Ranked Battles: Bonds Acquisition


One of the most frequent questions I’ve been getting about WoT lately is on how the new Bond currency will be obtained in the game, by that, other than having to play tier 10 battles and Kayi4ek, a WoT PC Product Specialist has given a statement:


“To make things more clear. The new mode -Ranked battles – is not supposed to be only way how to get the Bonds in the future. We want to make the Bonds available for everyone. We have decided to launch this new in-game currency with Ranked battles to support the mode. In the future there will be chance to get Bonds for you in Random battles through the missions or in-game specials.”

Also, I asked a birdy in the company and there are no plans to have bonds on the Premium shop or available for gold and it’s very unlikely that they will ever be.


Hope this satisfied your curiosity.

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Ranked Battles: Bonds Acquisition

34 thoughts on “Ranked Battles: Bonds Acquisition

  1. Craig Linford says:

    So if that was their plan all along, why didn’t they just say that from the start.
    Instead they wait for all the negative feedback and now this makes it look like they fucked up, again!

    This statement seems to be more crowd control over the original plan.

      1. I think a lot of it was that they mentioned it briefly there but never mentioned it again.

        Hell, in the patch over view video their choice of words is “you can only earn bonds through ranked battles” with no mention of them being available in randoms later

    1. imend says:

      So? No one can get them in any other way. But you can get bonds in many ways so there is no reason to sell them. If they want everyone to have easy chance at bonds, they can make lots of missions, give good rewards and so on.
      Thats just exclusive currency like in many other MMO games.

  2. Although a massive improvement to game mode specific, it removes the incentive to play Ranked Battles.

    I’m going to maintain my opinion that bonds, Improved equipmemt and directives should be removed but I’m far less toxic towards them.

    Ranked battles should offer incentives that benefit the individual but doesnt affect game balance. Things like; gold, premium time, free exp or special camo (could increase credit or exp earning by 10-15%?)

    Just my opinion on the matter but as I said, not nearly as concerned about them after this comment

  3. Mark Freeman says:

    I don’t see why there is a need for another in-game “currency.” There’s crew xp, free xp, xp, gold, and credits. Now, bonds? Couldn’t one of the existing currencies have been used to do what bonds are doing?

    1. Then they would have had to confine the new stuff to Ranked Battles only and there would not have been a reason to massively play them since you could just deck your tank from day 1 and would get bored quickly of the mode.

  4. Karasu says:

    Remains to be seen on how they plan to implement it. Either way you look at it, this statement does not remove the fact that this enhanced equipment is an idiotic move. It will still make the old equipment obsolete and create a bigger gap between players who have them and players that do not. I’d prefer a game being more skill vs skill and less equipment vs equipment, but hey, you can’t really sell skill can you?

    Somehow competitive games still manage to sell. And sell big. What a paradox that is.

    For all the people going on about how these changes are okay, here’s a link to my post earlier WoT forums on the subject. It was prior to this guy’s announcement about how you can earn bonds via other means in the future, but most of it still applies. I apologize for the wall of text, but if you’re not afraid of such a thing, have a read:

    And by the way, right after that announcement the same “WoT PC Product Specialist” said:
    “I can assure you that for now, we have no plans to sell the Bonds for Gold or real money. ”

    Okay, well… Maybe next christmas then? 😉

    1. Partybooper says:

      But I rather play a couple of games a week and earn a lot of bonds because *I* have skill. I don’t want a bad player who sits in the base all day long with his heavy, does 100 damage on average in a tier 10 game and earn bonds just by afk’ing and investing more “time” than me. No.
      Players like that should have a motivation to *get better* in the game they already invested so much time in. Not get rewarded for this kind of destructive behaviour in a team oriented game.

    2. Morganator says:

      Really like the way of your thinking, especially the part with “The difference to normal equipment is not that big”, couldnt have said it better

  5. Stormcloud says:

    Too vague a reply from WG.

    Let’s consider 2 absolute currencies – 1. time (mostly non-premium players) 2. money/gold (mostly premium players and wallet warriors).

