Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

Join the Public Test of the coming Update to get rewards on the live server!

Expect submarines, the Soviet Cruisers event, free enhanced consumables, Ranked Battles, and other improvements. Take a look through the Developer Bulletin, and welcome to the test!

Round 2 Schedule

Starts: Thu. 23 Apr. 18:30 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. 23 Apr. 17:30
Ends: Tue. 28 Apr. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Tue. 28 Apr. 06:00

Commanders, thank you for participating in the Public Test for Update 0.9.4 and especially for taking part in Submarine battles. Your sincere and detailed feedback will help us to tune the new class, its mechanics, and its interactions with other ships.

Work on submarines will continue based on the results of both the Public Test and an upcoming event on the main server, and we plan to provide you more detailed information and our plans soon.

  • Domination mode with 4 key areas was added to the Submarine battles. The starting number of points, as well as the rate of point gain for holding key areas, was increased in the mode which has 3 key areas.
  • Submarine torpedoes will adjust their depth quicker and thus it will be easier to strike other submarines.
  • Submarine torpedo damage and reload time was lowered.
  • Fixed several bugs from the first Round of the Public Test.

Special Features of the Test

From April 23 through 28, any player can try out submarines in a special battle type!

  • 3 submarines and their commanders will be credited to you with beginning of the event.
  • Select the Submarine Battle type.
  • Battles are fought on the Neighbors and Trident maps playing Tier VI ships.
  • If necessary, team lineups can be completed with bots.

You can read more on how to play submarines, as well as how to counter them, in a dedicated article.

Combat Missions and Rewards

1 2
Fight a Random or Co-op Battle playing a Tier VII–X ship.

Reward on the live server: 3x each type of signal, except for special signals

Fight three Random or Co-op Battles playing Tier VII–X ships.

Reward on the live server: 10x Type 6 camouflage patterns

Earn 8,000 base XP in Random Battles playing Tier VII–X ships.

Reward on the live server: 1x Wargaming container

Earn 6,000 base XP in Submarine Battles.

Reward on the live server: 5x each of the following special signals: Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, and Hydra

Fight ten Submarine Battles playing submarines.

Reward on the live server: commemorative flag for Submarine Beta Test participants

Fight fifteen Submarine Battles playing any ship types except for submarines

Reward on the live server: patch for Submarine Beta Test participants

One Wargaming container provides 1 day of Warships Premium Account.

Spring Season

Public Test 0.9.3 opened the Spring Season, which is scheduled to run across three updates.


  • Completing two personal missions will reward you with a season emblem.
  • Completing three personal missions will reward you with a unique flag, patch, and Premium Ship VI container.
  • Those in possession of all four different season emblems will be rewarded with the unique Public Test Veteran emblem.
Spring Season #2
  • Play 20 battles.
  • Earn 30,000 base XP.
  • Earn 100 “Set on fire,” “Caused flooding,” “Hits to citadel,” or “Torpedo hits” ribbons.

Reward on the live server: 4x Soviet containers

The mission can be completed only once, playing Tier VI–X ships in Random Battles and Submarine Battles.

Once this mission has been completed, the Spring Season #1 mission from the previous Public Test will become available. If you already started working your way through the Spring Season mission during Public Tests 0.9.3, your progress will have been saved.

Starting Bonuses

  • At the start of the Public Test, every participant will have all researchable Tier VI–VIII ships, helmed by Commanders with 15 skill points, credited to their PT accounts.
  • The research prices for ships and ship modules will be substantially discounted.
  • Players will be able to reset Commander skills free of charge.

If you’re joining the Public Test for the first time since Update 0.9.3, you will be awarded the following additional bonuses:

  • 500,000,000 credits; 30,000 doubloons; and 90 days of Premium Account.
  • 50 signals of all types (except for special signals) will also be added to your PT account.

How to Access the Public Test

All information on how to join the Public Test and obtain its rewards is available on a dedicated page of the official website.

Public Test: Instructions

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Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

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