Q&A from Mikhail Shotin and Alexey Ilyin (aka Inaki) on Wargaming.FM about Sandbox.


hope everyone had a good weekend! Q&A for you:

-The Developer teams have received the first impressions: the feedback was collected, reviewed and sent to the Dev’s department.
-”We won’t hurry things when we have an understanding that most players are happy, we will release it.”

-”There were 2 waves of Sandbox invitations, people, we have chosen ourselves and second, random players who have applied on the Portal. The main criteria are the ownership of tier 10s”
-”Yes, there are players in Sandbox who don’t have tier 10s, but only a very few.”
– Applications will be reviewed continuously.
– The second invite wave has already started.
– While there is no limit, but we must abide by a certain number of people on the server.
– Applications will be reviewed in a queue form.
In the future, we will change the criteria set .
-We don’t have in mind to kill or nerf a particular class, we want a general balance.
-Personal Missions are in a very early stage of balancing. there will be required changes.
– In addition, we will send questionnaires to participants Sandbox.
-On this server, we plan to test other features, not just balance.
-There is a 3 SPG limit on each team currently.
-LT-SPG situation won’t be changed for now but LTS will be getting huger spotting range.
We are now testing tier 10 but we will gradually move on to lower tiers.
-We want MTs to engage the enemy closer than 400+ meters, we want it to have its old role.
-Rebalance will affect the economy but only later.
-About the new “stun” sound/icon, it’s been getting negative feedback but all these new sounds and icons will still be worked on.
-Premium shells were disabled in Sandbox in order to collect feedback but any changes we introduce to the sandbox are considered as potentials.
– Those who have been invited will not be cast out.
-We don’t have an age requirement for testers.
-We are thinking about promoting the testers.
-We are currently experimenting with the “stun” icon/sound, it may change. The team is confident about it.

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