Q&A: 2 on 1


After a whole week encapsulated in the house with the flu I took some needed time off to catch some fresh air and went to London Comic Con. I’m feeling way better now and glad to be back on tracks.

Gathered 2 Q&As for you, thanks to Edrard for compiling and Ctacello for helping out with translations.

Stanislav Kargin (Veider)/ Game designer answered on the stream of T_killa aka Tenb_:

-The object 268 Variant 5 won’t be a standard vehicle (won’t belong in a tech tree), the devs are unsure of what it will be (Premium or Reward).

-“New maps are being developed, I saw them, they are good.”

-Someone said that we all (WG) play Dota, this is untrue.

– AMX M4 mle 49 will be sold on Premium Shop.

-Grile 15 statistics have gone down after 3 days, it’s at 49 % WR now.

-People say that tier 9 and 10 Czechs are over buffed, it’s not true.

-We have plans to add new branches of tanks.

– ISU-130 (vehicle for moderators and volunteers) will be buffed in the next patch.

-We have made a decision about tier 8 LTS teaming up with tier 10 SPGs (Platoon bonus/penalty), we will fix it.

-Chinese tanks are good, its people who have an aversion to them, they have good stats, especially the MTs.

-We have plans to “smooth” some places in Prokorovka, but nothing too drastic.

– I don’t know anything about Minsk and Keningsberg maps.

– Type 59 stats haven’t changed since we removed it from Premium Store.

-We are discussing to change Aid and Repair kits to be like in Wows.

-Its possible to give players the ability to choose 2-3-4 maps, we have discussed this seriously but never reached a consensus because it has its advantages and disadvantages.

-After the Arty rebalance, we will monitor closely and if we notice that TDs are overcrowding the MM we will react immediately.

-Swedish vehicles will come at the end of this year and will have unique tier 10’s.


Storm Answers:


-Player whines that the new stats display takes too much space and the colours distract him. – Storm says that players can get the old stats display on settings.


-”What’s that green line?”-”Ping-meter.”

-“Have have you done aka what’s the situation on the new spotting system?”-We didn’t make a new one, we just tried to change the old one. It’s in ASAP state. (RG: Ctacello remembers that they added this on TestServer around 2 years ago and it was full of bugs)


-The dev team is aware of the bug where it shows destroyed vehicles as living ones in the minimap but it’s not a priority.

-Players complain that the matches are highly unbalanced (2-15) and are ending pretty quickly (in less than 5min) and they ask if Storm is planning to analyse and fix it? -Storm: “I gathered feedback from the last 4 years on the average battle time, average player survivability and statistics don’t confirm that aka nothing has changed.”


– Many different players and unrelated to each others keep on complaining about the battles ending quickly. -Storm says that also many different and unrelated players wrote to him saying that “IS-6 transfer to HD was shit”. However after a careful analysis, the stats gathered don’t confirm the accusations. “What you want me to do?” He asked.


-After players kept on whining that it was MM’s fault that the battles are ending too quickly and Storm said: “Players always whine. It’s true I’m not joking. And I have to filter the whining from the real issues – It’s difficult, tedious and takes time, unfortunately.”


-Players then try to put the guilt on the maps like Erlenberg. -”When I made the analysis the maps were part of the study.”

-Player complains that with the platoon penalty is harder to complete the mission that requires killing higher tiers. -Storm: “Are you not aware how MM works?”


-There’s a bug where the enemy tanks are not showing their outline red colour and Storm said: “I confirm this bug and we will fix it.”


-The dev team doesn’t want to incorporate into the game the mod that gives statistics for the session because if players have a series of losses it can become demoralising. – “If you have a long series of wins you can feel it- it will make you happy but if you see losses in statistics it will be demoralising.”

-Player noticed that Dicker Max shows -14 of Gun Depression and asks if WG made a mistake or if it’s a hidden nerf. -Storm answers that it’s just numbers being rounded.

-Player complains that he has problems in desert maps and he has XVM mod. Storm says that 99% of the crashes are due to player’s mod usage and advice people to launch the client in Safe Mode.

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