Ranked Battle Explanatory Videos

I leave you to see if you agree with either or not. First by DesGamez and then QuickyBaby.

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Ranked Battle Explanatory Videos

15 thoughts on “Ranked Battle Explanatory Videos

  1. Wargaming: “So let’s introduce a really expensive game mode that power creeps all the current equipment. We’ll encourage gold spam and camping. It’s the perfect way to get people to buy more premium time and premium tanks.”

    Community: “But wargaming, what about the majority of our free2play community and new players that can’t afford this and want to grind tanks with their friends?”

    Wargaming: *Maniacal laughter* “Friends are for the weak, we’ll have all those tier 10 ranked players mount improved equipment on all their tier 9 and lower tanks and slaughter all the weak!” *twitches sporadically*

    Community: “Um….”

    Wargaming: “Gulag for traitor, Stalin speaks from his grave, this is his will!

    1. Small vocal minority: “WG money grubbing blood sucking vampires forcing me to do something I do not wish to like sitting here playing their game while I could be doing a million other different things.”

      Silent majority:

    2. DZ says:

      easy solution for the whiners, don’t play in the ranked battles, stick to random. so many snowflakes around here wanting their participation trophy..

      1. jeffrey6046 says:

        we are forced to play a gamemode we dont want to play to stay competitive
        if you dont you in a T62A against another T62A with this shit has 300 to 400 dpm more then you do much fair such ballance

        that is if you dont play the gamemode you dont want to play

  2. Even more reason to have player tiering built into MM. Then all the unicorns with the improved equipment (because you know the unicorns will have them) will have to face other unicorns with the the improved equipment.

    1. That’s the whole point I feel like. You’re not gonna get the equipment if you suck and if you do get it (because you’re good) you’re gonna face off against other pros.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dont agree. 50% of the player base playing ranked Battles Will have some bonds. Also, you just Need to have 1 tier 8 prem to earn some bucks for doing Ranked. Its not that hard. Just encourage People to play tier 10 .

  4. Liam says:

    Lol! Then don’t fucking play you whiny little bitches! Jesus Christ! Clearly you’re to Childish to realize that this game is to much for you. If this company pisses you off to no end, then you should know when you it’s your time to exit. We don’t want to hear about it. Wg will never listen someone who sounds like they’re two years old.

  5. We all asked for Ranked battles to remove the ‘dumbness of random’
    and WG gives us this!

    T10 only (like why, what if you don’t like T10
    Short Seasons (mini non-clan wars clone,

    Losing team only 3 top gets a reward ~
    what about the ‘no matter how the team performs your individual recognition for your skills in battle ~ yes but only the top 3 the other 13 can just go and fuck off, right?

    so the base camper who watches his team die but snipes the last 2 minutes to get High Calibre but did nothing to help the team gets 1st place and promotion? like duh!

    and who has the time for a new mini-mode Clan Wars clone to play 4 x 7 days then restart then all over again, jeez the dumbasses at WG ~ why a restart every week!

  6. Paglia says:

    Gonna be interesting after a month or so… new players trying to play those ranks games will be facing people with lot of extra equipement. Good luck reaching the top 10 or top 3 once you will be facing better players but also better equipped ones…

    Good work WG !

  7. Bill grey says:

    Spend alot of time on everything except what makes players leave.

    If i ever meet any wg staff, ill offer them a coin
    +get them to demonstrate how mm “randomly” puts 14x best players in same team
    By them, demonstrating how they can “randomly” make coin land 14x heads or tails in a row
    +then do it 50% of again +again +again…

    Or admit that mm, stands for manipulated matches.

    They may be raised in corruption, but this isnt ussr.

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