Provence in Supertest

As most of you probably knew by now, WG is testing some new versions of the Province map. So far some of the main changes in the variants in involve changes to the paths up the hills making it easier for players wanting to spot to do their job. Another possibility is  adding more buildings to allow players to move up as the battle progresses:

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Provence in Supertest

9 thoughts on “Provence in Supertest

  1. Tyrud says:

    It’s definitely remeniscent of the old Province, with TDs sitting on the ridgelines, praying their suicide scouts would last longer than the other guys so you could decimate the other team’s TDs.

    It was an interesting time in the old days with a very different meta than the one now. Will be interesting to see it back, as lower tiers could use a lot more map variety.

    1. But it wasn’t even suicide scouting. If you positioned even slightly well you could absolutely farm the enemy in your lights.

      The only bad thing was pak40 with 400m base view range breaking it lmao.

      But yes. This kind of variety absolutely needs to be in the game. At all tiers. The game current meta is bring heavy, pick one of a few corridors, smash your face into enemy heavies for a few minutes until you win the flank, then either push on to enemy spawn or go back to yours. And this is every game. It’s just stupid.
      Even on maps like malinovka there is very little in the way of viable routes other than hill or water rush.
      The one exception in the entire game quite possibly is prok. In my opinion the best map in the game. If you are able to position and play well you are useful in any tank. You can directly effect the outcome of the battle.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This map used to be awesome. It looked great and played really well once you got to know it, not like the corridor heavy friendly crap we get now.

  3. OpaKnobbi says:

    And this Vallex of Death is (and will always be) the Problem o this Design. It is just stupid, and completely unusable until the very and of a match. No Matter how much they try to improve it, this core Problem will always be there.
    Why is Prok so good? One reason or that is in my opinion, that there is this ridgeline in the middle of the map, from where you can spot, shoot and hide,, just as the situation requires. both terams can advance in cover, and therefore use the wohle area on the way to it. This here is the complete opposite. It will be nothing but a campfest on both side of this huge and gameplay-wise completely unusable death valley in the middle..
    It is a terrible design, and it won’t change, as long as they try to stick with this

    1. Indy_ah says:

      I dont think that prok is a good map design. Its a dream for light tanks and mediums, but thats it. Can be a dream for TDs too, but it depends on your scouts. Its a bad map for anything that is slow or most heavy tanks. E75 on this map is just lost. You cant work the ridgeline properly, you are slow, have no camo and you cannot push without getting punished from tanks in your flank. The team with the better scouts will in 8/10 battles win this map. And it often ends in a campfest on prok too.
      Province also wasnt the best of map design but it was something different and it was doable like prok, but you needed some brain, communication with the team and teamwork. I liked that map, especially in tier 1 to tier 4 tanks.

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