Ranked Battles: Bonds Acquisition


One of the most frequent questions I’ve been getting about WoT lately is on how the new Bond currency will be obtained in the game, by that, other than having to play tier 10 battles and Kayi4ek, a WoT PC Product Specialist has given a statement:


“To make things more clear. The new mode -Ranked battles – is not supposed to be only way how to get the Bonds in the future. We want to make the Bonds available for everyone. We have decided to launch this new in-game currency with Ranked battles to support the mode. In the future there will be chance to get Bonds for you in Random battles through the missions or in-game specials.”

Also, I asked a birdy in the company and there are no plans to have bonds on the Premium shop or available for gold and it’s very unlikely that they will ever be.


Hope this satisfied your curiosity.

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