Progetto M35 Mod. 46 Detailed Stats

Good day everyone,

More detailed stats for the recently announced Italian premium tank. Here’s what we have so far:

  • Tier: 8
  •  HP: 1,400
  • Engine Power: 652hp
  • Weight: 35t
  • Power to Weight Ratio: 18.63 hp/t
  • Speed: + 55/-20 kph
  • Hull Traverse: 41.72 deg/sec
  • Tower Traverse: 37.55 deg/sec
  • Ground resistance:
  • Hull Armor: 60/30/20mm
  • Turret Armor: 80/40/25mm
  • View Range: 390 m
  • Signal Range: 570 m

  • Gun: Cannone da 90/50 T119E1
  • DMG: 240/240/320
  • Penetration: 212/259/45mm
  • (Average)DPM: 883
  • (The new reload mechanic can affect this)

  • Reload (magazine/per shell): 38.35 / 2.5 sec
  • Clip Size: 3
  • Accuracy: 0.32
  • Aim Time: 2.01s
  • Depression/Elevation: -10/+20
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Progetto M35 Mod. 46 Detailed Stats

32 thoughts on “Progetto M35 Mod. 46 Detailed Stats

    1. Killtech says:

      best to have DPM shown as min-max value where min is firing all shells in succession+ waiting for full reload and max is single shot and reload.

    2. I would say min and max. Min dpm with all shells burst with full mag reload, while MAX dpm with using it like a normal tank without mag. (and so no penatly for shooting more then one shell)

      1. Anonymous says:

        in fact minimal DPM is when you fire only the last shell with longest reload (16.3s). If you count that, it’s 883 which is incorrectly stated as avarage.
        So 883 is minimum.
        996 is for shooting and reloading full drum.
        Maximum is 1501 for firing always only first shell in magazine.

        This means, that even max is worse than any other tier 8 and even tier 1 has better DPM than minimal value of this tank.

    3. what so dificult about it?
      there are 4 situations
      full burst:
      fire 1st >> 2.5 sec shell reload >> 2nd >> 2.5s >> 3rd >> 40 seconds magazine reload >> 1st >> 2.5s >> 2nd >> 2.5s >> 3rd >> total 6 shots in 50 seconds
      6×240 = 1440
      2 shots burs:
      1st >> 2.5s >> 2nd >> 23 sec 2 round magazine reload >> 1st >> 2.5s >> 2nd >> 23s reload >> 1st >> 2.5s >> 2nd >> total 6 shots in 53.5 seconds, in 3 bursts instead of 2
      firing like bolt-action-rifle (fire>reload>fire>reload) for 1 minute:
      this means you fire 1 every 10 seconds because the 3 round is the one that takes the shortest to reload and as they mentioned you don’t need to reload the full magazine as long as you have 1 round left
      1st >> 10s >> 2nd >> 10s (20s) >> 3rd >> 10s (30s) >> 4th >> 10s (40s) >> 5th >> 10s (50s) >> 6th >> 10s (60s) >> 7th >> this means that you can fire 7 shots within 1 minute of the first shot
      DPM PER MINUTE (if you keep firing) 6×240=1440
      “DPM” PER 1 MINUTE (max DPM in 60s) 7×240=1680

      the 4th situation is just like above but at the 6th shot you fire all 3 rounds in burst
      50 seconds passed >> 6th, 7th and 8th shots >> 43 seconds magazine reload >> total of 8 shots in 55 seconds

      this is actually interesting because it means it will be pretty dynamic since you can use either of the 4 options to do it depending of the situation:
      full burst when it’s enough to kill the enemy, 2 shot burst when fighting around a corner, 1 shot at a time when sniping or you can’t be sure every shot will do damage
      the 4th situation will be really powerfull, wear them down with shot after shot and then close in for the kill with the quick burst

      interesting indeed

    1. It’s not exactly a secret that light tank were massively overnerfed and are now fast piles of shit that can’t do much.

      And yes. There are tier 8 heavies with better view range than tier 10 lights…so yeah…..

      1. Robopon says:

        You know that being fast is much more important than having armor and a big gun on most maps? How lights are useless?

  1. it annoys me they’re calling it the progetto 46 while in match, very clearly its a mod of the progetto m35 so it should just be progetto m35. pretty small detail tho; I look forward to seeing how effective it is in combat

  2. Morflex says:

    It’s more complicated
    1 shot – 10s – 1 shot – 10s – 1 shot – 2.5s – 1 shot – 2.5s – 1 shot
    Results in 25s it deals 1200 dmg so 2880/min…

    1. max DPM is 8 shots for 1920 damage, similar to your method but better, fire 6 shots with 10sec interval but when you fire the 6th do not let it reload the magazine (10 sec reload) and fire the remaining 2 shells
      variations include firing once every 10sec and when you are sure you can kill the enemy you go for the full burst, if 3 shots do 920 damage it would take 3 more shots to kill a enemy with around 1500HP in just 35 seconds

      best/continuous DPM is 6 shots for 1440 damage (1 shot every 10 sec)
      ideal DPM is a burst of 2 followed by reload, can repeat it 3 times in less than a minute and fire 6 shots for 1440 damage, extremly usefull when fighting around a corner since instead of 1 you can fire 2 shots while the enemy reloads

  3. Kyros says:

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  4. SirGruut says:

    I think that this looks pretty weak and these tanks might not be able to compete with czech style autoloaders since these have very short magazine reloads that make it quit easy to reload after 1/2 shots.

  5. linux-void says:

    these 46% supertesters…. 40 sec kd for 720 dmg when used as autoLoader…
    nerfed clip size.. 4 -> 3.. with the same reloading times…
    would be a good tank.. but now it’s another shit tank. playing like a rat. shooting backs.. if you meet t-44-100 on that shit.. you do him half hp damage.. and then you on reload for 40 sec.. and he kills you long before you get 2 shells loaded

  6. ROMBAT says:

    570 radio range?…i guess is a material error…750 radio range is more logic….and derp guns rejoyce the armor of this tank

  7. Indy_ah says:

    First shot 9.6 sec reload
    Second shot 13.7 sec reload
    Third shot 16.3 sec reload
    Intraclip: 2.5 sec

    So dpmwise it looks like this:

    Single shot dpm: 1501
    Two shot dpm: 1099
    Three shot dpm: 960

    I cant see how this tank will be competitive but lets see how it will perform on the testserver.

  8. Partybooper says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that this tank will be pretty damn strong?
    I mean, come on, in a regular single-shot tank, you pretty much almost never shoot immediately again after reloading, especially in paper tanks like this one. So that the DPM of this new tank is lower when waiting for the first shell to always reload after firing the first shot is not that much of a deal breaker.

    But, if necessary (for example when you get rushed by a single enemy), you can deal 720 damage within 5 seconds, or deal that to an isolated enemy when you rush him and finish him very quickly.

    Yes, it will take a long time to reload all 3 shells again. But YOU DON’T HAVE TO. You are not completely defenseless for this duration. As soon as you’ve reloaded just one shell (which might be enough to kill the guy chasing you while reloading), you can fight back again.

    It combines the gameplay styles of both worlds, regular and autoloader tanks. It’s not as good as either of them in their specific role, but the ability to get very close to each of them is a huge, huge advantage.

    I predict that this vehicle will perform very, very strong in the hands of good players and quite bad in the hands of beginners. The skill gap will be bigger than with regular tanks. Mark my words. The potential of this autoreloader mechanic is quite big.

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