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Delhroh, the WG EU’s Spanish CM has answered to a small Q&A for my fellow Spanish comrades from the “Reporte de Batalla” blog. They’ve kindly translated this Q&A, saving us some time, thank you.


Delhroh, in all his magnificence! 

Will we see the Fury in the store again?

Besides the vehicles that you can normally access to, you’ll see unusual vehicles into the game. Obviously, the players want to know how to get them, but it’s not easy. If it was, those vehicles will no longer be unusual 🙂
It’s always possible to see the Type 59 or another special vehicle available in the premium store in the future. However, we can’t say it will be like that.
Bear in mind that we can’t tell you what our plans on future offers will be. That’s why you should visit our webpage frequently.
We’re usually asked about the following vehicles:
Type 59
Type 62
105 leFH18B2
Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)
VK 72.01 (K)

Are you going to rebalance “old” TDs? For instance, the 268 used to excel at speed, mobility, dispersion, damage and shell speed. Now it’s one of the worst tier X TDs…

We monitor the performance of all the vehicles in the World of Tanks. If we see that a tank is over or below the average, then it’s time to rebalance it. The same applies to the 268. We’ll keep you updated about our future rebalances in the game through articles in our web page and official accounts (Facebook and Twitter), or in the Supertest’s section, information about new updates and interviews to the developers.

Any plans to “merge” Portugal together with Spain, so players from Portugal could get all the perks like Spanish players have? Maybe have an “WG Iberian” instead of just ES?

No, there are not enough players to do so.

If the Chinese have their own line of light tanks up to tier VIII, why not the English?

There will be more tanks in the future. We can’t say anything about it now.

Would it be possible to get a Community Contributor program for Portuguese players?

Currently, there’s not a Community “Portuguese” team. All of the Portuguese players are included into the “English Community”. Any Portuguese user may contact the English Community Manager to take part into the English Community Contributor program 😉

What about missions for low-tier tanks (I, II & III)?

Progression from tier I to tier III is really fast and we believe there’s no need for the players to use those tanks too much time. You can expect missions where the progression speed is slower (tier IV and above).

Will the new MM take into account the amount of vehicles per type and the map to increase/lower the amount of a type of vehicle?

Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to address your feedback on the matchmaker and fix well-known issues, including, for instance, getting ranked in the top/middle/bottom of the list an uneven number of times. We won’t just be tweaking matching—we’ll be overhauling its very core and the template system, so that it fits better with the game as it is today.

The improved matchmaker design will balance teams according to a number of templates (e.g., 3/5/7: three vehicles at the top of the list, five in the middle, and seven at the bottom). And one important factor comes to the forefront here: with a vehicle roster as diverse as that in World of Tanks, you are free to choose any tank in your Garage. We wouldn’t want to limit your choice. Therefore, the variety of vehicles waiting to get in a battle is different in prime time and periods when fewer players are online. To prevent excruciatingly long queues, the matchmaker may sometimes create two-tier or even single-tier battles.

Furthermore, it will not be possible to create platoons with vehicles that are more than three tiers apart; there will be 3 SPGs per team tops; and to ensure the new system works, we’ll be stretching light tank branches to Tier X.

Will you improve the battle tutorials for the noobs?

Yes, we’re working on it. We want them to be funnier and more immersive so the new players can grasp the mechanics and objectives of the game.

There are a lot of Portuguese players, not just in Portugal but also over many countries in Europe, is there any plans/is it possible to get at least the portal for each game in Portuguese?

It will depend on the size of the community.


When will we get to see the Chieftain in-game?

There’s not an established date.


What about Argentinian tanks? SerB mentioned he wants to see the Nahuel in-game only because its name, but will we see it? What about the TAM? It’s not so different from the Leopard 1…

When we decide to include a new tech tree into the game, we do so on the data we can gather of historical vehicles and the existence of a potentially complete tech tree (tanks of all types up to tier X). We also search for a possible feature for the game (like the new mechanics for the Swedish vehicles). Finally, we analyze whether the tech tree is going to be popular or not among the players. Any tech tree that fulfills these requirements can make it into the game.

