Q&A Catch-up


I’m catching up on some content. Caught a flu earlier this week , did kept on typing for the blog but I simply couldn’t translate anything while badly burning up with fever, but the most important bit, here:

Gathered by Edrard.

-SPGs wont be forbidden of using TD mode (free non-tabbed view)
-“There’s no Invisible walls” -added in 9.15 to avoid players from driving up unwanted areas-

-Player asks: “Then what about this?”

-“Ok we added some…”

-There are no plans to fix post-mortem- “It’s not a priority”
-About the issue of being stuck in hangar: Only potato PCs have shown this issue and there’s not enough feedback on it.
-On the Minimap size increase: The devs deliberately left room for the alerts that players were destroyed.


Odds and ends I caught here and there:

-Although Swedish tree is many months off, the players may be lucky enough to see by the end of this year.

-On the Murican tree, TDs are being discussed to undergo overhaul as well.


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