Proposed Changes to the Object 430 Branch

Changes currently being tested in supertest: Object 416 being removed: Thanks to LiB for the Forum link.

The details are below.

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Proposed Changes to the Object 430 Branch

63 thoughts on “Proposed Changes to the Object 430 Branch

  1. nice they are just making this branch a russian version of what the chinese meds are ! much diversity between russian med trio with alpha etc but that’s what chinese are anyway…

  2. Sigh…. And yet no news of the M60A1 and other US mediums (T95/T96 variants) as well as WG unable to think of a way to implement the Chieftain into the game. But if it is a Russian tank, all hands on deck and all brains and resources firing to implement them.

    1. Anonymous says:

      M60A1 is probably too advanced to go into WoT. M60 is only in because it was so similar to the M48, only real difference is the hull armor at the front. Even then, it’s extremely rare as a clan wars rewards tank.
      The T96, known in World of Tanks as the T95E6, exists in the game files as a premium tier 10. I’ve read it was a rewards tank for the first clan wars, though it was originally supposed to be the tier 10 American medium in late 2013.

      The Chieftain has appeared on the Chinese server as well as the console version. I personally hope they will eventually add a second British heavy line from around tier 8 with two Chieftain versions and the Vickers MBT or Arjun, being a parallel research from either the Centurion or the Caernarvon. IRL those tanks were much better because of how real tank action works, but in the WoT meta I think they fit in, firing APCR and HESH.

  3. Kyros says:

    Oh Cheesus Crisp ! Don’t remove Obj 416 and leave that garbage A-44 where it is now. I don’t even see any buffs to that Supertest A-44.

    You might think “Oh A-44 is a unique tank with its high dmg gun on a medium tank and just needs some time to get used to it.”

    Unique my ass ! That garbage is one of the worst Tier 7 Tanks I ever played, even with AT-7 you I can play better and have more fun.

    Here’s a list for you that already wanted to type some bullshit about how great you can play this tank.

    1. Gun depression is non existent, it’s the same all around the tank as in the front. Even on FLAT terrain you cant lower your gun to aim for some tanks hulls.
    2. Armor is non existent, enought said
    3. If you get hit in the front Track, you lose the ENGINE and the Track, sometimes even resulting in flamming inferno. You need to waste an expensive Repairkit for that garbage Tier 7.
    4. No speed, this 59kmh written as it’s max speed… you reach it after driving 300m on flat surface or down the hill, a VERY big hill. It drives hills up like a heavy, a nerfed heavy. It has no traverse, you can’t even circle around a Heavy or a slow TD.
    5. Its Gun. You can choose between a Tier 5 Gun and drive around tickle the T7 and T8 and T9 Enemy Tanks OR you can get this Tier 7 labeled garbage which is a nerfed Tier 6 Heavy Gun. So they expect you, that you on a claimed medium tank see your target, stop, aim 3 SECOUNDS at it and hope that the RNG gods and Serb are with you and this 0,42 garbage actually hits where you aim. AND if you don’t aim at all, well an clicker on full speed autoaiming might have higher chances to hit the target.
    So you aim that 3 secounds, getting hit by minimum 2 tanks in the meantime and then deal if you have luck ~280dmg HURRA !

    For comparison
    My average dmg on Tier7
    VK30.02 1800
    Panther 1600
    T-43 1550
    T20 1700ish

    A-44 1000ish

    1. Kyros says:

      I forgot the reaload, its 10sec, 9 if you waste half million credits on that shit for better reload. So basically you’re useless medium, because if you engage on other mediums, they dpm the shit out of you before your 2nd shell is ready.

      A-44 as a TD ? Yea if you like to miss 90% and have tons of gold !

      As a Heavy support ? Yea just tickle them with your Tier 6 i mean Tier 7 Gun, you might be even able to hit something because the heavys have a similar aimtime, just a bit better.

      As a decorative Fire one the map, because some Tier 6 Light hit your front Tracks ? HELL YEA !

