Premium Tanks to be Rebalanced


there are a couple premium tanks that will be rebalanced (Buffed) in the 9.15 patch:

  • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha (German tier VI medium tank)
  • STA2 (Japanese tier VIII medium tank)
  • 112 (Chinese tier VIII heavy tank)
  • T95E2 (American tier VIII medium tank)
  • M56 Scorpion (Amerian tier VII tank destroyer)
  • 59 Patton (Chinese tier VIII medium tank)
  • A-32 (Soviet tier IV medium tank)
  • Kanonenjagdpanzer (German tier VIII tank destroyer)

More info coming soon. 🙂

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Premium Tanks to be Rebalanced

179 thoughts on “Premium Tanks to be Rebalanced

      1. Corvi says:

        You can’t be serious. WZ111 is by far the worst T8 poem in the game. Gets ammo racked with every hit even by 75mm guns frontally. Hell that thing even gets ammo racked by 75mm’s when they shoot its engine.

    1. Landric says:

      The 34-3 is fine since they have already buffed it a couple of times, it got gun handling buffs a while back and more recently a buff to the gun depression to -5. I don’t know what you think it needs, but it is already better than the 34-2 and a very solid machine, it doesn’t need further improvement.

      1. Anonymous says:

        As it should be, it’s a 122mm gun on a medium tank. in fact, it already compares favorably to other 122s in tier 8 (other than fully aimed accuracy, but even then it’s still better than on the T-34-2). DPM is much better too, almost as good as T-44 w/100mm and nearly identical to the Pershing’s.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope that they will buff the pz v/iv on pc. Because a friend of me tells it is total shit.
    Let’s hope they will change it to the xbox version pz v/iv

    1. Landric says:

      It would be nice if they would give it HEAT with about 200mm of pen for premium like the Skoda T-40, and perhaps buff the hit points up to 1050 or so, but I don’t find it to be a bad tank all in all. It suffers in tier 8 matches, but most tier 6 tanks do.

    2. Corvi says:

      Tiger is overkill on T6, can easily holds its ground on T7 and well, loses on T8, as all T6 tanks do. Thou, if you load some gold and play smart you can still do a lot on T8 too. But buffing it ? No, it would be waaaay to strong in top tier games.

      1. When it can not penetrate O-I, it’s own tier with gold, I would not think it’s good… It is good in T6, but only if there is no O-I, and above T6, it is just a waste of a good slot… You can play however smart you want, it doesn’t matter, cas the penetration IS BAD there. There are only exceptions, when you are lucky with that tank…

    3. thesherbet says:

      Like CORVI said, it’s absolutely fine as it is. Premium tanks arent there to win all the time, and the JapTiger is brilliant in tier 6 games. And its never supposed to be a giant killer against things like an IS3

    4. Ultrasonic2 says:

      yes i agree it’s rubbish which is why i didn’t but it .. But i would say all the stock t6 German heavies all have that problem

      1. BatelGeuce says:

        Type 59 is kind of shitty (very slow, low armored, long reload), it’s good stats are based on the fact that it’s mostly owned by very good players …

      2. Batel, not so much good players, as much as OLD players who’ve played it through all of its nerfs and understand how to play it…

  2. Ares says:

    No Lowe, cuz he is so good tank. Fast, agile, good frontal armor for slow HT, good dpm,….like wtf. 112 yes, is bad tank vs IS6, same goes for WZ 111. But Lowe is bad tank, is 5,is3a is way better. Not for fast game like its now. Slow, big beast with no armor on hull….and dpm just kill it. U have lower dpm then 390 guns…WTF.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      I own a Löwe, and while I would positively love any buffs to it , I don’t find it a particularly bad tank either. It is reliable, if not very good. I enjoy not having to spam prem due to accuracy and pen and it is a more forgiving tank than the Tiger 2 in terms of side and turret armour. VR is nice as well. My opinion may however be quite skewed, as I enjoy my superheavies. In my opinion Löwe could use a bit of speed and general agility if it were to be buffed.

      1. Ares says:

        Lowe dont fit game now. It’s way to slow, i have that tank too, most played tank. But for acc, and pen u trade dpm, and for tank that is prem, its bad. He has same dpm as t34, 248 pen, 400 alpha has US tank. IS 3a and IS 5, get 390 and more dpm, plus way better armor, and they are much faster then Lowe. U have good gun, and bad aim time. But u earn less credits then IS 5 cuz u pay 1,030 for 320 dmg, and IS 3a, IS 5 1,180 for 390….And t34 1.060 for 400…… Lowe is worst in earning money of all of them…..And don’t compere prem tank to normal. Prem tank are, or should be worse. Lowe is old tank, and back in days, gameplay was slower, now its fast now. And now in tier 9, some meds have way more then 3 year ago. Lowe armor just don’t work. T34 can bounce tier 10 td on turret, is 3 and is 5 can bounce 175 pen on hull ,and more on turret. Lowe can bounce on turret some, but hull can be pen by Cromwell. IF u angle armor, u wont get more then 160 effective armor on lfp, and it very big….If u face IS 5, lfp has 180 armor…For 234 pen, and good acc, u pay way to much….