    Current implementation of bonds require a T10 tank. It leans more towards no.2. Of course you can also argue that it also makes use of no.1. Here’s the distinction, the fact remains that it’s never economically viable to maintain nor play a T10 tank when WG had tuned the overall economy towards T8 for non-premium players when they made WoT. Any idiot can guesstimate, it benefits above average players and wallet warriors more – no.2 (i.e. money/gold currency) generates the most impact.

    If one was to speculate on these “other ways” of obtaining bonds that WG is hinting at, I’d be guessing WG to try align them to no. 2 as close as possible. This means some form credit/gold options ingame. They can do this many ways and sneakily via tokens accumulation that can be purchased (as seen in the recent T25 pilot mission).

    Although they currently deny that it will be available for direct purchase from the premium store, would you take WG’s word for it?Judging from WG’s history.

    1. VladCelTroll says:

      WG has always shown us that what they say rarely matches what they’re gonna be doing. Their words are just another part of their whole crowd control strategy. They first overhype the people just so that, later on, they show them something else and disappoint them. This, at least, applies to the EU/NA clusters.

      However, in my opinion, shit should be thrown both at WG and the RU cluster. In Russia and China in particular, P2W is, frankly, acceptable. If you’ve ever watched a RU player stream, you will see that they are just some retards rolling around and spamming prem ammo. While the Westerners have these kind of people too, they’re generally facing harsh criticism and very few are supportive of their actions. In RU, on the other hand, toxic behavior is the norm. All sorts of kids that have no clue spam the forums and are, generally, a thorn in WG’s side. WG, however, are a bunch of idiots, so they listen to what these kids say.
      Go figure. Why don’t we see a Q&A made by the EU staff? Huh? Any reason why only RU players get to tell their flawed opinions? Oh yes, here we go back to the oldest of problems: differences between the West and the East.

      This is what I have been thinking about for a while already. It seems like it’s the only other reason as to why WG is adding unbalanced stuff. Trying to put a dent into WG’s profits by telling all of the EU/NA community to leave the game won’t hurt them much. The RU market is growing exponentially so the EU/NA market is, literally, just an inferior cash cow for them. This is the sad fact: we are treated as free money by WG.

      1. Karasu says:

        Good comment there, friend.

        However, I would argue that we have at least some leverage upon what they do and do not. Otherwise they wouldn’t have e.g. Victor Kislyi telling us how they want to have, quote, “Happy players” even in NA. Even if that statement was complete BS, they still bother to put up a show. Which means they – to some extent – care.

        They understand money. They realize there’s a lot of that available in the western market. Not wanting to go into stereotypes here, but a single western person typically has a more “buying power” than one in the east. It would be in their best interests to make it as big as they can in the western front as well. Losing, let’s say… 100k players would mean a significant dent in their pockets.

      2. VladCelTroll says:

        As much as I would love to know that they care about us, it seems they don’t. I have already said that their words are just a formality. If they really did care about the West, then they wouldn’t have introduced this update in the first place. They would immediately take stepts to renew their reputation which has already faded off.

      3. VladCelTroll says:

        The only thing they seem to get was the fact that EU/NA was another source of income. Bam! That’s it: money, money, money, money and, yet again, money. They seem obsessed with them. May I ask: where does all the money they get go to? Monthly salaries? Probably not as it’s been stated many times that their workers are paid very little. Their work, oftentimes, gets disregarded by the upper staff of WG. This, to me at least, smells like corruption.

        I’m more than sure that WG can allocate a bit more money and do a lot of stuff with it like upgrading the servers, paying their employees better and, above all else, make a step forward towards fixing their game. More money means, most of the times, better game developing.

  6. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “It’s very unlikely that they will ever be”.

    Remember how Kisly swore that M6A2E1 “Goose” will NEVER be sold or obtainable in any way other than buying packages during WoT release?

  7. SeppC says:

    I dont want game breaking things – and the new equipment is exactly this. I dont care if i can do in some point a marathon to get one of those parts – its just wrong and will be.
    So, my opinion stays the same – stop this bullshit with the improved equipment.

  8. Stormcloud says:

    My guess are missions that mirror the T25 Pilot bait & switch. Very subtle/sneaky/duplicitous bait & switch* by withholding daily mission details till the last minute. Each day is a surprise. They completely disguised the T25 mission from a pure time currency expectation and morphed it into requiring time + money.

