Ranked Battles: Season 2

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Ranked Battles: Season 2

11 thoughts on “Ranked Battles: Season 2

  1. whitesample says:

    A failure.
    Nobody takes ranked seriously with all the gold flying around which negates both heavy armor and TD firepower.
    Its not only premium ammo, but your game in general. And the lack of balance and horrible map design you have.

      1. Valente says:

        And how is this different to the ramdoms since quite a while? All I see in my hit log is yellow ammo no matter if I play paper lights or super heavy.. randoms did just became as equally of an credit sink for most bots

      1. Noone says:

        In randoms you can do good without prem, but try to be competitive on ranked battles without it. And also there is that pressure “I have to do good in that battle or else…”

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree, if they removed gold ammo from ranked battles, that’d be awesome. the games are actually fun. much better than random battles, at least at higher ranks.

  3. heinz says:

    they managed to do the ranked battles last time while my school leaving examination took place and this time in my holiday when I cant play. 😉 well at least I wont see all the gold fired there.

  4. Gywas says:

    They called that “Ranked battles” and leting to use gold ammo?! 🤔 That’s ridiculous! You can’t call Ranked if you letting use gold ammo – it’s just ordinary battles… Ranked is when you can show your abilities and skills without gold ammo. Stopped playing after first battle when I got first shot with gold ammo..

  5. Anonymous says:

    WoT is more of a gamble every round. Wich Side you spawn, how experienced your teammates are, and how bad the Rng is for you. These Points besides the balance of tanks, are the Most importand. There some more points but i consider these crucial for Ranked Mode. Wich shouldnt be based on luck to determent the Winner!

    Ranked with 50% rng is just Crazy.

    I would also like to mention that balancing would be easier if you reduce the MM to +/- 1 only. Would make balancing easier for devs because they have to consider less Tanks in balancing process.
    Also its a shame to Play Heavy Tanks from Tier 8 in Tier 10 battles. You cant do what you are Designed for… and other rolls you are mostly to inefficent.

    Have Great day fellow Tankers.

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