      2. Ultrasonic2 says:

        Lowe has been buffed so many times.. Still o don’t play it any more for the normal reasons

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      While the Pz II D is undeniably and definitely all around horrible, there are about 3 tanks that you will really have problems penning from the side in T2. I’d say that the average T2 side armour is about 20mm so you should just train your aim a bit. Or go play a better, more comfortable tank.

      1. 0natvar0 says:

        Pz II D is amazing. I play like 10 battles only but very fun and good battles ( no joke )

    2. madogthefirst says:

      I’m with when it was released I was fully expecting it to get as similar buff like they gave to the Combat Car.

      Though for extra hilarity roll with all AP and see if you can find a way to kill tanks you never would think you could, I gave a BT-SV a nice dose of surprise butt sex and came out a winner.

  3. Landric says:

    The 112 does need some love, it has bad DPM compared to the similar tanks out there (IS-6, WZ-111), and the frontal fires are out of control. It could also use the spaced side armor of the WZ-111, though that is something that could appear when it gets its HD model as it did with the WZ-111. At the very least it should get its reload time buffed and perhaps fuel tank hit points buffed.

    The 59-Patton is fine since the buffed the penetration of the AP round EXCEPT for the huge tumor on the turret. Either the model needs to be changed to make the tumor a reasonable size (i.e. that of a normal Patton tumor) or its armor values need to be buffed so it isn’t an autopen for everything it sees. Other than that, the tank is actually pretty good, decent hull and turret armor, decent mobility, good gun handling, rate of fire, penetration, etc. The view range is bad for the size of the tumor also, if it stays the size it is, view range should be bumped up to 390 or so.

    I have a T95E2. I’m not sure what it really needs. It isn’t the most exciting tank in the world to play, but its decent enough, perhaps more mobility would do it some good.

    The M56 is pretty good as is IMO. It can’t take hits, but it isn’t any worse than a Borsig in that respect, and the gun is very good for a tier 7. Perhaps a buff to DPM?

    The STA2 needs either limited matchmaking or more AP pen, or barring either of those, much better mobility. It would be fine with the top gun from the STA-1, but with 185 pen and the bad mobility it has, it is pretty sad in high tier games trying to pen tanks from the front. Basically, you sling HEAT and hope to hit flat surfaces.

    They can just make the FlatPanzerE25VersionIIMk.3A or whatever it is called a tier 7 and call it a day.

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      No idea why so many people think STA-2 is bad. Sure, the pen is lacking but since the buff it’s plenty mobile and it has excellent gun handling and one of the best DPM values for a tier 8.

      1. rubberboas says:

        The STA-2’s biggest problems are the Ripper Patton and the Mutz. The STA-2 was pretty solid until those came along. Now there are almost no realistic situations where those tanks won’t simply outperform it. The only thing I can think of is the STA-2 having better premium ammo for shooting at Japanese heavies.

      2. 21Blackjack says:

        STA-2 is a joke. The upcoming T25 will blow it out of the water. Probably would have been fine if it was a ridge sniper like the STA-1 and the Type 61, low standard pen and the HEAT round kills it. In it’s current state it’s just a nerfed M26/M46. Who would want to pay for that?

        Sure you could play it as a flanker, but there are a million better tanks for that.

      1. Their plan for the scorpion is for a buff, not a nerf. Hard to screw up a nerf.. just hope it includes a little more view range, and much better camo…

  4. warkus says:

    A-32? does anyone actually have that tank? I like the looks of it from the stats, a sorta mix between A-20 and T-34.
    Maybe that means they will sell it, hopefully.

    1. thesherbet says:

      It was a pre-order, and it was a light tank at the time, its changed a fair bit so its unlikely that you’ll see many about. same with the pz4/5 and the M6-frankentstein.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Unrelated to this topic but it would be nice to hear some solid news about the tanks that were added to Super test in 9.14.
    Ex. Grille 15, Kirovets 1, T25 P#1.

    It would be nice to see the Grille 15 replace the Waffle in 9.15 and Kirovets added along with T25 P#1.

    1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

      there’s mods to view supertest tanks in your garage you know, it is in aslain’s modpack called “view tank in garage” mod

  6. I love how they call it *rebalancing*. This is pretty much a direct translation to ‘we are going to nerf some of them, but since some believe we are not allowed to do that, we will just call it rebalancing and noone will notice’…

    1. madogthefirst says:

      Rebalance simply means they are going to make changes to tanks to either bring them back up to semi-competitive lvl or down because it is too much easy mode.

    1. gpc_4 says:

      TOG has the 17pdr with 171mm of pen which will go through any flat surface of the O-I. Just shoot the turret and you are golden. TOG is a great counter for O-Is.

    2. thesherbet says:

      or… just learn to aim better? its really not that hard. Only problem is you’re a massive target for those massive guns.

