Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat Update

Full set of caps .

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Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat Update

16 thoughts on “Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat Update

  1. Not entirely clear on why the buzz about this tank possibly coming up for sale… Yes it’s rare, but really just an ‘ok’ tank, it’s got nifty -10 gun depression but beyond that well…it’s a Pz4. Maybe tank collectors who just gotta have everything WG prints are ready to throw cash at it, but for regular joes…go buy a Mutz. Here’s the Ace from my big Youtube Ace Library: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXBZWdP0LyE

    1. This might be weird to people that buy tier 8 premiums, but some people actually don’t like spending 40-60 bucks on a virtual good just to get round house trashed by power creep and toxic wallet warriors.

      It is an ok pz 4, but compared to the Pz III k, or Pz T25, or Turan which have worse gun handling, the hydrostat also brings good view range for tier 5 premiums and an epic ammo count. Pz III k players know what I’m talking about. The greater flexibility in handling and mobility is a great slice of cake for some people.

      Still, i think any buzz is from collectors and hipsters. It probably all feels out of place with wargaming hinting a release to a balanced tank after printing so many broken premiums.

      1. You are right the hydrostat does have preff mm, the wiki has conflicting information on this, if you look on the quick stats on the right, it says it will see up to tier 7 but only in the pros and cons does it even begin to mention pref mm.

        Thank you for catching that.

  2. I’m still getting used to these changes to the blog since I took a break from the insanity that is this game but how do you check if someone responded to one of your comments?

    The HD model looks pretty, I wonder if the tracks will count as spaced armor now. I’m never entirely sure when something is cosmetic or actually rendered in the model.

  3. Nevermind says:

    Yes its pretty now, it has the same gun as all the other meh German tier 5 MTs, BUT it gets preferred MM. Now the question is how much is preferred MM worth to you as last time it was in the gift shop on the SEA it was bundled up and was $100 USD. To that I said and will say again PISS OFF WG! No tier 5 is worth that given the current state of the game.

  4. If they would just sell it on it’s own now. I understand the PZ 2j being sold in 100 USD bundles as it is a very gamebreaking tank. But this? It is not worth it. Sell it on its own and i might buy it otherwise i’d rather keep my money for the upcoming tier 6 tigers 131 and 217

  5. redW says:

    i got this tank when i bought a razer mouse wot edition on black friday years ago šŸ˜› never playing it tho.. but it was like 40% off so it was win win since i was in need for a new mouse

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