Progetto M40 mod 65 autoreloader mechanic

Here’s just a quick video uploaded by WoTExpress showing the Upcoming tier 10 Italian Medium tank and its autoreloader mechanic.

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Progetto M40 mod 65 autoreloader mechanic

17 thoughts on “Progetto M40 mod 65 autoreloader mechanic

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Oi, be prepared to watch all those “unicum” crybabies throw crayons around once they see that loading gold restarts the whole thing.

  2. MarcelDavis says:

    From what i have seen I don’t think it’s worth using the autoreloader mechanic at all because of the long reload but even if you only use the first shell of the magazine the reload is pretty long. Also you pretty much have to reload the whole thing after you have fired all shots, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a 17 sec. reload for one shell but in order to reload the whole magazine you’ll have to wait like a minute which makes this just a bad autoloader.

  3. This is serious? 10 seconds per shell in drum? Who is this “players testers” on supertest? Basically, u have to wait 10 seconds between the shells to not have a painful reload of drum……wtf.

    1. Mizutayio says:

      not quite
      The drum unload and the shell reload are two seperate entities if you want to call it that.
      If you were to play it like a single shot gun the reload can take anything from 10 to 18 seconds, depending on how many shots you have left in the drum. So it’s best to go for the single shot tactic if you’ve shot just one shell and wait for that shell to reload.
      However if you wish to empty the entire drum or 2 or more shells, then the reload is 3 seconds
      and then again depending on how many shells are left in the mag, the reload per shell varies from 10 to 18 seconds.
      It shows it very clearly in the clip though, you may want to take another look.

      1. lol says:

        no we see it right. you might want to stop defending this garbage. 10-17 seconds per shell is in your opinion “acceptable”? now we know where they come up with this garbage.

        3 seconds between shell is also a joke. that’s basically 50120 territory and we know how AWESOMEEEEE that tank is. also 3 shells @ 350 gives you 1000 damage per clip. im sorry, what the shit?

      2. Partybooper says:

        I believe most people just see the long reload times for a single shell. Yes, 10 secs is quite long for a single shot. These people forget though that most of the time you won’t hold down the left mouse button and fire constantly with your traditional single shell tanks. It’s usually not happening.

        However, if you need to, this Italian tank will be able to unload 4 shells within 9 seconds after the first shot. It will cripple its opponent heavily. And if the enemy is not dead and needs another hit, you can fire at him again with a single shell 18 seconds later. No tier 10 autoloader can do that.

        And while you don’t have to unload the entire magazine, you are basically driving around with a full magazine. All the time, if you wait for the 10 second reload for the first shell.

        I believe in the right hands these tanks will be crazy strong. We will see when they go live. I do not want another totally OP line. Better leave it as it is and see how it works on the live server. I’m really looking forward to these tanks as they are very flexible.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Indeed look interesting.
    But still, overall reload to long. 3 sec between shells and no armor.
    In 1vs1 with any med is out. Need some buff, some armor ,2 sec between shells , improve shells loading.

    1. Nocomment says:

      I would say they are more than capable of dealing with a traditional med. You can trade as a traditional gun i.e peek ,shoot, retreat and when the time is right dump the rest of the clip as an autoloader. You just have to pay a price for it in that it isnt a great autoloader or traditional gun but gets the the burst of one plus the ability of no down time unles you dumpo the whole clip.

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