Q&A: Mohamed Fadl on E-sports


Last week in Amsterdam at Casual Connect Europe conferenceMohamed Fadl, Wargaming esports chief spoke about World of Tanks on E-sports:

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“We invested $32 million just into the top level of our esports initiative — not even on the whole infrastructure.”

“We spent $10 million the first year in 2012. We started to stream it out and said, ‘Guys, are you happy with esports?’ But we realized quite quickly that we were far from [figuring it out] because we had no idea what esports is.”

RG: Maybe some research on the matter before spending 32 Million Dollars on it would have been a logical idea?

“We have a financially strong audience, but a lot of them don’t know what esports is,” “They are older gentlemen. They’re not spending all their time on Twitch. This posed an interesting challenge because we didn’t know how — or if — we should be appealing to them with esports.”


About being on the right path: “Sadly, I can’t say we are there yet,” “Far from it. Our esports is 7-vs.7, but our core gameplay is 15-vs.15. So when a player goes to watch it, they sometimes have no connection to it because it isn’t the game they play.”

“If you [promote esports] to your audience, your most hardcore players will be interested,” “But the big audience on Twitch that has no clue about World of Tanks, they get enjoyment from the entertainment factor. This is my biggest advice. Focus on that.”

“The evolution is happening,” “We can’t control it. Twitch, YouTube Live, and Hitbox have created a new type of entertainment. If we don’t adapt to this audience, we will miss out on a lot.”

“Esports as a publisher enables us as a brand to build an entertainment source of tomorrow,”


“We don’t make money from selling tickets,” “We don’t monetize there. We monetize through the player journey. We give content that is created and digested by everyone.”


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Credit to VentureBeat.

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