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while the old RSR was temporarily down you may have read on the WoT portals these following changes about maps (this has to do with the map feedback gathering I posted weeks ago):

  • The Stalingrad and Kharkov maps will be reworked, but will remain in the game until they are replaced.
  • The probability of the Kharkov map appearing will be greatly decreased to match the probability of getting Stalingrad, which we reduced earlier based on your previous feedback.
  • Map selection restrictions placed on lower-tiered tanks (Battle Tiers 4+) will also be altered to provide you with a wider range of maps on which you can use your favourite lower-tiered tanks.


I gathered a Q&A on maps from the SEA office for you:

-The Mittengard in clanwars is a dev error, they will be fixing it soon / current unknown eta.

-Stalingrad and Kharkov were the leading contenders for getting some work done to them on all servers , NA/EU/RU/Asia. They have some issues and low FPS’s for smaller spec computers.

-“Lets not fix Live oaks which is the most imbalanced map in the game at the moment, It would have a 60-70% winrate from south spawn”:

Live oaks.. or as called in game “44_North_America” is an averagely balanced map.

Stats are up and down , depending on server, and when the stats are pulled.

But basically in the past month and taking ~1.75 mil battles on the map in all game modes into consideration…Team A won about 51.5% and team B won about 47.5% with a draw being the remainder…or just taking random battles, the stats are about the same.

-“Oh yeah. How about that Fisherman’s Bay wherein there is a technical difficulty common to all? Did WG made a move regarding this already?”

Tech issues with Fisherman bay is minor (considering the map play vs reports of crashing are very low in comparison).
At the moment its looking more like players mod use, or previously installed but no longer used mods.

If you are having issues with Fishermans bay, try clearing out the appdata directory, and reinstalling WOT Clean.

See also: Fisherman’s Bay Crash

-“What happened to all the “bring back Port” votes?”

It was passed on as feedback to development, as well as in the form of a long personalized email to the new global producer based in NA and the usual upper management & development in Minsk.

-The stats for maps is very carefully and fully analysed,

We have clear stats of win %’s for each team for each game mode for each server, Etc which covers the almost 2 millions battles per month each map has..

The win %’s on all maps and game modes are balanced, and usually within 1%… Sand River.. or internally called 28+Desert.. is the same..
Balanced with win%’s to within 1%, on random, and also all game modes.
As well as Heat maps, showing common area’s of combat / where combat / traffic is conducted.

-About adding more maps to low tiers: Maps for tier’s 1-3 will be limited due to the mini client because new players need to be able to download a small client and get playing asap.

-“If I understand correctly mm has a few maps for a range of tiers over a certain time frame, like a few hours right?”

MM had all maps available at high tiers, and not all maps available at lower tiers.

Now the map selection for the lower tiers have been extended to the same as the higher tiers, IE all maps.
And no, its nothing to do with time or hours.

-Map probability can be altered, per server, For example: now Kharkov and Stalingrad are OFF on Ru server.. And ON but on a reduced probability on Asia.
The rest of the maps (Excluding Kharkov and Stalingrad) all have a normal default / equal probability.


RG: As EU or NA rarely speak of these things, is unsure if they also decreased match probability of Kharkov and Stalingrad.

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