PROGETTO M35 MOD. 46 HD Renders and Stats

Thanks to TheFalkonett for providing the HD Renders.


Here are also the stats from the 1.0 Testserver


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PROGETTO M35 MOD. 46 HD Renders and Stats

11 thoughts on “PROGETTO M35 MOD. 46 HD Renders and Stats

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just checked it out. What’s strange is that it’s an auto loader, but it can use equipment an auto loader normally can’t.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I booted up Armored Warfare again for the first time in a while and noticed something. I played my old Merkava and saw it too had a ‘ready rack’ function. 4 shells in a rack, and it could fire each shell within 2.76s of each other, or take 7.87s to reload a shell fully. Just like here, if you fired another shell during the reloading process, then it reset it and started that 7s reload all over again. But what I thought was interesting was that, unlike in WoT as they’re proposing……the shell reload didn’t increase with each additional shell. It was a flat 7.87s to fully restock each shell of the full magazine. So reloading a ready rack in WoT takes WAY longer because they tack on time for each shell after that first one. I wonder why they did that….

    Either way, I’m excited for the introduction of a new mechanic in WoT

  3. shithead says:

    Very nice tank visually, also might be pretty good performer in right hands. I think “your average potato” won’t do much in it, though.

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