Sometimes I play 3-4 matches in the same map. There’s something wrong or Wargaming needs to change something?

We’re working to improve that so the maps that have been played once will be unlikely to show up again.

Can we expect more premium tanks that can be purchased with gold in 2017?

Until now we’ve always added tanks into the game that can be purchased with gold. We’ll keep doing it through 2017.

Will be get a server for South America?

This is Wargaming Europe. South America is not our market.


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Q&A with Delhroh

19 thoughts on “Q&A with Delhroh

    1. I don’t know whether it is good of bad if they implemented South America sever in the future. NA is quite empty currently. With the loss of South American players, the situation is going to be worse.

      However, I do see the trend that there are more and more South American players appeared on NA sever. The good is that increase the population. But the bad is they, most of them are seriously lagging during the games. We, at least I often saw some irregular moves from those players, maybe it is due to the long distance internet connection which results in lagging

  1. “When we decide to include a new tech tree into the game, we do so on the data we can gather of historical vehicles and the existence of a potentially complete tech tree (tanks of all types up to tier X)”

    Right… so thats why there are so many fake tanks…

      1. whitebaron777 says:

        Then the community complains about WG never getting shit done in time. It’s pretty much picking the lesser of two evils

  2. the 4th from the bottom about argentinian tanks, I’m sure the guy who made the question knew there was no chance for a argentinian tech tree and that’s why he made a question about specific vehicles probably waiting for something like “they will be added as stand-alone premiums”, what the CM gave him was the textbook answer WG always use when they never even thought about it or already decided to not add the vehicles to the game

    I’m pretty sure the TAM would be a good tier 10 reward like tank, even if classified as medium it was inpired in the french AMX-13 and austrian SK-105 Kürassier (both vehicles were used by the argentinian army since they are ideal to fight in montaneous terrain and heavily forested areas) and that means it behaves more like a light tank
    the Nahuel since it’s rather similar to the M4 could be a tier 4 or 5 premium medium tank, depending on armor thickness and gun performance

  3. VladCelTroll says:

    GOD THANK YOU! Finally, a post where we can see proper English. Now, do the same with Russian-translated articles and you’re the best!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Foch 155 is probably the worst tier 10 in game, not the 268. If the 268 is not second then it will be third behind the 4005.

  5. diegosgm says:

    He is one of the most (if not the most) incompetent CM of the EU server who should have been fired or removed from that post long time ago. If you don’t know, the guy he picked for the WG Fest has only 50 battles in WOT and the review video he did of the event last only 3 minutes. But it’s not the worst, he even said in the video: “The Red Square has that name because its how I left you mother’s pussy tonight…” all very Pegy 7 content (note irony).
    Here is the link of the video (in Spanish, sorry) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OYQbSx8Wlg&t=2s

  6. wolvenworks says:

    hope they fix mm. it gets quite ridiculous when you land on a combination of Fire Salient and Phokorovka 5 times in a row. still not sure why they renamed the updated phokorovka “Fire Salient” since it’s essentially the same map nobody likes…..(maybe except comp ppl)

  7. Surprised no one even mentioned how broken premium rounds and consumables are. No one even batted their eye over asking about changes about artillery, cooridor maps, adding more sandboxes so they are normal and look less like a test server. People are so distracted by new tanks. Not to hate too much, glad there is mention of new content and talk about new personal missions and mm. Maybe it goes to show how many people actually think these things are a problem?

    The balls Delhroh had to say wargaming always added tanks that could be purchased with gold haha

  8. nrnstraswa says:

    “Until now we’ve always added tanks into the game that can be purchased with gold. We’ll keep doing it through 2017.”

    Then where is the M56 Scorpion and many other tanks for gold?

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