  7. Good news, hope that WG have these on their radar too
    Japanese Tiger
    Pz IID
    Panther 88

    maybe the Loewe would love a little armor buff too since his new tier fellows now
    penetrate him much easier than the once when it was released, still good credit maker though


      1. Anonymous says:

        Yeah that thing deserves some serious buffs. It has so many stealth nerfs it isn’t even funny.
        Prem ammo so bad it doesn’t do good in tier 10’s ( worst prem pen of any prem vehicle)
        A radio that is even bad for tier 6 tanks…
        Gun depression so bad for a tank that tall it’s hilarious.
        Although with the mutz around who would possibly buy a shitty sniper with no armor, no camo, barely 200 pen and no solid gold rounds?

  8. I know it’s not a premium but the KV-4 could definitely use some love with the guns you’re forced to use while grinding out the top gun

  9. lafie says:

    PZ 5/4: Needs a buff for sure, no problems here.
    STA-2: Doesn’t really need a buff as such, but I won’t say no to a one.
    112: See above
    T95E2: Much needed buff.
    Scorpion: Not sure either way, won’t say no to a buff.
    59-Patton: See STA-2
    A-32: See Panzer 5/4
    Kanonen JPZ: never driven it, don’t own it, but will be very interested in seeing what they do with it.

    Just my two cents worth, on the list.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Really they pay attention to the tier 6 almost nobody has yet they forget about pz5 M10,
    a tank with every single one of its stats worse than a tier 6…
    Or the AT 15A, a tank so rare it should say enough.
    Or how about they remove stealth nerfs on so many prems.
    Like the limited ammo in the Type 59, the horrible prem pen of the Panther 8.8.

    Jeez wg better fix that tier 6, 3 people have…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well you know the 5/4 needs a buff already for a long time. I think the 5/4 is the worst tier 6 premium tank there is in world of tanks pc. Maybe you can now finally see 5/4s rolling around the battlefield because i think the 5/4 is the most rare premium tank you can get after the mtls 1g14. For a mutant you have a chnage of 1/5000 to see one and the 5/4 like 1/10000.

      1. thesherbet says:

        Its a fair bit better than it used to be after the penetration mechanic changes a couple of patches ago (like 9.10 or something, i cant remember) but only if you’re top tier, the pen just fails horribly in anything higher.
        In this respect its very similar to the JapTiger, pretty good top tier but struggling hard with anything else. Good thing the 5/4 gets nicer MM.

    1. STA-2 are acceptable, that tank just dont have specific strong point like CDC (mobility) or T54Mod1 (good armor). It more like Jack-of-all-trade-master-of-none. Im have STA2 too, not really like it but still playable with caution when play in tier 10 battle

  11. Blizzard36 says:

    Heh, 112 is one of my better performing Premiums. Worse than IS-6 in general, but better for my style. And it’s going to be buffed. Yay!

    I hope the buff the acceleration of the STA-2, I could deal with the other problems if it actually moved!

  12. MetzgerBen says:

    Yes! The Kanonenjagdpanzer is in the list. Fingers crossed. Funny that I wrote you a email about reacing out about that tank. 🙂

  13. Patata Caliente says:

    The French TD line could do with a good round of buffing. They are almost universally bad, except for the Tier V S35 CA, which is a beast. All the others are more or less bullcrap, including the Foch 155, which has been nerfed to the ground. Storm has already admitted that, but somehow Wargaming could not be a…ed to do something about it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I to would like to see the super p get some love. It was my most played tank until the beat it to death with the nerf bat.

    2. thesherbet says:

      if you cant kill a tiger or a king tiger with the superpershing now then you’re doing something very wrong. The Pen is fine imo, its gotta have something to counter the silly armour it has.

  14. Xx1Tommy1xX says:

    And the T-34-3, Panther M10, Sexton 1, Type 59, Lowe, panzer 2 D, HT No°6, M4 improve, Locus, Type 62 could use one but is ok.

    1. septfox says:

      The only thing the Locust needs is more ammo. Most of its other stats are fine, even the traverse speed not that it can do clutch/handbraking.

  15. Corvi says:

    T95E2 buff. Nice. It could use some more gun dep and faster aiming time to be honest, otherwise its quite fine 🙂

    1. Gun dep won’t be better cause by M48 turret. But I want to buff its repair cost, penetration, or switching shell as sameas M48 stock gun, rotation speed of turret and track, ground resistance, accuracy on moving, turning.

  16. InvaderNat says:

    Was hoping the Panther/M10 would get a slight penetration buff, as 150mm is a bit low for a large tier 7 tank. Even 155-160 range would make a world of difference.

    1. Tobiaz says:

      It simply needs a buff on all it’s stats. Not even kidding, only stat that is better than the baby panther is it’s HP… All round buff, from speed, engine, traverse, viewrange, rpm, aimtime, radio.
      All of it should be buffed to acceptable standards. Unlikely to happen but would be justified.
      Especially knowing there are tanks like the Rudy or IS-2 which are just far far better.

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