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I’ve gathered and translated with Ctacello’s help all the Q&As I’ve missed while I was at TankFest 2016:

TankFest 2016’s finding: Stalin Action figure.

-Player whines that 9.15.1 didn’t bring anything useful and only made him redownload his mods. Storms answers: “Play without mods”

-Player complains that since the minimap was changed the minimap icons are overlapping each others and they look giant. -Storm says that there are some issues with the interface because the team changed the “Action script 3.”. The Team will be fixing this.

-Do you know how many mods will be broken after the AS3 (Action script 3) and how many time will be needed to rewrite them? -All mods, how much time I don’t know.

-Q: On the Common test we have HD model of T92E2, but I don’t see it in patchnotes. Is Is this a bug or an unready release? -I stopped paying attention -For those having login issues on Sandbox, the team admits there are bugs and for people to wait for server restart.

-“The new Batchat is a good replacement for the Lor. 40t but the stats are still worse than the Skoda T50, its worst parts:

1: Has only 4 crew members

2: A bad view range

Storm says- 1: we can fix that. 2: Will need to ask.

-In test server, 4 minimaps were shown but they were never delivered. -“The idea was to check whether such minimaps would be liked at all if so we will change all the rest”

See also: https://ritastatusreport.live/2016/06/17/9-15-1-minimaps-updated-prokhorovka-el-haluf-ensk-cliff/

-“The new minimaps are good” -”I think so too but we had to make sure on the test.”

“Did you made changes in the Obj. 140 model in the last patch? It feels like I can’t penetrate him on the wheels on each end.” – “I don’t think we made changes… Need to see the model for reliability.”


-In Sandbox, why did you nerf the firing on the move although the aiming spread of the aiming circle was so augmented? -Not all tanks have a worse firing on the move, some are actually better than before. This stabilisation was made so that the players could easily get closer to the enemy tank silhouette. I can’t tell you that is a perfect system at the moment but we need to collect statistics first in order to make changes and improve. On top of that, all the heavy tanks have lost their hull and turret manoeuvrability making them easier to be flanked by faster MTs and LTs, its all part of the new “role-playing” system and rebalance.

“Do you plan to add new players in Sandbox?” – “Of course, each week we try to add new players who have all tiers in the game and from all types (not just unicums). Now it’s summer and many people we allowed in are not playing but we believe the interest of Sandbox will increase later on.”

-”SPG is too accurate, is this not too much?” – “Well, the SPGs can no longer one shot anyone so it was decided to increase its accuracy. -The Stun, it’s a new mechanic that wasn’t in the game before and we haven’t got a final decision on it yet. The ability to decrease the Stun duration will be given. I know it’s annoying but now you can safely push and know that you won’t get one shot killed.

One new feature we are currently testing: Forbidding SPGs from playing in platoons.

-What about extra XP for blocked damage? -We are working on this and taking our time.

-”Why the T110E3 has the 120 mm gun?” -”Because we already too many vehicles with high damage values. I don’t like like this tank very much but it will still be buffed. Take also into account that with the new balance there won’t be many tier 10s in a battle and also, how to fight against tier 10s that have excellent armour and gun while driving a tier 8?”

-”Do you have anything interesting planned for maps?”

Anton Pankov: We will be adding maps to sandbox to fix their problems, we will be examining their data and then perform the changes but only after we deal with the tier 10s’ balance.

Murazor: Murazor thinks that the map issues will be solved by themselves after the vehicle rebalance is introduced. *chuckle*

-Will Stun be an arty only feature? -Yes but there won’t be illumination and smoke shells.

-Why are people not being allowed to livestream Sandbox? -”We are not ready to allow streaming because things are still too raw and the current sandbox stage may scare a lot of players away who are not familiar with the test. This is a very important project for us but of course there will be official and unofficial videos of it.”

-”Now that Arty has a bigger splash radius players are dealing damage to allies more often. Will you do something about this?” -Damage to allies will lead to penalties and no one in his right mind will shot a teammate to stun one enemy player. But this system is still being developed…it’s wrong that players are aiming at an enemy and the shell ends up hitting a teammate instead.”

-There are rumours that tier VIs and bellow will be barely modified, is this true? -”It’s not true but changes on low tiers will be fewer than high tiers. This “Role” giving to the vehicles is meant for high tiers. In low tiers, we won’t make serious alterations and just want some tanks to become “more comfortable” to play.”

-”Tier 8 platoons are always on the bottom of MM, are you aware of this issue?” – “We are aware and it’s happening because the MM is trying to determine platoons vs platoons. When MM can’t find a platoon of tier 8s it will seek for 9s and 10s, we will try to fix this in the new MM.

We want to create a system of 30/30/30 (30% chance of being on top, mid or bottom tier).”

-Are there any plans to change the situation with the + / – 25% (Avg. dmg and pen)? -Pankov: As long as we believe that it is OK. We have not Serious problems with it, even in e-sports.

-”How long will you be testing?” -”For us, this is a new and risky activity. The team will work as long the players who play in the test work alongside. If it turns out that what we tested is worse than what’s on the live server then we won’t make changes/release the Balance 2.0, but we hope that this is not the case.”

What about illegal mods? – We are intensively working on creating a tool that will seek for illegal mods. Before the Football/Soccer tournament we banned a large number of players who were using “Ball auto-aim” cheats, we have ways to find these players and punish them.

-The dev team is planning to do something to attract more players to CW but they will focus first on balancing random battles.

-Do you look at the competitors? -Anton Pankov: We see them as colleagues rather than competitors and we play close attention to their work but to take out something and blatantly copy it would be wrong.

-What about Personal Missions? -We know that people want PM and we are trying to improve them.

-”Light Tanks are not comfortable to play!” -Murazor: -”The LT’s role will be coming back, they will become the best scouts but I’m not going to promise anything that is more detailed, no one knows how LTs will exactly come out.

-Pankov says that the team has faced some serious problems with the 9.15 release and are thinking about what to do with the WoT Mac client.

Will you complement the new crew skills with the rebalance? -Murazor: Of course we will, we understand that the current perks are not enough but this is just the current stage.

-Pankov: First we want to balance the Roles and then we will focus on the crew skills.

-The dev team plans to reduce the effect of Premium shells because they want to increase the lifespan of the tanks.

-Murazor says that the team wants to balance MM. The ideal plan is to give an equal amount of tiers on each of the teams.

-Pankov says that the “15 meters from the bush” mechanic suits them but that once a more precise balance comes they will see how it fits into the new rules.

-Pankov says that he is afraid that players will become confused with the new tank roles but that the team is working the best they can to ensure that it will be as understandable as possible.

-Pankov says that the dev team is not afraid of making a +/- 1 balance as in Blitz, they firmly believe that it’s not going to work.

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