      1. Uggala says:

        Only 90% missed shots? I have missed countless tanks standing right in front of me because the shots always seemed to went to those 3% of the circle which arn’t filled out by “enemy tank” 😉 And i agree, playing this turd was excruciating. No strengths whatsoever aside from the alpha. Probably would have been fun if it was able to sidescrape, but it couldn’t do that either – Overangle and instantly burn to death, or watch as every gun on the battlefield makes holes in your turret when you try to aim for your next shot.

        The only other tank that caused me a similiar amount of pain was the Chi-Ri. Such an awesome gun destined for flanking, mounted on on this beyond useless slow-ass Tiger2 sized chassie with wet paper as armor… ugh…
        Just think about it – Take the Gun, mount it with the same stats on the Chi-To and declare the result as Tier7 (“Chi-To II”) without any other changes to the tank -not even health- and you would get a machine that still would be 10 times better as the Chi-Ri, propably even quite overpowered in the hands of good people. And it would be so much fun to play (i enjoyed to play the Chi-To a lot, and the chassie on that one was already quite bad).

      1. Rubber boas says:

        The premium shell on that thing looks hilariously worthless, and the gun handling is probably ass.

  4. Very interesting. It will be cool to finally break up the Soviet top-tier medium trio into a more diverse set, and I’d have to imagine that with the 430U in play the Obj. 140 or T-62A would also see changes to make them more distinct. It’s a shame about the 416, and I think it would be interesting to see them link it from another line like they did with the KV-13 between the KV-85 and T-43. Placing it between the LTG and newly placed Obj. 430 version II could work pretty well, especially if you take off the link between the LTTB and T-54.

  5. Uggala says:

    Removing the Obj. 416 but leaving this piece of shit crap called A-44 in the game? If that happens i’ll be glad i already have the branch researched out, otherwise i’d miss out on the Obj. 416 – This dirty bastard child of a scout and a td is so much fun to play.

    The possible 430v2 downgrading to tier8 also doesn’t sit too well with me, love to drive that thing from time to time and abuse the hell out of that armor layout holding corridors against dumb heavies and tds (my personal record is 7.2k damage blocked on himmelsdorf). If this gets downgraded to Tier8, it will be either horridly overpowered and/or get the fun parts nerfed 🙁

    The new Tier10 could be nice however, looks like a tough nut. But i agree with kwixis. Adds to my fears that WoT is slowly equalizing all tanks (everybody and its cat gets more gun depression, more turret armor, better gun handling, e.t.c.), with the nations losing their respective shticks.

  6. Blankman says:

    Ah.. Please don’t remove the 416.. It doesn’t fit the characteristic of that line, sure, but it’s a fun little frying pan to drive.. Make it the tier 7, maybe with LTTB’s gun to differentiate it from the T-43..

  7. ActionPackedAction says:

    implementing the Obj.430U in-game would make the IS-4 irrelevant

    better frontal armor and better mobility with the same gun

    1. ActionPackedAction says:

      and why the heck do they have to remove the skillet of doom? D:
      i love driving that thing like and amx elc and trolling japanese heavies from the side 😀

    2. heinz says:

      You complain about is4 being irrelevant so often… Maybe this the price for the luxury of having 3 freely available tier 10 heavies in one nation.. Look: The Russian meds make all other mediums irrelevant. Not because they are better but because they are the best on the small corridor maps we have. Still noone complains about all American, British, Czech, Chinese, Japanese and France meds to be irrelevant because they are (mostly) still fun to play. Just like tog ii or is4. Not the best but fun to play

      1. ActionPackedAction says:

        my point exactly, the ussr has three available tier 10 heavies and out of the three, the is-4 has the worst parameters in firepower (bad gun handling), protection (that gigantic overmatchable weakspot on the turret roof…) and mobility (is-4 has the lowest top speed and hp/ton ratio of all three)

        then wg buffs the is-7 further widening the gap between it and the is-4

        and now this thing comes along…

        what i’m getting at is that the is-4 needs some love, and yes, it’s still fun to play as i love sidescraping in it but it just keeps getting ignored by wg balance department

        and no, ussr meds don’t make the other nations’ tanks irrelevant as they shine in their own way

      2. heinz says:

        If a tank is fun to play then it doesn’t need a buff. Just like my M56 scorpion. But buffing all medioker vehicles will lead to a inflation of parameters. Wait until 4000 dmg and 2600 hp is standart for tier 8 tanks.

