Project 51 Czolg WZ51 Stats

Good day everyone,

Some stats (as of now) for a Tier 8 premium from the Polish tech tree:



  • Tier 8
  • HP: 1550
  • Hull Armor: 170/90/80mm
  • Turret Armor: 210/150/100mm
  • Turret Traverse: 28 deg/sec.
  • Hull Traverse: 38 deg/sec.
  • View Range: 380m
  • Max Speed: +35/–14 kph
  • Penetration: 218/245/68mm
  • Damage: 440/440/560
  • Accuracy: 0.36
  • Aim Time: 2.5 sec.
  • Reload: 13.9 sec
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Project 51 Czolg WZ51 Stats

33 thoughts on “Project 51 Czolg WZ51 Stats

  1. official name seems kinda wierd. Czolg T51 sounds smoother to me, but aside from that this tank looks like it’ll be fun to play and not too bad to fight against with some tuning

  2. siralexice says:

    OP science fiction tank, because the Pudel did not sell well and WG needs to milk more money with the new line. Especially after the failure of the Progetto crap tank and all the signs indicating that the italian line will be shit completely.

    1. Bob says:

      Sounds like someone couldn’t complete the missions, couldn’t get their mom’s credit card, and doesn’t have the patience to learn tanks that are require more skill than a 268 v4.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I don’t even have a single perk on the prog’s crew maxed out and it’s already a beast. Just because u’re a ripe tomato doesn’t make the vehicle garbage. U just gotta… get gud

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes wargaming keep adding made up premium tanks into your already broken game which is steadily losing the interest of the players. Milk it for every penny before it dies instead of fixing what people hate about it. Good job.

    1. wtfcaniuse says:

      Interesting that you ignored the Polish tank industry and the fact that the 7TP was better than PZ1 and PZ2. You’re simply ignorant and confusing lack of mass production to lack of an industry.

    2. wtfcaniuse says:

      Regarding the cavalry comment I can only assume you’re confused by that 78yr old German propaganda and don’t understand that virtually every country had cavalry units and that didn’t use swords and lances outside parades.

  4. m galko says:

    “Siemkas, kto pl” will buy this new OP “stronk tenk” in huge never imagined numbers and then bonuses for WG employees start rolling in.

  5. lukas93h says:

    well… although WG admits that the Defender is overpowered this thing shares many similarities with it…
    wondering how it will perform compared to the infamous Defender.

  6. Noone says:

    These stats are actually OK, not too bad and not too crazy either. Also tank itself looks interesting 🙂

    Wish they could fix tier 8 MM to make any reason for buying premium tanks 😀

    1. Noone says:

      Just seen DezGames video about it and that tank might be OP actually. If LFP or drivers hatch wont be a weakspot, lower tier tanks will have almost no chance damaging it frontally.

      Hope it wont be Defender 2 but I don’t want it to be underpowered either 🙂

    2. Seth H says:

      Tier 8 is not the problem, neither is the 3-5-7 MM. The problem is the fact that there is no balancing of players based on skill in MM. Even if you only made it so that you played against tanks in the same tier, you would still have a majority of the matches be lopsided losses/wins because of the fact that there is no balancing of the players. If they fixed MM to have balancing of players, then the 3-5-7 and premium tanks would have very little affect on the game.

  7. Pang zhu says:

    Looks like a better is-3 without having seen the armor model, but let’s assume the turret is better without the weak rooftop and with more gun depression.
    Hmm… Why did we need another half madeup tree again?

  8. Benjeeh_CA says:

    I thought they said the polish were bringing something special. With the high tiers. Since they like their premium to play the same as the high tiers, this is looking very generic

  9. Anonymous says:

    We must take defender from store comrade, people complain its OP. Lets make a copy and label it polish to make more money…. good idea. Why fix problems in a dying game, let it die and milk it for every penny.

  10. 40902nd says:

    The problem WG is having is that they already have the major tank builders in the game, and they also have most of the more famous and even a lot of the more obscure tanks that were put into production or into trial. If they don’t keep introducing new tanks, people will get bored and leave. So, what is the solution? WG seems to think that the solution is to scrape the bottom of the barrel, and I mean, really get in there until you start pulling up paint chips. What else would you expect them to do? This is a Free-to-Play game, but someone has to pay the employees. Thus, premiums.

    Oh, and for all of you saying that the Defender is the end-all-be-all OP Heavy, I do better in my IS-3 and my 110 than I do in my Defender. Heck, I edge out my Defender with my IS-3A, IS-6, 112, and WZ-111. It has good armor and gun, but it isn’t as mobile as I’d like, and if you are smart, you can beat them easy enough. Hell, you can even skip shells up off the pike into the bottom of the turret.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well there are many ways to make money than make completely made up tanks. Tank skins for example or customisation options. But the game needs the basic game getting fixed. The mm is atrocious so is the game balance. And the bad thing with the defender is the skill cap. Now you can beat a defender in much worse tanks meaning you are a good player BUT the requirements to do well in the defender are really low. A person that has suffered a stoke can just press w and deep around with this tank. And my issue is that a tier 7 can kill an is3 or an is6 if it plays correctly but a defender is impossible unless you fire gold or go around (difficult with the corridor meta)

  11. Mikosah says:

    They could make all of these stats work if they change just one thing, and that’s to nerf the shit out of the armor.

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