gun depression.

        I mean… not that I’m complaining… buffs to tanks I already do well with are always appreciated, just like with the Tiger, that went from “I don’t get why people have issues against other tier VII heavies” to “Muharharharhar Code 187 MDK! MDK! MDK!”

        However straight out pushing it into tier V?
        I assume it’s because not many players actually own one?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Vader tank is fine, it has a great gun and a solid turret for a tier 6.
      Panther/M10 well thats another story, the baby panther has better stats than it except hitpoints…
      Kinda sad, but Vader turm is fine, not great but a nice little cheap credit maker.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Well atleast make the Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm side skirts have spaced armour value.
        in regards to the Panther/M10, its just needs some ground resistance changed and a little maneuverability. both are slow and with all the new lights and meds running around and have speed to compensate for their lack of armour makes these tanks fail heavies basically.

  2. T34?
    ok, i have 56% WR with t34, but its terrain resistance and turning speed is horrible…
    t34 has really good pen, and OK accuracy, but DPM is lowest on any T8 premium heavy tank(together with löwe), worst aim time (3.26s) worst dispersion values, worst top speed…
    in my opinion T34 is just a nerfed T29 with a good gun…

    1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

      While I do agree that the T34 could use mobility increases, its a fine tank as it is, penetration and per shot damage more than make up for its lack of DPM

    2. theorigtrickster says:

      If you think T34 needs a buff u doing something wrong. I find it to be one of the best T8 heavies in the game.

      1. as i said its not a bad tank, but statistically its worst T8 premium without limited MM… it needs only mobility buff (if WG buffs its mobility to t29 level i would be perfect tank…)
        (t34: 2600+ battles and 56% WR, 2000+ WN8… yes im doing something wrong with t34 🙂 )

    1. Anonymous says:

      Really? You gonna cry about the only good high tier German premium medium? Vaderturm, fine but nothing fantastic, P5/M10 even at tier 6 that tank would be bad, baby panther has better stats except hp, P8.8 has so many stealth nerfs is fucking hilarious.
      So really complaining about the first actual balanced German prem med?

  3. Désolé, j’écris dans ma langue. Mon anglais sent le vieux pâté faisandé.

    Je suis heureux d’apprendre que mon T95E2 très récemment acquis va être buffer.
    Car 181 de pénétration en Tier 8 c’est très léger, et enfaîte même insuffisant car le MM nous fait jouer régulièrement en Tier 10 et jouer full gold je ne veux pas.

    Peut ont espérer que son Buff puisse par exemple le faire passer en version t95e3 ou t95e4 ?

  4. WG would have to think abaut premium tanks and thair stats before thay put tham in to sale. We are buying premium tanks becouse thair statistics and abilityes. It is going to be some money return.

  5. Muddy Side says:

    SP is a good premium that many people dislikes. It is slow but its armor is too good even for a heavy on its tier, the premium ammo is amazing: 258 mm and it does not see tier 10 … I hope they dont buff in a way that it becomes OP.

  6. Gergely Nagy says:

    I think if they buff the 112, they should also buff the WZ-111. Those two tanks are almost the same, both has some advantages, disadvantages and if they only buff one of them, the other one will be just worse.

  7. sgtyester says:

    And what about the T14. its gun cant even pen its own tier with normal ammo, premmium ammo?? nope wont pen, really nice when u get +2 mm

    kanonenjagdpnz buff? yes plz, more pen, for at td is bounces way to much shots aimed at weakspots

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      How OP you want it to be? It has T7 heavy hull and premium MM. It also got a slight armour and mobility buff recently. The only thing it really needs is ability to pen the O-I frontally somewhere, but that’s a problem with O-I, not the KV-220. It is damn near impenetrable for T5 and below tanks, expections excluded and is not plagued by as hopeless gun as the Pz II J.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        everyone knows the gun sucks, but apparently not many knew that the turret is equivalent to stock KV1 turret, which is preety thin and flat

  8. Becks_23 says:

    Most of the tanks who get a buff are not in my collection, so I cannot argue about it. But I think some more Premiums deserve a buff… First and foremost some British like the Fv201 (A45) (desperately needs a buff), Black Prince and TOG. Schmalturm needs a buff too, a big one…
    And that shitty M4A1 Ravioli or so… What a piece of s h i t…

    1. Ramenrasengan says:

      Nah, it seems to be fine, especially with the insane reload/DPM that the KV-5 gets compared to other tier 8 heavies, not to mention its relatively good armour and health pool.

  9. madogthefirst says:

    I do just fine in the M56 but what kinda of muff do you have in mind, please let it be gun traverse speed buff I’m tired of accidental TKing because I turned.

  10. Shelby427Arbok says:

    Aaaaand of course they won’t touch the Jagdtiger 8,8cm. You know, because it’s doing soooo well right now… I mean, they pulled it off sale, the least they could do is make it halfway decent as compensation. But, alas, the current meta dicks it over harder than anything else in the game I’ve seen and no one will help it.

  11. Henrik Teponoja says:

    Back when this game got out, pzV/IV was total useless shit. Then came physics, ramming, gold ammo for credits and a huge buff. Now its a decent medium with crappy pen but good hull. Buffing it even more? Yes please, I want to own an unobtainable super-OP-sealclubber.

  12. Tyrud says:

    I’m glad the KPanzer is getting a buff. I really like it as a tank, but I think it could use an RoF buff (a slight one), and an increase to the speed of its AP rounds to help it out when it gets into higher Tier X matches.

  13. I do not know if this makes any difference whatsoever but how about buffing Lowe’s armour or/and engine power. Both things are nerfed, even compared to it’s never used “blueprints”. That weight of the tank and those armour values just don’t add up.
    Also, engine power of the so called Super Pershing. Give it the regular Pershing top engine. With the weight it has it will still be a bit sluggish, but not utter slime snail level that it is on now. It’s gun is a joke, together with the armour (that only tomatoes in panic cannot pen from the front). It is good when you are 250 m+ from the tank that shoots at you, but then your gun is just useless.

  14. David B says:

    I want to see the Super Pershing’s engine buffed a little. I don’t want it to be as fast as a regular medium, but it would be nice if it could climb hills a little easier. and maybe buff the armor on the commander’s hatch. I’m sick of being killed by everyone vomiting gold at me or taking me out in 3 hits to that hatch.

    Or at least buff every premium to make them competitive without Premium MM since they got rid of it. The tanks that had it were programmed with the knowledge they would only get their tier and one tier above, and when you put them in a game that it 2 tiers up, they are pretty damn weak.

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