    How did they do it? They deliberately sabotaged the T25 mission by having several super difficult daily missions to guarantee a high statistical failure of the server population to complete it – i.e. only the best players or those smart players that min-max T4/T8 premiums for certain missions will be able to complete them in time.

    For the coup de grace, they cleverly balanced the number of these super diffficult missions so that at the end of the day, they end up with a statistical high number of mission runners missing 1-5 tokens. Of course, they make available these tokens in the premium store for $2.49/each for easy purchase.

    If you had commited a large part of your time doing the T25 Pilot mission, you’d be loathed to lose the opportunity to own one for a mere 1-5 tokens. For that price, it’s a bargain T8 premium. Unbeatable offer.

    That’s how WG will reel you in, hook line and sinker.

    P.S That said, anyone who went through hell for the T25 mission will be much wiser at future WG tricks.

    * it’s a TIME currency bait & switch.

  9. Partybooper says:

    To be honest I don’t see this whole situation as critical as most people typing down their frustration here. I still don’t see the “bonds and improved equipment are P2W” situation. To be bloody honest, seeing that 50% of all players in every match get a chevron in the ranked battles… Even very poor players will rank up quite high and earn a lot of bonds. With no premium account. No premium ammo. Who says this is required? I don’t see it at all. You need a tier 10 to play ranked matches? Yes, but 70% of the random T10 players are not unicums… They are quite terrible. Even up there in tier 10.

    Personally, I would have reduced that a lot more. There shouldn’t be chevrons for 50% of the players of every match. Because let’s face it, 70% of the players I see in random battles are downright headless. I see myself as average since I still make *tons* of mistakes. But when I see the majority of players, I usually don’t know what to say. This game is really not so complicated, there’s much more difficult stuff out there. But it’s still way too much for the average player.

    A lot of players who don’t have a lot of impact in a battle will get that improved equipment. For free. And they can stay ignorant and avoid improving in the game they love so much and invest so much time in.

    Is that fair? No. Skill should matter more. And you can’t buy skill with premium account or premium ammo. Simply no. A non-premium player with skill will still outplay these people. But he should get the same chevron like the guy who did nothing in the battle and ended up at 12th position in his team, even though he carried the entire team almost by himself? Is THAT fair?

    If people are worse than 50% of the playerbase, they shouldn’t be rewarded with that stuff by being destructive to their own team in a *team based game*. I’m ok with that. Very much ok. Stop sitting in the base in your top tier heavy if you want to earn bonds, simple.

    And now, let the dislikes rain on me for my opinion.

    1. VladCelTroll says:

      The problem is the fact that it’s a T10 only gamemode. We all know how profitable and fun it is to play at this tier. Not to mention the fact that few players own/have the will to play T10.
      If you’re gonna make a new GM, the better fucking make it accessible for everyone. After all, this wasn’t introduced without a reason. Grinding towards T10 is a pain in the back so most people resort to free XPing which means more gold bought.
      And I can tell you that this mod is just a premium ammo party. Everyone shooting gold at each other.

      1. Partybooper says:

        Well, I will see for myself. The mode didn’t even go online yet on public, but people pretend they already know what’s coming…

        And even if they would, let them shoot their gold at my papertanks. It makes no difference who hits me in my Leopard 1 or STB1 and with which kind of ammo. Will be no difference than random mode.

        But I am very, very sure I can be in the top 5 players of my team almost every match even without premium account or premium ammo. So I get some bonds for free without investing anything else than my time, which I do anyway because this game is fun.

  10. Ja. says:

    that change nothing! because only good or experienced players with tier10 vehicles will then have the possibility earning massively more of this bounds and can get much more overpowered then the beginners in low tier or medical tier battles.
    this enhanced equipment is just unnecessary for good players.

    1. Partybooper says:

      …and at the same time I think the other way around, bad players shouldn’t get that equipment and have a little advantage over new and good players who didn’t have the time yet to grind through the tech trees.

      If a player played 10.000 games and still does only around 200-300 in a tier 8+ match on average, they shouldn’t be rewarded for being too lazy and stubborn to learn the game.

  11. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    Anyone else still surprised that none of the WG members in Belarus have been falsely imprisoned/purged by their dictator? I would smile and laugh so hard if they were to make a post mourning their loss of an employee.

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