Q&A by Maksim Chuvalov with Amway921


finally done translating this Q&A with Ctacello’s help:

-In the 100 Years of Tank event, the main task is to capture the enemy base.

-There will be a lot of exciting new gameplay elements (100 YoT Mode).

-The wheels in the armoured vehicles can be blown.

-The event will be cross platforms.

-The composition of the team will be less than 15vs15.

-The preparation of the 100 YoT mode started around the end of last year. This mode wasn’t inspired in Battlefield 1, we developed this mode before the announcement of BF1 trailer from E3 2016.

-There’s a potential for Swedish Tech tree to have all types of vehicles.

-Swedish tanks are not like the other nations, both visually and gameplaywise.

-Everything will be tied to the hydraulic suspension (it can be done in tier 8, 9 and 10)

-The suspension is currently in prototype phase.

-Hull control, height, lifting/lowering… these are what our departments are working on.

-If the players approve this new suspension system is very possible that we introduce it to vehicles like the STB-1.

-Some Swedish tanks have same speed backwards as they do forwards.

-We drastically changed parts of the Sandbox that players weren’t satisfied with. The second iteration will start in mid-autumn.

-We are currently making big changes to the matchmaker. The main objective is to not have unbalanced teams and to not annoy players. Its most likely gonna be introduced in the Test Server but we don’t know when.

-We are adding more diversified sounds in 9.16 and extra interface customization options.

-”Map Paris has a lot of variations for the attack”

-Stalingrad map is nearly completed, we have invested a lot of energy in it but there are some problems, gameplay problems.

-We are continuing to incorporate mods to the game and will introduce Hangar carousel (2lines) and Damage log.

-We are improving visibility, how the tank is spotted and how it displays. More information coming in September.

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