      3. ActionPackedAction says:

        let me rephrase:

        imo, wg needs to balance the two soviet heavy lines and make them a bit more distinct from one another like the german HTs or the british TDs

        right now, the is-7 has higher top speed and hp/ton ratio, has better armor layout and packs a bigger punch and better gun handling compared to the is-4

        if only wg can tweak a stat on the is-4 (imo gun handling since is-4 gun caliber is smaller or mobility since is-4 weighs less) to make it a bit better than the is-7 in one category, not buff it to OPness, that’s all i’m trying to say

  8. Mikosah says:

    I feel an overwhelming sense of deja vu from the needless T-10 replacement they announced recently. And once again my response is a loud and wide-eyed “Butwhytho!?”

    Exactly what problem do they think they’re solving? Is there even a point to all this? And whatever point that may be, is it so important that its worth removing the 416? Fat chance!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Here is a controversial statement: I think the A-44 is the hands-down best tier 7 soviet MT. The 85mm on the KV-13 and the T-43 is terrible for tier 7. The 107mm on the A-44 takes getting used to, but I can make it work for hit and runs, even if I have to barrel stuff some times. The gun is great for abusing lower tiers, while it can still be functional at higher tiers.

    As for the Obj 416, if it doesn’t get moved to a new Soviet turreted TD branch, which given the vehicles actual design classification, it should, I think it will become a reward tank like the FV215b, FV215b 183, and Foch 155. That seems to the WG’s thinking now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Another dick move by wg, if i wanted a mt i would of got the 121 which i did. now im getting a completely different mt and play style than what made me get the 430 in the first place. i think the 430 should be kept a tier 10 and buffed.

  11. goomStar says:


    my 2ct

    I dislike the 416 removal. Only thing acceptable for me is a way of keeping it.
    I also dislike the “make a STG Guard Techtree”-idea.. but I don’t care much.
    I don’t get why “fastest TierX med reload” needs to be changed to “longest TierX med reload”. Stupid concept.

    But yeah WG… keep screwing.

  12. Berto72 says:

    440 dmg 2,3 aim time…. why made a chine clones tree to to this and amke them useless? time ago this game was good because any nation have typical tanks… now all ere similar… bah..

  13. Brett Brakefield says:

    Leave my Object 416 alone, damnit, Wargaming!

    What makes it worse is the Object 430U will finally make the Soviet Tier 10 MTs actually different and not just clones off one another. (It is still incredibly dumb though =/)

  14. Nele says:

    In most of the comments I see “the soviet trio”… wtf are you guys talking about, after obj907 became so op noone is using any of them in any team battle (skirmish, advance and cw), ok maybe 140 for those that dont have 907.
    There was enough diversity with one being dpm monster with better armour for aggressive play, one being a hulldown sniper and one all-rounder. With similar playstyle.
    I believe that large diversity should be between nations not inside one line.
    Basically 430u will have the faith of 121b. You will get it and then it will collect dust in your garage.
    If you want to play a derpy med 121 will always be a better choice.

  15. Doowlax says:

    Leave obj 416 in game,its one of the most fun tier 8 tank to play.U can do a lot of things in game,u can be spotter,medium,TD, that tank is so versatile,maybe one of the most versatile tanks in WOT.Also one of the rare tier 8 tanks who dont care about mm,u can play in tier 10,like no other tier 8 tank.Why u need to remove such great tank???

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