R. Status Report is now a Crew


after listening to the good pieces of advice from the community and closer contacts I’ve decided to bring some lads aboard Status Report.

They will be covering for my derriere when I’m not able to be around and helping me out whenever possible.  I’ve asked them, whenever they are ready and if they want, to write a presentation but for now, will give you a brief.


Current team:


-From RU server. Living in the Ukraine, Ukrainian.

-He’s been around the last months and been crucial to RSR, he’s in charge of helping me with translations. A friend.



-From NA server. Living in the US, Californian.

-One of my moderators from Twitch, has a good English and will be in charge of writing about news (he pays particular attention to console as well).


Life in Black

-From NA server. Living in the US.

-Someone I’ve known for awhile. A Tank connoisseur who pays particular attention to Israeli vehicles and can be often spotted over the NA forum.

-Also will be in charge of dealing with news.



-From EU server. Living in the UK, Polish.

-The coolest craziest grandpa I know and I’ve meet for multiple times in real life.  Another one of my Twitch moderators. Someone who helps me keeping track of things when they get messy.

-He will be in charge of sharing videos from the community/gaming companies.



– EU/NA/RU servers. Living in the UK, Portuguese.

-The Margaret Thatcher of World of Tanks. 😀



-From NA server. Living in the US.

-For those wondering where the heck CK16 went, he became really with his personal life, the lad been killing himself working last few months but still helps around in the background whenever he can. Something I completely respect. I’m keeping him in the team nevertheless.




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R. Status Report is now a Crew

30 thoughts on “R. Status Report is now a Crew

  1. So exciting! Thanks for your hard work. An idea that one the noobs could take on is posting the details for NA missions since they stopped putting the details on the website. How else can I plan out my evening of WoT while at work???!!! Anyway glad you are getting some reinforcements!

  2. Greyweasel says:

    “The Margaret Thatcher of World of Tanks”…

    Tell that’s a joke, right? So does that mean you will become more & more unpopular throughout your reign until party team wants you out?

  3. Greyweasel says:

    “The Margaret Thatcher of World of Tanks”…

    Tell me that’s a joke, right? Does this mean you will become more & more unpopular over time, with your party wanting you out?

  4. I hope to god that you are nothing like Margaret Thatcher (Milk Snatcher)* who was the most divisive PM in modern UK history and the architect of the social and economic inequality that has led to the situation where in the UK “there are more people in working families living below the poverty line (6.7 million) than in workless and retired families in poverty combined (6.3 million)”. (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

  5. *Maggie abolished the milk that every primary school child got every school day. It was there to ensure that children from very poor families got the nourishment they needed to prevent childhood diseases.

  6. Shrike58 says:

    Just remember the first rule of publishing…you can delegate all you want but it’s still your name at the top of the masthead.

    Good luck with your new team!

  7. lecingle says:

    I know that “connoisseur” is still used in america (and I’m pretty sure that, since the XIX century, many americans know that the spelling is “connaisseur”) but, as a french, it makes my eyes bleed.

    1. I use a lot of long and old English words on my vocabulary for some reason. Here on RSR not so much, but when I speak is noticeable. Its a bit weird when British friends need to stop for a few seconds to remember what certain word meanings. But then I do stupid things like double past tensing… *shrugs*

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