Q&A 8/20

Good day everybody,

Not much going on today (at least until I publish this and some huge dearth of info comes out solely because I typed that) however there is a brief Q&A from the Minsk office. No, not the Q&A that Rita was gathering questions from the community for, this one is mostly related to the upcoming Grand Battles mode:

  • There are plans for Grand Battles to move into lower tiers. Unlike Ranked Battles, those plans are already underway.
  • “Grand Canyon” was initially designed for this mode. However it was never released for players and will likely be held from release.
  • On that note, there is a new map for Grand Battles already being tested by the developers. So far it hasn’t been revealed anywhere, but expect to see it as soon as it’s ready.
  • According to the developers and the in-game stats from testing, there shouldn’t be any issues with running out of ammunition. There is always the possibility, however the devs don’t think this should happen often enough to be considered critical.
  • There is a slight increase in players in Light tanks in the new mode, however there are even more players queuing up in SPGs. The question of arty in the new mode is always being floated around.
  • One third of players are playing on weak PCs.
  • According to WarGaming, only about 50% of players even open the options menu, and even less actually change anything. (Such as game modes)
  • New epic medals for 20-25 kills aren’t planned, however there is the possibility of stretching the existing medals by a few kills. On that note, nothing had been determined for sure.



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